Randy Santel’s Nutritious Diet Food Plan While Losing Weight!!

Randy Santel’s Nutritious Diet Food Plan While Losing Weight!!



  • Randy Santel

    Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! In next week's video for week #6, I will likely expand on some questions that I receive from this video in the comments down below, regarding my food choices and diet plan. If you have a question about what you've watched in this video or during my fitness workout regimen posted last week (link to follow), please let me know. Thanks for all constructive feedback and support!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HUDky9xKKI

  • reallyellie

    Your awesome!

  • Daniel Pinnell

    If you can find a breed of apple called kanzi, get it mate. They're the best you'll ever taste!

  • Conrad Barns-Graham

    Thanks for sharing, informative as always keep up the good work

  • 92skid

    Happy to see that you're crushing the journey. Keep it up Randy you got this my man!

  • Gary Sweeting

    Keep it up Randy, great guy

  • wayne davis

    Still killing Randy , well done 👍

  • Esben Bengtson

    I love you Randy but why you yellin'?

  • Bren Travis

    It's totally understandable that you would gain weight by having the most challenge wins in professional eating. You are a highly motivated man and look fantastic after only a short time Atlas. Knowledge, skills and motivation makes you a monster when changing shape and improving your health and fitness. Let's hope that this calms fears and allows even the haters to just enjoy your journey to 1000 challenge wins. We just need Food Network to create a format for a show that would travel and entertain the world. Best wishes.

  • cassetoi09

    why was 10:19 not the thumbnail?

  • Andrew Benson

    Your choices in foods are pretty similar to my preferred foods. I'd probably benefit for a similarly strict regiment, though.

  • John Stancato

    Keep it going Randy! Great knowledge and excited to see the final results after the 12 weeks.

  • mjethier

    wow man your face looks different. Very happy for you!

  • ScarredXShinobi

    Apple cider vinegar works because it dehydrates the cells in the body

  • Guillermo R

    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Your body, will thanks to you 👍🏻

  • Rising Gael

    Randy long time fan…..stay away from all foods labeled diet e.g. diet coke….aspartame is pison…also sacharin…..

    Stevia is a fine low calorie sweatner as ingriedient go with that as sweetner or sweetner ingriedient…

    Apart from my rant your killing it….keep it up..

  • Albert Rent

    I would stay away from Apple cider vinegar it’s acidic asf. I drank that for two weeks just a table spoon a day with big glass of water . And after two weeks got sick and threw up my food and blood too. I never in my life threw up blood so I narrowed it out to the Apple cider vinegar. Been few yrs since that day and never have threw up blood since. I would recommend to everyone to stay away from that shit…

  • Fifty Empire

    You are a great dude. Keep up the positivity 💪 Your helping a lot of us with these videos

  • april loves

    Wow… You are really losing weight… Idk if its just me but i can really see the result of your hard works to lose weight…

  • Mister O’Hern

    Frank's Red Hot Sauce…I puts that $#!% 💩 on everything!!!

  • Kendall Buote

    In the mornings between 10 and 11 i head to the gym..I usually have oatmeal mixed with water and whey protein..what's your thoughts..

  • FunKitYourSelf

    I am drinking beer while watching a diet food plan. Yeaaaah.

  • Danny Barrera

    Randy your doing great! Keep up the good work!

  • slim pickens

    Why not do some fasting , it’s healthy especially when you have stored fat .

  • Gene Gibson

    I have only just begun watching your food challenge videos and found them to be family friendly and entertaining. But seeing the Sexification 2020 videos, has give me a surprising motivation to start my own Sexification journey, the very simple way you explain setting up yourself to succeed at what you want to accomplish, really helps. Thank you Randy Santel

  • Jukka Kivinen

    Why use spinning bike and not go outside? Franks etc. hotsauces have usually lots of salt. Have you evet count how much salt you use per week and what is recomended. I do like Gatorade when i'm in US, but count that more like as soda. So much sugar.

  • jim Moore

    I changed my diet start eating healthier join the gym at my job had my first workout Monday second workout Tuesday what is a morning sicker than a dog I've been sick for the last 5 days I think I might have overdid it and wore me down too fast

  • jay cutler

    Love his videos. Randy is the Best!

