Sleeping Supplements – The Top 5 BEST Natural Sleep Aids

Sleeping Supplements – The Top 5 BEST Natural Sleep Aids

Sleeping supplements. The top five best natural sleep aids. We all know how critical sleep is. Without good quality sleep, you
lumber about your day tired, groggy, and feeling foggy. And nothing is worse than this happening during an important event,
where you need to stay sharp, focused, and energized. But despite your awareness
of the importance of sleep, you know it doesn’t always come easy. So if you find it hard
to fall asleep at night, if you toss and turn as you
count the sheep away in vain, this video’s for you. Up ahead are some powerful
natural sleep supplements you can use to enjoy
high-quality, restful sleep that will truly rejuvenate and
restore your mind and body, and optimally prepare you for your day. (dramatic music) Hey I’m Daniel Audunsson,
and I’m the founder of Activated Potential,
as well as the creator of the Ultimate Energy Crash Course, a step-by-step guide to helping
you optimize your biology and improve your energy. If you want to have high energy levels and live a healthy life,
you need to make sure that you’re getting not only enough sleep, but also quality sleep. There are many factors to consider, including your environment,
your nutrition, and your sleep consistency. But even if all these
things were up to par, that might still not be enough. Most of you at some point in your life have probably experienced
some trouble sleeping, and you might even be
experiencing that right now. There are a cascade of factors
that could be causing this. But if you’re taking
care of the sleep basics, these troubles won’t be chronic, and you’ll be getting
restful sleep soon enough. Still, that doesn’t mean
you shouldn’t be prepared for those nights when you
just can’t seem to be able to stop tossing and turning. One of the most effective
ways you can do this is with sleep supplements. This is why I’ll be sharing with you the top five natural sleep supplements that will have you catching Zs in no time. So pay close attention, and the next time you
can’t fall seem asleep you’ll be ready. Even just one night of bad sleep can affect your energy levels and cognitive performance immensely. And for most of you,
these sleepless nights will come right before an
important test or meeting, or some other important event
where you simply can’t afford to be exhausted and
drained from bad sleep. So make sure to include these
natural sleep supplements in your toolbox to ensure
that you’ll be performing at your best all the time! Let’s get started! Number one, chamomile. When it comes to sleep supplementation, the cardinal rule is this: less is more. You want to intervene
as little as possible. Supplementing with
something that is too strong might damage your sleep quality
or leave you feeling groggy in the morning. That is why coming in at number one in our list is chamomile. Chamomile is a plant that’s
very often consumed as a tea. Chamomile has been shown to provide numerous health benefits. And fortunately, it’s
also a great sedative. There are a number of
compounds in chamomile that might contribute to
its sleep-inducing effects. One of the most interesting
is the flavonoid apigenin. Apigenin has been found to bind
to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain, which gives
it hypnotic, calming, and anxiety-reducing properties. When it comes to sleep supplements, we’re always looking for at
least one of these effects and chamomile has all three! In addition, chamomile is relatively mild and can be consumed fairly often. Because of these factors and its other health-boosting benefits, chamomile is a great
go-to sleep supplement. Another awesome perk about chamomile is that it’s simply delicious. I recommend that you make chamomile tea with some honey and MCT oil. Blend them up and you’ll have
a creamy, delicious drink that will not only help you fall asleep, but also boost your sleep quality by ensuring proper sleep nutrition! The next time you’re finding
it difficult to catch some Zs, or the next time you simply
want to ensure good sleep before that big event,
give chamomile a shot. You won’t be disappointed! Number two, L-Ornithine. At number two is a supplement
you may be unfamiliar with. This is the amino acid L-Ornithine. Many of you might know that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. However, we also have
non-protein amino acids and one of these is Ornithine. Ornithine is found in small
amounts in certain foods. But when we supplement
with larger amounts of it, some interesting effects start to appear. Ornithine has been found
to decrease fatigue. So it should come as no
surprise that ornithine has also been found to
improve sleep quality! We don’t know exactly what causes this. However, ornithine has been found to be a potent stress reducer. Ornithine is more
