Sobriety: 5 Benefits of an ESA Dog, Animal Assisted Therapy

Sobriety: 5 Benefits of an ESA Dog, Animal Assisted Therapy

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I got a DD hey Lindy welcome Fiveways dogs support our sobriety number one a
sober companion having someone to participate in sober activities with is
a huge factor in remaining sober a dog is a sober companion you can count on to
partake in fun activities having a dog helps us recognize the many sober
activities which are available helping you to avoid the situations which may
trigger drug use I’m gonna tell you a short story about one of my relapses and
my dad’s dog so I was taking care of my dad’s dog and I had a relapse this was
about this was about four and a half five years ago and I noticed that my dog
as I just went through countless beers and two bottles of vodka and xanax and
whatever else I could get my hands on this dog whom I loved I mean I we love
our dogs I know you love your dog and if you don’t have one now you love the last
dog you had or maybe you love your cat this is about dogs we’re not talking
about our field we’re talking about OD anywho as I was drinking relaxing doing
the wrong damn thing on my dad’s couch watching my dad’s dog that beautiful
companion would just have her head on my leg and like be looking up she knew
something was wrong knew it you could just tell and she was
standing by me like I was dining she was standing guard by me like I was dying
when it came time to ID so a lot of shit happened but one of the things was I got
pulled over and a wonderful rookie cop spared me at that time and said I tell
you what have you had me have you had head injuries and I said I’ve had six
concussions but I said truthfully I said yes and he said well I guess cuz he said
he smelled alcohol on me but that time I decided to say no I haven’t drank any
alcohol even though I would I was like nose out drunk wait am i behaving
sobriety test the McDonald’s parking lot and it was about two miles away from my
dad’s house and said look am i and my dad’s dog was back there and this poor
thing was just trying to guard me but I had to go on it I hadn’t eaten in like
two days so I went out that was looking for like drive throughs to get some sort
of sustenance cuz I had run out of beer so the cop said look I’m gonna I’m gonna
give you a break I’m giving you a warning for a illegal u-turn if you
leave your car here and walk home and I said hell yeah
because I thought I was going to jail for real well locked home but not before
getting 24 more beers that’s here nor there my point of all this is when I was
about to get arrested and go to jail my dad was out of town
and nobody else was gonna was was going to be able to take care of that dog if I
went to jail so as I was doing the sobriety test and as I was I knew I was
going to jail I mean I was wasted I was thinking of my dog my dad’s dog at the
house who no one is going to be able to take care of and I thought of all things
this is a smaller dog she’s in some of my videos I she’s in my speaker tape
videos she’s a little white dog and she runs after frisbees and I thought of all
things when I was being interrogated by this cop I thought what if this small
dog gets so thirsty because she’s been at the house for how many days but she
tries to drink out of the toilet it’s stuck upside down in the toilet and
drowns and I felt like the biggest scum on earth and when that cop let me go I
thank the good Lord or whatever and I declined my dad’s fence ended up
breaking a part of the fence and got back to the dog and I got back there and
this was out like I said four and a half years ago this was my last run and I got
back there and I sat there and i of course drank the 24 beers that I have
gotten but as I was drinking the 24 beers I was deciding if that I’m going
to come clean to my dad in another state and have him get me like help me out by
getting someone to come take care of the dog so I can go to rehab so that’s when
I went to treatment one of my greatest concerns was who’s gonna take care of
the dog number two ways number two way that dogs
help us with our survived sobriety number two is unconditional love we all
love unconditional love support compassion and love arm is necessary for
a successful recovery from drug addiction the dog is able to offer this
love and support unconditionally your dog is not disappointed in you if you
have a lapse and will not give up on you having such support helps elapse from
becoming a relapse furthermore the unconditional relationship with your dog
will strengthen your capacity for self forgiveness the ability to look past
your mistakes and to continue believing in yourself in your ability to preserve
persevere in your journey to recovery and sobriety will be indispensable in
maintaining your sobriety self compassion self love and support are
necessary for a successful recovery from addiction and are supported through your
relationship with your dog well I think that’s all a fancy way of saying your
dog shows you our dog show us that we are important they need us that dog
needed me whether it was my horrid imagination or not that that dog was
going to drown upside down in the toilet I needed to get back to that dog
and it was almost out of my hands I almost let it jail and I would have used
my one phone call to you know all my dad and tell him about the dog but anyway
that’s my point is dog show us that word we it’s suggested in sobriety don’t get