  • garluns

    You seem like a nice guy 😊

  • Lord_NeKr0

    Holy Shit! I just realized you're the dude who won the Spartacus transformation challenge. Man I fuckin loved that show and you got to meet the whole cast including Lucy Lawless and Jamie Murray! Grats dude

  • Sientist Always write

    hey santel your diet is more than I eate when not on diet glad you like it seems bland to me.if going eat lot exorsize more could add mega hot chili just to push metabolism.as for me yes all just drop off over 2years but i look really ugly bad like letting air out of massive balloon but hey my biggest concern is loosing it in year then might have to buy food my waist line is hudge but not a belt tight enough for my wallet

  • Thewatcheronthewall

    Add some milk and black pepper to your scrambled eggs, trust me it's beautiful, only a little milk tho.

  • TheBeardedDiabetic

    Tons of comments so not sure if you will see this question but…do you find that your capacity is dropping as you are dieting?

  • Philbert

    Keep up the hard work and dedication dude!

  • matikas Longadog

    instant oatmeal was my favorite part 🙂 keep it up randy

  • The Truth Teller OJ is Guilty

    You ride Stacey for an hour every day???  Damn!

  • Notorious B.O.B.

    I really liked all of the details. I am googling wheat bean now to get some. Good luck this week

  • yukoncharlie2

    Keep up the great work, Randy! I've found that during my times when I'm trying to be strict on diet and exercise, sleep ends up being one of the most important factors in a successful outcome. Just a thought that you could potentially talk about some sleep-related hurdles and hacks. Best of luck on the remaining 7 weeks!

  • Philip Zhu

    Wow randy your motivating me

  • Stephen Van Zant

    I had a dream that randy accidentally killed Beyoncé with his car lol


  • meagan lamoreaux

    I love all your videos including these ones I don't competitive eat if anything I'm the slowest eater and I can't eat very much and I don't lift or work out. It's very strange that I watch all your stuff but I just find it all very entertaining. So thanks for doing a great job.

  • Yol Akin

    Where you going? LOWER! Congrats Randy.

  • Ali Chowdhury

    Show how you cook it.

  • ross beeby

    I've been following you for over 5 years! Great vid as usual.

    Nearly at the 1 mill!!!

  • cheryl Aston

    How much have you lost

  • corni gawrys

    looking healthly randy

  • country life

    That's alot of fiber. Which is a body cleanse and very healthy for you. Idk if I could just eat that plain bland food everyday all day like that. Love franks hot sauce. 💪🇺🇸

  • Wunlee Buxton

    You pop the berries into your porridge, I just wonder if they are the ones in season or not. Nothing beats seasonal fruit and veg 👍.

  • Eskimo * Aleut

    Thank you for the update Randy. Impressive and great dedication!!! Very admirable qualities you have followed by a not too strict rergiment. You, yourself set your goals and worked out your planning giving yourself room for error. Errr…insomnia is catching up to me. I do have a few questions…what do you do or like to do in your downtime?? Read? TV? Computer?? Curious minds would love to know…walk…hike??? And dating. That may be more personable…thank you for sharing your vids and have a prosperous week to fgollow. Love your #2 fan!!!

  • Kill Kia

    You should do some lifting videos it would be cool as hell 2 watch you left

  • Wtiberon

    Great video Randy. What do the 1s and 2s mean at the top of your calendar squares?

  • twoAm

    How much weight has he lost?

  • twilli9999

    Your plumbing must be good at your house – LOL! I feel the same about getting things moving through the system with fiber and exercising to feel better. Your eating contests are very entertaining and the way you compliment all the food in each challenge is respectable.

  • Tabor Raymond

    How do you make money?

  • coffeebot3000

    Thanks for this video. Interesting to see what you eat. I think it's really similar to what I eat on a diet, but your portions are so much bigger. haha. I really like the apple cider vinegar as well, but I usually drank it before I went to bed. Maybe I'll try it in the morning next time.

  • Elliott Blair

    Actually lose the weight.

  • saxenpaule

    Hey Randy, had to explain a question Amelie and Adrian were asking. Why is the “Big Man” not eating a Burger? 🤣👍 Thanks for providing insight into your diet. Stay strong and keep up your spirit. 👍 Andy

  • simondibimon

    Tell us about your lifting in the next vid!

  • Gianluca Boldrini

    Hi Randy I'm glad you started to have respect for your body and your health. Good luck and don't give up

  • clint michels

    I been waiting to see a food pro in the off season diet…good job bro

  • Mike Gardner

    Keep it up randy

  • Mike Gardner

    You should mention that you are a certified dietitian in dietetics

  • Mike Gardner

    Oatmeal the best meal with a tablespoon of peanut butter and jelly with a half cup of almond milk vanilla

  • Gnome Chomsky

    I lost you at instant coffee lol…just kidding, great advice thank you!

