• PasswordFreak

    I go back to school next week and was thinking of easy meals to make for lunch and dinner since I get back so late at night. I love broccoli so I can't wait to try this out with my roommates.

  • beth f

    You DID wash that broccoli, right Marlon? 😨 Love "nootch" as we affectionately call it! Try on a baked potato or anything! !! Sorry, Marlon! I wrote my comment about washing the broccoli BEFORE watching the entire vlog, so pardon moi!!! Can't wait to see the cauliflower "wings" vlog. Since becoming vegan, I love food spicy with a kick!!! 😉 OH…and great tossing there of your broccoli!!!


    got to try that!

  • tubeofyou

    this looks so good I want to make it now, yum. I love nutritional yeast

  • chickenfingers991

    Thanks for the recipe. I would love to see some slow cooker videos if you got one.

  • Vegas Magus

    This changes how I make broccoli forever 😀

  • Stephen Chemical

    Aww yiss! Nooch arrived today so checking out recipes for it, can't wait to try this!

  • Amoeba

    My broccoli turned out tasting like meat (I didn't use Yeast, because I couldn't find it in stores)

  • The Enchantress

    Trying it out already 🙂

  • Fun Cam


  • Lorenzo Sanchez


  • Lorenzo Sanchez


  • Lynn Love

    I love broccoli. I add soy sauce, Tamari.

  • Chris Buckel

    Get a Big Boy Knife

  • Morgana Devina

    If u want to use nutritional yeast ONLY for flavour than this is great. But it looses all the nutrients when heated I'm afraid. So I think I'll try your recipe but will add the yeast on the plate instead.

  • shakera wilson

    Tried this and I love it !!!!!!!!!!! I had nutritional yeast and didn't like how it tasted so I started looking for recipes, only one I've tried and I really love it

  • kimmibgood

    Your fun. I can't wait to make this tomorrow!

  • A Dickson

    New to your channel and I’m loving your vids and recipes! The one with you and your girlfriend was supper adorable too❤️

  • Benchmark Pharmacy

    six carnivores just disagreed.

  • Tamika Smitt

    Looks delicious 😋

  • Haydnz

    That looks amazing! I'm not vegan but I'm trying to dimish my meat consumption and who knows, one day I might head toward veganism. Though not now because when living with your family, they may not agree with your decisions. Can't wait to try the recipe! I discovered your channel today. Thank you!!

  • Repent & Believe


  • English Rain

    Great way yo boost your B12 intake!

  • Look Like Famous

    Aluminum Foil is toxic to your foods.

  • TLyn DeJ

    I'm new to the vegetarian lifestyle, is yeast a priority? Why have it? I have yet to see people cook with yeast. Thanks! Your videos are a great help!

  • Bettye's Cooking Channel


  • Steven Turner

    Will go great with a nice rare steak

  • Jesus My Lord and Savior

    You want to eat healthy, but your going to cook it on foil??? Dont ever use foil dude, get some parchment paper a dollar tree, and use that instead of foil!!! And if you like spicy add cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes to make it just a little more spicy yummy 😛

  • Eileen Maschal

    Thank you, I am not a vegan but I wanted some recipes or ideas on how to use nutritional yeast. All I could find was " it's great on popcorn", I wanted something more substantial. I will definitely roast some broccoli now. You also taught me something I didn't know…overcrowding veggies while roasting steams them…no wonder my roasted zucchini were awful!!!! Just proves you are never to old to learn. Thanks again!!!

  • Linda Thompson

    You need a bigger knife there, handsome.

  • gemsy

    i actually like eating broccoli now thanks!

  • Darcia Mbaye

    Looks good raw

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