a girlfriend or a wife or don’t get a boyfriend and a whore a husband right
away you don’t play it first which is what I did and that’s the plan and that
one back there and then it’s suggested get a fish or a dog see if you can take
care of that and keep make that thrive so I got that fish and started taking
care of my dad’s dog and then I moved on to human beings anywho dog show us that we are capable
of love and being loved and then we are important and that they also give us
accountability and responsibility Merc you remember this story the fence park
yeah I broke the I broke the fence cuz I had to climb the fence but didn’t spill
a beer airing that beer around is like an anchor Bob Smiths sometimes when you
are about to commit suicide you look at your pet and you realize how hard their
lives will be with you gone been there got the tea that reminds me I I took
Mike so another time I was watching my dad’s dog I I was going to 1990 so I had
to go to a meeting every day however I had a 12-hour work shift so I’ll have to
leave the dog for 12 hours and to come home to her laying there with a ball
just needing and wanting my attention but I had to take care of my sobriety as
well so I had to go to 1990 so I have to go to Amy so when I did I was so sad
because you know what a dog looks like when you’re leaving and you didn’t want
to believe I mean this too fast face is looking out the window I swear if
anything can bring a man to tears it is the face of a sad of his sad dog so but
I took that to the meeting with me and of course when I shared I shared about
my dog and in turn everybody was started talking about their dogs and one guy on
the topic of what you’re talking about Bob said when he was relapsing his dog
was evening eating better than he was he was eating like ramen noodles but his
dog was still eating like Fancy Feast or whatever you know I know that’s cat food
but you get my drift and then everybody had a dog story to
tell about their dogs so my dude Kyle who was just on real talk
is he’s got a he’s got a channel called dog sober dogs dog recovery or whatever
and trust me I’ve thought about the correlation between dogs and our
recovery because it’s so that’s why I chose to pull my dog or my dad’s dog and
a lot of my videos my speaker tapes are like 45 minutes long with like Anthony
Hopkins talking about his recovery yeah Anthony Hopkins Bob Smith Kim I did a
video with Danny Trejo also known as machete Frankie Nelson or coach from back in the
day he’s also on parenthood and he was in poltergeist our Bonnie Raitt I did a
video on her she drugs and alcohol and the music scene and buzz aldrin
dude and went to the moon I also did a video on that that’s on my channel as
well I was thinking what could I put for them to look at while well you know
these people are talking I’m like why not a cute ass dog running after a
frisbee oh yeah Bob Smith if you love your pets you can
dismiss access to personality disorder when you’re self diagnosing you know
what I’m talking about no I don’t know I don’t know what access
to Personality Disorder here then be I just got an emergency alert on my phone
five more corporal a virus in Fort Bliss Texas not too far from where I am that’s
a bummer dog spelled backwards is God the third way that dogs support our
sobriety improve communication skills and improved relationships when animal
therapy was introduced to drug rehab it was found that the patient’s
communications with others improved as a result of their interactions with the
dogs through easy and comfortable interactions with the dogs they were
able to address their verbal and nonverbal communication styles which
have previously caused problems having a dog after leaving drug rehab will help
promote your reintegration into a normal life through improved communication with
your support system you can also help you meet new people when recovering from
addiction it can be difficult to remain sober if you remain in the same social
network which encourage your drug use in the first place we got to change what
everything people places think so this is saying having a dog at thirst will
help you get into different circles I don’t think I mean here’s the thing
though I know a addict in recovery he’s currently in a year rehab and his dog is
home alone with this guy’s mom but his mom has to work so this dog is home at
least eight hours alone and dogs are pack animals I have total different
opinions about whether humans should have dogs when they leave them home
alone at all times anyway but that’s another topic for another day murk
stilinski says I wouldn’t be lost without my dogs I lost my first dog a
few years ago and felt like my family member died they are family members I
mean dogs are people to people I mean they really are they’ve been and I
subscribe to a little thing called science and science and be a biology and
just National Geographic suggests that dogs have grown and evolved with us for
so long that they have developed personalities they’re personified traits
emotions moods complex mental I mean shit affects them
and we cannot deny that the fourth way dogs help support our sobriety an
exercise buddy exercise has been shown to support recovering addicts by
restoring free addiction levels of neural chemicals in the brain
introducing daily routines and helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle having a
companion who is always eager to get in and out and get some exercise will help
inspire you to get exercise more frequently a dog will always be ready to