  • minichiggz

    I want to see the macros.

  • joshua ahhh

    Hot sauce on everything I love it! Win before you begin! Nicely done sir!

  • sebastianzx6r

    You are still eating way too much. You only lost 3ish pounds. At your weight you could easily lose 10 pounds a week. You don't need to carb load before your 3 hour bike ride. You have a bunch of fat stores. You aren't going to bonk if you stay in your aerobic zone.

  • Owen Tighe

    looking trim and healthy Randy. Fair play to you and well done.

  • jake vig

    Love these videos

  • Bruce Wallace

    I've never seen Randy without his hat!

  • TH

    How do you afford all this food?

  • Eric Kort

    Randy ex wwe superstar ryback has his own lineup of nutrictional diet supliments

  • Reid Greene

    So much sodium in canned food

  • Reality Unchained

    Looking much better Randy I was worried about you there for a minute. For some weird reason really enjoy watching your videos 😜. Honest question how is your cholesterol when you get a blood test? For some reason mine is three times over the on the good cholesterol and three times under with the bad cholesterol. How do you balance this?

  • Lacer 1985

    What is Mother?

  • JarJarbinkus

    Owhhhhh it's so sad my friend.
    I can't believe in diet 😅😂

  • John Trujillo

    You can already see the weight loss in your face!

  • V Wo

    Randy your Sexification is going so well i can see the difference in your face already, which you could be any size you want and i still love ya lol i think i wanna try some of the foods you eat because alot of the things you eat i do as well and to me it's not boring just plain good especially the veggies i eat so many in the summertime here in Texas, I'm definitely doing that breakfast menu so delicious, thanks for sharing my friend and keep up the good work 😍💛💪👕💪

  • Marshal Griep

    I love seeing this side of your world. I enjoy the food challenges but it’s awesome to see what you eat and do when you aren’t traveling all over lol. Keep up the good work and awesome vids!!

  • Fitness Quest

    Jesus you are 8 stone over weight

  • Annemieke van den Bos

    Thanks for another interesting and informative video. I do take tips and tricks away from it! 🙇‍♀️
    There's no doubt in mind that you're gonna dominate this period of sexification!!💪🏻🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️🎉🙇‍♀️
    Love from the Netherlands ❤



  • Thalles Valle

    YOU ARE A LEGEND, a living legend, actually

  • Motivated By Medals

    Do you ever find out the nutritional breakdown of your food challenges? Calories? Carbs? Etc?

  • David henkels

    I'm happy for you. Keep it up!

  • Trolling For snowflakes

    Atta boy!!!!!

  • Beorn

    God bless you Randy!

  • Amanda Anderson

    The MetaMucile really helps any digestive issues too. It requires a person to drink 8 ounces of water right away which is very hydrating.
    Randy threw in a little double fisted squash joke.

  • Jake Jones

    not judging but can't you afford to be buying your groceries at like mama jeans? I mean, you have 938k subs and you're eating great value canned beans? I'm a fan, just curious why you're not incorporating more non-gmo/organic products in your ''clean-eating''.

  • Jantina Haspels

    Dude, you're doing great and looking good. I admire your persistence and self discipline. When you start the new eating challenges season, they won't be able to call you Fatlas anymore.

  • Masterlee 43

    So you are eating healthy, not starving yourself, (Key point) and working out in different ways consistently five weeks in. You deserved the restaurant meal, even though you probably kept that a little on the healthy side too. You are proving that it can be done. All you have to be is disciplined, focused, and goal oriented. I also love that you tract your progress weekly. This is a video that would inspire many who have tried and failed. 5th week 2.8lbs, now that is the real deal.Who needs Nutri-system. Great Video!

  • pokemon go


  • ARE

    This man is a unit

  • nate smith

    Lots of plastic.

  • Jamie Perry

    Randy keeps it real

  • lifeblood_ dirt

    I love the big jug of franks on the counter

  • Laura Blassberg

    Congratulations to your excercise and healthy eating. Your looking really good. You got this.!!!

  • Sideshow 44

    Good to hear you're getting back in shape Randy, I think you had a few people worried.

  • Eric S

    Get some tips from Jason Genova

  • Project JCZ

    12:38 …what?

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