SHOCKING One Science Premium Whey Protein Review | ओने साइंस प्रीमियम व्हेय साइड इफेक्ट्स

SHOCKING One Science Premium Whey Protein Review | ओने साइंस प्रीमियम व्हेय साइड इफेक्ट्स

Hey ! What’s up warriors, it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Today I am going to review One science premium whey With the help of all my certification knowledge around ten years of experience and research what are it’s side effects when and how much to consume Is this protein powder for vegetarians Should you use this protein powder to lose weight or to gain weight I am going to answer all your questions in this video First let’s talk about protein, where you have invested your money Let’s check the quality also according to label one scoop which is thirty grams has twenty five grams of protein So total protein content is 25*100/30 83.333 % 83.33 % is a very good number specially in whey concentrate category second important to note is quality quality of protein can be a deal breaker let me explain you with an example Most people don’t know about the difference between quality and quantity of protein let me explain this Let’s say you have two glass both glasses are of 250 ml Both glass contains apple juice In the first glass There is 200 ml water and 50 ml apple paste second glass contains just the opposite there is 200 ml apple paste and only 50 ml water Now judge the quality yourself Second glass is better in quality because there is more apple in it Since you are paying for apple juice so you should be concerned about how much apple is put. Not on cheap ingredients like water We will talk more about quality when I will tell you about ingredients used in this protein Let me first cover the remaining ingredients fat is 2.1 gram carbohydrates 1.6 grams and salt is 0.2 grams all these unwanted things are less which is a good thing next two powerful enzymes is added this separates from rest other protein powders in the market bromelein and papain enzymes first let’s talk about bromelein enzyme bromelein is naturally found in pineapple this enzyme has two functions first helps to digest the protein second benefit of this enzyme is You may have experienced pain after exercise when you wake up in the morning This is known as DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness this enzyme helps to reduce this pain Now let’s talk about papain this enzyme is naturally found in papaya papain is a proteolytic enzyme proteolytic means which divides protein into small pieces since papain is a proteolytic enzyme This helps to divide protein into smaller pieces this small pieces of protein is known as amino acids or peptides If you have seen my previous review videos Then you may be already knowing that protein is made up of many amino acids Since protein is now broken down into smaller pieces Now body will readily absorb this protein moreover body will be able to utilize this protein well. whatever protein is in the protein powder Now let’s talk about an interesting point which you all have been waiting which is quality of protein If you look at the ingredient label we can see whey protein concentrate is written first whey protein isolate at last I have already explained this many times on my review videos ingredient written first is more in quantity ingredient written in the end constitute the least by quantity In simple words, this protein mainly contains whey protein concentrate this protein contains less amount of whey protein isolate quality wise it’s fair it’s a budget friendly protein, that’s why the price is also less sum up all mentioned in grams in ingredient list subtract from thirty grams. You will get around two grams this two grams is nothing but sweeteners and flavors like sucralose and acesulfame potassium two grams sweetners is very less this is a great thing in this protein powder Many people are scared whether their kidney may get damaged due to consumption of protein powder also hair-fall related issues like baldness Let me clear this myth and reveal what is truth truth is , if you are suffering from liver or kidney related disease you can get side-effects not only this protein powder true for any protein source like eggs, chicken fish This protein source from food will also be a problem for you don’t blame protein powder for this If you are not suffering from any kind of disease then there is nothing to fear You just have to drink four to five liters of water a day this will not impact your kidneys one science premium whey when and how much to consume is very important for you to know otherwise you will waste your money Few moments back I have clarified that this protein mainly contains whey protein concentrate If you have watched my previous supplement review videos you might be already knowing that whey protein concentrate is not fast digesting so that’s why this protein powder will best suit anytime except post workout you can consume with any meal. You can eat 1 scoop so that your daily protein requirement gets fulfilled from this protein powder another good thing is that you can use this protein powder just before going to bed as casein protein if you can’t afford casein protein You can use anytime of day except post workout You don’t have to use this protein immediately after workout I am going to answer one very interesting question Is this protein powder for vegetarians or not or only non-veg eating people can use this protein powder let’s reveal the truth It’s sad to say that this protein powder is just meant for non-vegetarian population This is because if you look into the nutrition label manufactured in a facility that processes egg and fish egg and fish are non-veg ingredients that’s why this protein powder is not suitable for vegetarians or can say that it’s meant for non-veg population only whether you should take this during weight gain or weight loss ? let’s clear this out look at the nutrition and observe protein, carbohydrates and fats ratio protein is significantly high this is a plus point of protein powder this is all round protein, You can use both during muscle building and fat loss only during weight gain, you have to increase carbohydrates intake from diet If you don’t have any plan Or you don’t know how to gain or lose weight Don’t panic, I will help you for free Check below description box where Free links are given containing workout videos, diet videos and PDF whether you want to gain weight or lose weight You have to select one program at a time which suits your goal All videos are arranged serially I am not charging you a single penny for this, it’s my guarantee In India, this protein costs around four to four thousand and five hundred rupees for five pound which is fairly priced in the category of whey protein concentrate also being an international brand neither very costly nor too cheap Thank you so much for subscribing. Please like the video if you found it useful You can comment below if you have any doubts Please Share this video which motivates me to make more such videos So that I can explain you all scientifically, ten years of experience and research I can enhance your knowledge from such videos if you support me. I don’t need anything from you. I just need your support I am just asking for your love. In return I will return the love by ten to twenty times I will keep making such videos, so that I can aware you about supplements I can help you regarding nutrition kindly help and share my videos so that everyone becomes fit This is Amit, signing off



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