go for a run or hike and may even join in on some downward dog
in at and at home yoga session a nice walk after dinner or an early-morning
hike will help restore a balance in your life helping you to remain sober I like
what who said that Bob or murk a lot of people when they’re about to commit
suicide look at their dog and say how would this dog survive if without me and
that’s what happened to me when I was I was in the midst of a heavy relapse and
I was unaccountable nobody I didn’t have a job I was I didn’t I wasn’t
accountable except for the fact that this dog was either gonna drown in the
toilet or go unfed or unwatered or or emotionally be void without me there is
no denying how much our pets mean to us and how much that affected me and how
much that influenced me so dogs can be good for recovery but but like I said if
you’re not healthy we gotta fix our own gas gas mask we gotta fix our own oxygen
mask before we can fix our neighbors so if you’re not healthy yet it’s not
recommended that you get a dog you get a plant first
maybe some sea monkeys now you can see monkeys plant you can water it first so
the fifth and final way that dogs support our sobriety by the way this is
sea Ridge drug rehab comm if you’re interested seaweeds drug rehab comm
fifth way dogs require your care inspiring responsibility that’s what you
were talking about earlier having a dog will help hold you accountable and
fulfilling your responsibilities and remaining sober after all it’s hard to
blow off your responsibilities when those responsibilities have puppy-dog
eyes I was just talking about that seeing seeing your dog look at you like
what are you doing to yourself man like they don’t even look at it with a smile
there’s like wreaks havoc on your conscience and that’s exactly what you
need is some huntable accountability and see I used to like to drink alone
because I had no accountability nobody was depending on me and I would
dump girlfriends because get out of my face if you don’t like my drinking
friends and family members I was willing to lose if you I remember you know I
remember my dad saying Jim if you my dad calls me Jim by the way if you keep
drinking Jim I can’t I can’t speak to you anymore
he was trying to give me the good old tough love and addiction was so powerful
my addiction was so powerful that I was like whatever dad he was in a different
state we didn’t have a very good relationship at the time this was the
man who later gave his life essentially in his home to save me but I was like
I’ll take my beer behind I grasped having a dog will help hold you
accountable and fulfilling because they have puppy-dog eyes
having a dog helps us relearn responsibility your dog is completely
reliant on you and your care just one night of not coming home because you got
a DUI are in the parking lot of McDonald’s trying to pass the sobriety
tests and you know accidentally handing the cup your VA veteran ID instead of
your driver’s license to try to get some sort of break and then getting that
break and you finally got the chance of a lifetime but you walk straight past
your house to the gas station where you buy twenty four more beers and then come
back find the fence and do that whole damn thing just one night of not coming
home and your puppy will be hungry and alone
and drowning in the toilet your dog will give you a good reason to want to stay
sober to be able to take care of them damn straight random article on the
internet you damn straight that sea bridge can have all we have if
y’all want to check that out serve it of the most high and welcome
their closest thing to pure unconditional on this plane indeed they
spell God backwards it does something to the deeper conscience to do wrong by
most four-legged wonders it does and if you’re just joining us servant I was
mentioning that earlier I could totally relate to what you’re saying right now
because seeing that dog look at me there is no human on earth that could
stop me from drinking when I was drinking I’m sure you can relate
I mean crashing into a tree waking up after three months of being in a coma
barely learning how to walk again didn’t stop me from drinking again I doubt any
any person on earth could guilt trip me into not drinking but that dog and I
swear to this day that dog was one of the ways
I went to was the main one of the main reasons I went to leave that because
that poor puppy-dog eyes looking at me like I put her in danger I mean I put
her in danger and if you’re wondering what dog I’m talking about go to any one
of the speaker tapes I might on my channel Anthony Hopkins any one of the
speaker tapes or some of the video some of my videos I have snippets of her her
name’s Abby she’s a foodle a fox terrier toy poodle and it’s hypoallergenic and I
swear to god I’ve never I never loved something as purely or any or someone
actually not to offend any of my family or anything but um the love fur between
a man and his dog this is such a pure love and I’m sure you understand what
I’m talking about so dogs in sobriety bought a bing bada bang bada boom hey
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don’t drink go to meetings these five top ten five top ten ways we’re off to a
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on a verbal fishhook and and if you get like some help you get some help
you know you reel me in because I’m a big-ass fish and I’ll help you out



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