Robotic Hair Transplant + Laser For Hair Loss [CC]

Robotic Hair Transplant + Laser For Hair Loss [CC]

Hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so today it’s me and Dan the man and we are here today to talk about I
guess you would say primarily even though I had an experience with them as
well because I worked with them on their laser hair treatments but we are
primarily here to talk about Dan’s surgery. That he had a little over a year
ago. What is it called? It’s not like a hair replacement procedure…hair
restoration restoration there’s the word and today we’re here to take you along
from the part like in the process from beginning to end because now he is at
what they would consider like the end of the healing right? Like the full result
just yeah a year a couple months after years yeah and so when I had posted on
Instagram every time we were in there its place called PAI here in Nashville
which is awesome we’re gonna talk about that. People would always be like you
have to tell us about it I was like I can’t we got to wait I’ve never done a
video this long before like over the course of like 15 months but we knew we
were gonna document it so the gist and Dan’s gonna talk a lot about what he
thinks but the gist of us doing this um you know Dan and I have talked about
this a lot I mean I’ve known him since he was 19 basically 19 20 um and his
hair loss up here is kind of the only physical attribute I’ve ever actually
seen Dan be a little bit uncomfortable with and we would talk about people that
would get these procedures and he was like that’d be really cool to do that
one day and so we basically had the opportunity to work with Pai because of
our platform and share this process with you. Why don’t you tell
them kind of like what this procedure is because it’s different than I think
people when they think of it like they think of hair plugs or something right
so maybe explain that and then if you were nervous and all of that. You can go
to PAI by the way if you live in Nashville you’ve definitely seen the
signs you can essentially go there and they could slice off a strip on the back
of your head and staple your head back together which you have to have enough
loose skin back there so that it’ll stretch it close back up or you can do
it the easier way and have no scar and what they do and this is what I did you
shaved the back of your head and they numb you up and knock me up pretty good
they’ll lie you down head down and they give you something in your arm and
you’re very drowsy. The time I’m not even sure how long it takes but I mean it’s
it’s kind of an all-day thing it it is an all-day thing but it goes by quick
because you’re on drugs yeah but what it does this robot can
zoom in on the back of your head it sees the direction of which the hair is
growing out and it can also see how many hairs are coming out of the follicle so
you can either have one or up to four hairs per follicle and so it grabs those
and then it spaces it out so that it doesn’t thin out your hair in one spot
it’s got like an algorithm that works on to keep it all the looking thick and it
goes pretty quick cuz it’s when it’s diving in and grabbing a hair the
machine is already found the next spot so easy by the way the procedure is
called “the artist” like that’s the name of the machine so once you’re done with
that maybe it’s a couple hours but like I said you’re on drugs and you can
easily notice the time right you get off the chair you have your lunch break and
then they give you a double dose of what they gave you before and you go to sleep
manually put the hairs wherever you want them to go I put mine in the front
I would assume people that are patching up there
thinning crown will have a much easier time with the recoup because because
that’s the thing so male pattern baldness is pretty much here and then
here so they tend to keep their hair that’s all around here so that is where
they take the hair from like the permanent hairs and then they move them
there or there and supposedly those hairs are permanent once they place them
there right I think you have to keep using like a Rogaine or something no
right we’ll get to that okay okay but uh yes yes so the robot takes the hairs out
but they put the hairs in manually manually because they feel like still at
this point there’s kind of an artistry to that no pun intended
there’s no other procedure to put them back in yes well they what’s his name
told me that potentially, in theory the robot could do it but they feel like by them doing it it’s
like it’s more like the human touch of picking exactly where the hairs should
go. Right and you go over that with the doctor before and you draw the line with
a marker on your head and you know you get to decide what’s happening
the recoup was interesting because when I took the headdress off all the
swelling that was here ended up during down my face so my eyebrows were swollen
over my eyes my eyelids filled up and it was about a day or two of just looking
real you looked rough said it didn’t feel rough but he actually my head was
probably known for like a month and a half crying to word itself I’ll say it
again literally if I didn’t say it before no pain and that was my
experience so I can’t speak for everybody but I felt nothing so that’s
what I meant before by if your at the crown your recovery might be a
little easier because you’re going into this procedure to fix your hair but they
really jack you up for a long time like the hair on the back your head is gone
so it to shave a notch you pretty much gotta start all over I wore a hat for a
while you’re not supposed to put anything on the area you don’t want hat
pressure or whatever but I have many hats and so I wore a bigger one that
bothers overall I really enjoyed my experience there and I’m pleased with
