Shakeology (vegan) Meal Replacement vs. Vega One Shake

Hi, I’m Lanna. Have you ever wanted to try
either Vega One Shake or Shakeology but you don’t know which one is better? I have been
using them for quite a while and I’ll tell you what I think the differences are, and
an experiment I did recently. First of all, the cost. Cost is a huge reason
to not buy something, right? Vega One costs about $2.72 per serving of 44 grams. and Shakeology
costs $4 per serving of 44 grams. So, that means Shakeology is 1.5 times the price of
Vega One. Does that mean Shakeology is a higher quality product? Not necessarily. I looked
at the ingredients of the two – they’re very similar. They both have brown rice protein,
pea protein, SaviSeed protein, maca, Goji Berry, acai, and lots of other super foods.
Both have 16 grams of protein, no soy, no artificial sweetener. But Shakeology has 9
grams of sugar – Vega One has only 1 gram of sugar per serving. So that is a pretty
big difference for people who don’t want to take extra sugar in their protein shakes. Now, I’m going to tell you about an experiment
that I did recently. I have been doing this kettlebell workout routine for about three
years. And by the way, I’m a huge fan of kettlebell. Every time I do this workout routine, I get
really really sore for two days afterwards. A couple of weeks ago, I did this routine
and I took Shakeology right afterwards. Guess what? The next day I woke up, I was not sore.
I was tired, but not sore at all. Wow! Interesting. I wonder why. So I thought maybe I’m getting stronger. Then
I look in the mirror and I didn’t see any difference. So I thought okay, there must
be something with Shakeology that’s making me not so sore. I went ahead and did the same
routine the following week and took Vega One – and guess what? I was really sore the next
two days. I still wasn’t convinced. I thought okay, let me try again. So the third week,
I did the same workout routine and took Shakeology afterwards . Guess what? I was not sore, again,
the second time. That’s when I thought, okay, there’s got to
be something going on with Shakeology. I need to find out what it is. I went back and started
reading the label. At the very bottom of it, it says MSM 250 mg. So I Googled it — MSM,
it turns out, is supposed to help with muscle pain and joint pain; and it’s supposed to
be safe according to sources like WebMD. MSM is not in Vega One. It’s pretty inexpensive.
So I figured I would not choose Shakeology over Vega One simply for the benefit of MSM.
Because I can just go buy a bottle of MSM if I wanted to use it for muscle pain, and
it’s pretty inexpensive. The last thing I want to mention is, if you’re
using these meal replacement shakes because you want to lose weight, neither one is very
filling. I get hungry two hours after I have one of these. Of course, you can add more
fruits and vegetables, proteins, nut butter to give it more volume and make it more filling,
but that’s going to add a lot more calories in your shake. Not exactly what you want to
be doing when you’re trying to lose weight, right? The bottom line is guys – if you already on
a whole food plant-based clean diet and you’re using Vega One, I really don’t think you’re
going to see a huge difference going from Vega One to Shakeology. But on the other hand,
if you haven’t used any of these products, and your diet is not so great, you’re going
to be happy with either one because they are really high quality products. The question
is: How much are you willing to spend? If you enjoyed this video, please hit the
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