• Veritas20X50sublimate

    Good too know! Thanks for all you do!

  • MrMyrta01

    Nothing but the facts…thanks

  • Reed Seeje

    They shouldn't be taken…

  • TheaDragonSpirit

    So eating a pro-biotic vegan yogurt… would that be good?

  • ibis navarro


  • Fruit Based Homestead Jason Kvestad

    prebiotics are far superior to probiotics and can be familiar tasty foods like a well ripened banana or cantaloupe.

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  • TheaDragonSpirit

    Ha, I know a lot about raw foods, and I meant that you culturiesed yourself, or bought raw, but a lot of people are scared of cooked foods. Eating some cooked food occasionally is fine. If you understand science and matter than you should understand that chemical reactions happen all the time in nature. Cooking some foods releases some nutrition, it also kills other nutrition. Eating some cooked food now and again is fine if you know what you're doing. 🙂

  • TheaDragonSpirit

    There are loads of videos on making yogurt. Here is a video on making yogurt: youtube /watch?v=disq2AQTy-Y

    As for cooked meals it depends on my mood. I eat a lot of spaghetti with a tomato sauce, peppers, onions, cinnamon, sprinkle of kelp, maybe some garlic, or maybe I will have a red rice dish with beans, onions and peppers… or quinoa instead of rice… pretty much… maybe I will have wholemeal seeded bread with biona baked beans. Depends on my mood.

  • TheaDragonSpirit

    No Problem. There are many. Life Regenerator has one on making almond yogurt but that has nuts in so… some people can't eat it.

  • LeSage

    Would be nice to also explain the WHYs together with the conclusion. Thanks You just the same.

  • LenoraForest

    Thanks for your valuable videos. I love the charts, graphs and statistics. Being brief and on point gives me the info I want without wasting my time.


    I'm so glad you find my work useful!

  • PBD11203

    Watch the other video by Dr Greger suggesting pre-biotics, rather than pro-biotics. Stay away from Liferegenerator, who may be nice, but is woefully ignorant and changes nutritional points of view faster than a politician does on any subject.

  • johnny.w

    The REAL test for probiotics would be to test if they can induce a die-off reaction. No, not the die-off of bad bacteria, but of the probiotics themselves. And, corollarily, if this die-off reaction induced BY probiotics is, if only in part, caused by competition among different strains of "good" bacteria. These days, everything from candy to energy drinks contain probiotics, and we mite be ingesting them one way or another every time we eat.
     Is this good? Answer: You don't REALLY know.

  • B A R T I C U S M A X I M U S

    All this time, I've been taking them after…oops. Thanks, doc.

  • Ken Sherman

    They should run further tests to be on the safe side. Just 1 test is not good enough for me. I like mine with multiple scenarios. I consider this test just a possible rule of thumb. #probiotics   #mensa

  • May Mufeez

    thank u so much for this video that have put an end to the confusion even my naturopath did not tell me when to take probiotics best.

  • gamesandstuffs

    sigh. should I break the capsule and empty it into water and drink or what?



  • Denise Galiano

    I am hearing that we should consume a prebiotic before a probiotic. So if we take a supplement should it be done the same way? I gathering eating some prebiotic fiber is best first and then eat some foods with probiotics…Is this what u suggest?

  • markzzzzzzable

    you must work for big pharm? you have less acid in your stomach after you eat not before . I don't believe anything you put up as facts! Total bullshit imho…

  • Mónica Torres

    what about kefir?

  • A Tennyson

    Conclusion: "Bacterial survival was best when provided within 30 minutes before, or simultaneously with a meal or beverage that contained some fat content."


    Crisp and clear without much hoohah. Thanks

  • Michael Antonio Re

    That's no answer

  • Abhay Bhatt

    Doctor Greger's favorite phrase:-

  • Hernan Herrera

    The probiotic I'm taking says take 2 capsules 30 mins before meal on an empty stomach. Do I take them both before any meal or take 1 before breakfast and 1 before dinner. That's the confusing part! Anyone?? Doc?

  • Frederico

    Perfect video and delivery of information, thanks.

  • noone

    I found this information contained in this video on Google. So, basically he just regurgitated the study done on the subject matter. Lol

  • cindy o

    Dr. Greger, you are a blessing. I've been around a long time and I have never once seen the research on when to take probiotics. Thank you so much for helping America become healthy!

  • Brescalofrio

    Thank you

  • Citizenthirteen

    Eat a WFPB diet and you don't need to take probiotics. Don't need to take vitamins, minerals besides B-12. Let the food do the work, not silly expensive supplements.

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