effective for some people than it is for others. In my experience, it’s
powerful, and the fact that it can increase sleep
quality and energy levels means it belongs on this list. We definitely recommend that
you give ornithine a shot, as it just might be exactly what you need. Ornithine isn’t discussed too often, and it’s left out of most
lists, which is a shame. But I firmly believe that
it should be considered for everyone’s sleep
supplementation toolbox. I think this one will come as
a pleasant surprise for you if you decide to give it a try! Number three, L-Tryptophan. Since we’re talking about
amino acids and sleep, we can’t fail to mention tryptophan. Tryptophan is one of the most
well-known natural sleep aids, and for good reason. It’s a building block of melatonin. Tryptophan gets converted into serotonin, which is a happiness hormone, which is then used to make melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. This means that in addition
to helping you sleep, tryptophan might also make you happier. We get tryptophan in
some amounts from food, but supplementation can
be a very good idea. Since tryptophan doesn’t
directly affect sleep, you can actually take it every day without damaging your sleep. This is what makes tryptophan
such a great sleep supplement. Melatonin. As mentioned, melatonin
is the sleep hormone. It helps us feel sleepy
and get better sleep. So obviously, supplementing with melatonin will give us better sleep and allow us to fall asleep faster. However, there are two big problems with melatonin supplementation
which I have to mention. First, most melatonin
supplements contain doses that are way too high. You want to supplement with melatonin in micrograms, not milligrams! Always keep that in mind. Second, if you frequently
supplement with melatonin, your body’s natural
production of it decreases, which is not good. So you need to make sure that
melatonin supplementation doesn’t become a regular
part of your sleep routine. And if it does, it does it
needs to be in the micrograms, so very small amounts. If you choose to
supplement with melatonin, but want a more natural
alternative, tart cherry juice or concentrate is a great option. Melatonin appears in a
couple different foods, including cherries, so tart cherry juice is a great natural alternative
to straight up melatonin. If you’re careful with your
supplementation of melatonin, it can be an incredibly effective choice for ensuring proper sleep. Number five, lemon balm. Lemon balm is a plant
that’s widely been used both as a cognitive booster
and as a natural sleep aid. Lemon balm has relaxing, stress-reducing, and anti-anxiety properties
that make it super useful if stressful thoughts about the day ahead keep you up at night. As the name suggests, lemon balm has a pleasant citrusy taste, which makes it a great
choice as a calming tea. Lemon balm is not overly
sedating, so it can also be used to combat just general anxiety. It also works great in tandem with an adaptogenic
herb called ashwagandha. So if anxiety frequently keeps you awake, I would recommend looking into both regular supplementation of lemon balm and ashwagandha. But lemon balm works great
on its own too in chronic and acute dosing. So if you don’t suffer from daily anxiety, it’s still a great item
to have in your toolbox the next time you just can’t
drift away into dreamland. And that concludes our list of the top five most effective
natural sleep supplements. Make sure to give these a try and you will find something
to suit your needs. Before I get going, I’d
like to invite you again to check out the Ultimate
Energy Crash Course, your definitive guide
to helping you optimize your biology for total body health, and improved levels of
energy and wellness. These will spread into your
life in so many different ways. It will help your relationships, it will help your career, it
will have you make more money, it will help you be more
attractive to the opposite sex, it will even help you be more free because you have more
energy to do all the things you want to do. So, if you liked this video,
you’ll definitely enjoy the contents of that course. Just go to
to grab a free copy! Also feel free to click on the link in the description below this video. Thanks for watching. With the natural sleep
supplements you’ve learned about, you’re on your way to
faster, more restful sleep and ultimately more
energized, productive days. Please try out one or
more of the supplements and let me know how it goes! You can ask me any questions, too, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can in the comments below. And If you liked this
video, please subscribe. I’m excited to share more material with you in the future like this. Together, let’s activate your potential. (upbeat music)


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