Hi everyone nomoshkar and welcome to curries
with bumbi. Today I will be showing you a very delicious and spicy Indian style tofu
recipe . This recipe is usually followed using cottage cheese which is known as paneer in
India but it tastes equally delicious with tofu. So let’s get started.
Always use a firm variety tofu whenever you make curries. Discard the water that comes
in the package and rinse it with tap water. Then wrap it in paper towels to get rid of
that excess moisture and let it sit for about half an hour. After that cut them into any
shape of your liking. Do not cut them too thin as they may break and you will end up
with a bowl of scrambled tofu. Next step we will make a spice rub and marinate
the tofu. In a bowl add some chickpea flour or you can even use besan, then some salt,
kashmiri red chili powder or you can use paprika and little bit of turmeric powder. Mix well
then add the tofu. Toss the bowl so that all the pieces get coated with the spice rub.
Keep it aside while you do your other prep work.
Today I have planned on using very simple kitchen tools. I will be grating ginger and
garlic. You can either use this kind of grater or whichever one you have on hand. Just keep
in mind to use a grater with fines holes. You can even use a blender or food processor
for doing this but hey what if you have just moved to a new place and do not have any blender.
Always remember to bring a hand grater wherever you are moving as it will come in handy and
they are inexpensive too if you need to buy one.
Then I need an onion. We need a large one as it will give that sweetness to the gravy.
Heat a pan over medium high heat. I will be using a combination of oil and since I am
doing a vegan recipe today so I will be using vegan butter. You can use regular butter or
even ghee if you are not on a vegan diet. Add the tofu one by one. Add them in a single
layer and do not over crowd the pan. In that case fry them in batches if they do not fit
in one go. Do not brown them too much as they will turn rubbery. Just give 2 minutes on
each side or until they are just heated through. Take them out in a bowl and fry the next batch.
In that same pan over medium heat again add some oil and some butter. And yes you can
make the whole recipe with only oil . Here I have some whole spices, a dried bay leaf
, a cinnamon stick and green cardamoms. Add them to the hot oil and stir for a few seconds
to release their flavor. Then add the chopped onions. Sprinkle little salt to help the onions
turn soft. We will not brown the onions today but we want them to soften up and become shiny
and glossy which may take about 8 to 10 minutes over medium heat. My onions are looking absolutely
beautiful so time for the grated ginger and garlic.
Stir till all that raw smell from the ginger and garlic goes away and this will again take
a few more minutes. This recipe is all about stirring on medium heat with a lot of patience.
As I always say, if you like to cook Indian food you’ve got to put in all that effort
& patience in preparing it and you won’t be disheartened with the end result. Just
trust me. Okay now time for some dry spices. Heat as
low as possible so that the spices don’t burn. Kashmiri red chilli powder for that
color as it has very mild heat or you can use a combination of paprika and cayenne pepper
or may be only paprika if you want no heat. Stir for just a second to bring out the color.
Then curry powder. Stir for another second to bring out all that flavor and aroma from
the curry powder. Next I will be using crushed tomatoes. I am
using canned tomatoes but you can even use fresh ones. If using fresh tomatoes you can
grate them using your grater or you can make a puree in your blender or food processor.
Just remember we need ½ a cup. Then my usual habit of rinsing out that goodness
with some water. Stir for a few minutes then cover it on medium heat for about 3 to 4 minutes.
After that uncover. Now I will be adding a tablespoon of chickpea flour. You can even
use besan. The chickpea flour brings a nice thickness to the gravy. You need to stir it
on medium low heat for a few minutes and in doing so the chickpea flour will release a
nutty kind of flavor. Then add some salt and sugar to balance the flavor. Add little water.
Now cover it on medium low heat for about 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes, uncover, give a stir then we need to add coconut milk. Again, if you
are not on a vegan diet you can use 2 heaped tablespoons of plain unflavored yogurt or
may be cooking cream. The choice is all yours. Add the coconut milk a little at a time and
stir between each addition. Then I added 2 whole green chilies. Adding them whole like
this will not make the gravy too spicy. Then finally garam masala powder. Add some water
to loosen up the gravy. This recipe doesn’t call for a lot of gravy but you can add water
according to your preference, but remember not to add too much as that will dilute the
flavor. Then again cover it in medium low heat for another 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes look at that gorgeous color . Do a taste test and adjust the seasonings.
I again added a little bit of water as my family doesn’t like it to be too thick.
Finally in goes the fried tofu. You have to be very gentle with your spoon now as you
do not want to break those lovely tofu pieces. Just gently stir them so that all the tofu
gets coated with that gorgeous sauce. Then again cover it for about 3 to 4 minutes
on low heat so that the tofu soaks up all those flavors from the gravy.
Finally uncover to reveal that moment of truth and look at that beauty. The tofu looks like
small pillows of love, the gravy has that right amount of thickness to it and looks
absolutely delicious. Don’t you think so ?Then some freshness to the curry and my favorite
roughly chopped coriander leaves. Serve this with roti, naan, pita bread or
rice. This even goes very well with my green peas pulao. Check out that recipe on my channel.
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and thanks for joining me today. Bye bye.



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