the results one of the things you you sign before you do this is a
consultation is you’re acknowledging that the results might not meet your
expectations some people might want to go in for a second round for whatever
reason the difference is crazy let me just chime in it’s crazy how much
farther forward his hairline is now but I know based on our previous
conversations if you just like could do anything you know make your dreams come
true that’s corny you would bring it even a little farther forward just
because I’ve seen I don’t think I would bring it farther for that I probably
want to thinking about picking it up a little bit because I I tied into my
existing hairline and then the the areas here were completely bald so it was
filling up a completely bald area they did a good job yeah so why don’t we show
the people yeah show the people what’s happening oh
it’s crazy how different it is now I don’t know when you’re running out of
battery it’s okay a couple minutes yeah if we could show a before picture it’s a
big difference part of the homework is using Rogaine because what Rogaine
does is help you keep what you’ve got and if you have hair loss or you’re
constantly losing your hair or it’s thinning out Rogaine will will stop that
they showed us in the office of the stages of hair loss you got your thick
hair and then as the blood vessel becomes thinner from a hormone DHT it so
will be a new locks that DHT more amount I think yeah what the hormone does is is
restricts the blood flow to the follicle so follicle it drops further and further
away from the surface and your hair becomes thinner and thinner and then it
becomes translucent it and then once it becomes thin enough then the hair is
gone Rogaine and other companies that make products with the active ingredient
minoxidil cannot claim this but it can help you grow more hair on your face the
process I just explained from what I understand works in the opposite order
on the hairs on your face so men have hair follicles in their face and so
Rogaine will help wake them up if they’re if they’re not
growing any hair and so I’ve watched my hair as I’ve kept it short on my face of
you know I can keep track of what’s there and what is it and I’ve been able
to see over months of applying it to my face that I could see thin hairs turn
into darker hairs and then turning into the thick whiskers crazy this whole
experience has been kind of fun science experiment right like moving the hair on
my head and then I’ve never done it before and letting it grow out of my
face said Oh hairy like animals yeah well and in the process his healing
process and also for me because I prior to us trying to get pregnant had been
using Rogaine for about a year and had seen good results um but we also worked
with them they have an in-office laser hair treatment and so he went recovering
yes and I went in just as part of to stimulate the growth more and I saw
really great results – and obviously the way that his hair has grown in and
thickened it just it was just all a really great experience the office and
his staff is really friendly and knowledgeable and helpful and
professional and everything is so clean and nice and they did such a great job
on his hair and like I said I felt like the laser hair treatments on my hair in
combination with the robing it also helped to think of everything up in the
front um it was just the razor and helped stimulate the hair follicle and
will bring those those inner hairs back you know for thicker hairs yeah so yeah
we would highly recommend them yeah I here in Nashville great experience and I
think that’s pretty much it unless you have anything else you’d like to say
yeah because it’s fun this has been fun and I’m glad to have some hair back yeah
that’s cool we’ve talked about that for years and like you said that’s not our
we were saying I was saying that’s not really like you’re not like out getting
beauty treatments or treatments ever you know um but this was a fun one to see
like yeah you got some of your hair back like it was something you lost and it
was fun to me it’s also weird it’s one of those things where you’re living with
yourself you’re seeing yourself in the mirror on the on the daily and you you
don’t it’s like as a person it’s losing weight or gaining weight and someone
else sees them and it’s like they they’re the ones that notice not
yourself and so it was fun to like go and take a shower with
she’s the one seeing my hair she wouldn’t make comments all the time it’s
like dude cuz you know you slicks his hair back while he’s washing you know
like a completely different person I was like oh my gosh like the hairline is so
different now it’s crazy so yeah I did a great job I mean I mean in like I said
we’ve known each other for so long now 1314 years talking about it for a long
time and it’s like he finally did it so it’s crazy I’m very glad I did it and
it’s something I get to keep forever himself yeah so P it was such a week
high five not on your part like we landed it weird
so that is it guys if you made it this far by the way check
the infobox because just like every other video I do giveaways to say thank
you to you guys for supporting my videos um and yeah I think that’s pretty much
it you do end up checking PAI out here in Nashville be sure to tell them or if
you get any kind of artist treatment they’re available different places
throughout the US feel free to shout us out and tell them that you found out
about them through us and also feel free to ask any questions that you might have
either down in the comments we’ll keep an eye on that so that if Dan you know
he can hop in and see and if you’re really bright now suddenly so we’re
gonna go alright we will hopefully see you back here soon with another new
video and that is it alright see you guys bye guys!



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