QUICK, TASTY, HEALTHY MEAL PREPS | 5 Meal Ideas for Busy People | Doctor Mike

QUICK, TASTY, HEALTHY MEAL PREPS | 5 Meal Ideas for Busy People | Doctor Mike



  • KrizaeL arcanjo

    u SHURE that was honey ?

  • Emma

    K so this transition was to fast for my crappy eyeballs let's just continue watching

  • Rizki Nurfitri

    Best Doctor ever. Im fine becomming your assistant in my whole life.

  • sauerberry47

    The Underdog looks good. Too bad I'm allergic to Avocado. ;-;

  • ZamZaddy105

    Thanks for mentioning us vegans!

  • 조배사라

    Can you make a video about alkaline based diets and what should we eat on that diet? I'm trying to get rid of acidity and raise the calcium level in my body but there's not a lot of info on alkaline diets.

  • BlakeThing

    I know this is like a year old but that cut where you were just posing with the honey? Cutest thing in this video

  • Twinkle Jha

    I only watch him in the entire video😘😘😘

  • Dogs8810

    Can we just take a moment to acknowledge dr. Mike’s jacket in the beginning of the video?? SUCH A LOOK

  • Camelia Jasmin Rose

    If i eat so little breakfast i would become so hungry?how to do u stay so energetic all morning by eating so little amount?😟

  • Sooyoung N.

    I don’t know why but I expected the fanciest meals ever but we got actual dorm room meals 😂

  • Bouutique Ms

    Can you be my little brother?

  • Vivian Covington

    Honey also has anti inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal and anti microbial properties in addition to antioxidants.

  • Vivian Covington

    You can even use it on minor cuts and burns, works better than neosporin and bacitracin in my experience.

  • salah jriri

    he eats like a chick

  • Infinite Mackerel

    Ok but does no one see the toy cat behind him at the start

  • Steam Punk

    Aren't cold cuts really unhealthy? Also I noticed you are eating low fat yogurt which I believe is a lot worse than full fat yogurt cause of added sugars… pls lmk!

  • Kenneth Jacksack

    What is the song called?

  • Emma Warner-Mesnard

    You should do one of these with easy high protein vegetarian meals !

  • Neha Elsa Boby

    Dr Mike, Y you soo cute?!

  • Baylee Yarbrough

    What do you think about being plant based? Like health wise

  • Andrew Kaplan

    Who knew editing could make shopping seem so cool

  • Paro Gayen

    Ur great♥️ I love ur work and really appreciate the msg ur delivering🙌🤗
    Plz let know some veg healthy recipes as I am vegetarian and struggle what to eat to have a proper meal.

  • Michelle George

    Totally unrelated but why does he need glasses? He rocks them but I'm just curious…

  • Anton Kaminsky


  • Luqman Kashif

    Your over smart


    I have those exact same seasoning containers. Comes with a shelf, too.

  • Devotional Songs

    Doctor Mike, what are your opinion about tattoos?

  • Medical Field Lover

    You look a million times cuter than Patrick Dempsey! ❤ and you have the cutest laugh 😊😊

  • F

    That is one dope coat.

  • F

    I swear this is the only guh on Earth that can pull off Harry Potter glasses.

  • Natasha Mazumdar

    The peanut butter with added sugar? I'm so disappointed in you.

  • Rohith Gampa

    You just need reduced the calories each dish actually offers… Why on the earth your mathematics is so poor????

  • Get back to work

    6:54 because you are consider good looking and people overlook it.
    Because cause you do you boo

  • Jonathan Acordon

    Rather than Fish or Sardines, what other additional ingridient that does the trick as them?

  • Alka Nissar

    I hate most of the fish. Can you please tell me how the deficiency of fish would affect my body.

  • Dani Rodriguez

    I'm no Gordon Ramsey when it comes to being in the kitchen, but i know a thing or two about nutrition


  • DJ speedywolf


  • Yogi Sn

    U look so beutiful😍😘

  • Martina Marinova

    When the doctor says how good cucumbers are for preventing cancer while wrapping processed meat and cheese around cucumber slices ? U.S.A doctors have on average less than 20 hours of nutrition education across 4 years of medical school. Plus, it has long been proven that process meats, dairy products and animal protein in general significantly increase the risk of getting cancer, diabetes and other deadly diseases. I see nothing healthy in these meals.
    I enjoy your enthusiasm, Dr. Mike, but I have to disagree with the information offered in this video .

  • Maxine Peddle

    Anyone else want to desperately close the open cupboard behind him…???

  • EmiliaBressler

    You should be my meal :3

  • Josephine Josie

    So nice see your prepared your food but elsa country have different style take food

  • Xy Al

    Me: I will be a doctor.
    Also me: sees video Forget about it, I'll marry a Doctor who can prepare food.

  • Heba Sara Dileep

    I could just watch him shop groceries all day

  • anne kennedy

    lv the glasses like clark Kent great video lv the meal ideas they look yummy too

  • D Heuzen

    Why do all the healthy things have advacado😭😭 i am allergic😭😭

  • Elise Thompson

    Don’t forget that most honey has anti bacterial properties that help keep your throat free of bad bacteria

  • Safinez Hamza

    Sardines…My nightmare for sure

  • Xenomorphyon Gaming

    I’m watching this while eating goldfish and a burger. I love myself.

  • emilia turtles

    A meal prep video i actually feel i can realistically follow? hell ye

  • Lambros_pap ότι να 'ναι

    I got an idea for the dorm room special. Add lettuce and onion (and if u like tomato) and it s perfect.


    But I'm vegetarian

    Can you suggest me ?

  • Christina Sobczyk

    Love Sardines!

  • nafida cobra jessy

    Salad is best choice

  • nafida cobra jessy

    Last time the way u cooking chicken it’s look like u reach on sky

  • nafida cobra jessy

    U use eat cats food in tin tuna 🤣😄

  • nafida cobra jessy

    Mikahill tamsey kitchen

  • Eric M

    These carb counts irk me as some are WAY off, like that apple. Any apple is ~16g of carb so that 5g is a big oof (Type 1 Dia.)

  • Devoss

    What is wrong with u? Buying fuckin PRE-SLICED cucumber?????????? WUT

  • katie grace

    this is super helpful!!

  • Jamelia J

    This video is highly exceptional not only from the quality developed in the content but also because you state the benefits of these food items. This approach of meal prep is amazing and may be a bit foreign to some (including me) as it focuses on what your body needs to function properly. I think this is what I was looking for all this time when it came to meal prepping, I didn’t want to just eat to lose weight, I want to eat to feed my whole body.

  • kiana davis

    I hate green apples their so bitter . I’d rather eat the sardines

  • Dalia Flora

    As a medical student I find it soo sad how a male doctor is seen as perfection just if he’s hot, but if a beautiful woman is a doctor then it doesn’t count 😪

  • lobster dude11

    Mike out here lookin like a modern day pimp

  • Crystal Koziol

    I wonder where Doctor Mike gets his eyeglass frames from (and how he chose those frames specifically?) They fit his face very nicely!

  • April Estrada

    What is a good substitute for avocado? (I'm allergic)

  • The commentor


  • Crowned Lily

    Those are more like snacks then meals for me. I think I eat to much.

  • Dylan Murrell

    I would die faster if I ate the first one

  • Dylan Murrell

    Wtf are these combos

  • Amy Lowe

    I am sometimes allergic ie my mouth tingles and swells slightly when I eat avocado, cucumbers and cantelope. What’s up with that? I love these foods but always am a little scared to eat!

  • Amira mimi90

    It's 2:35 AM, here in Algeria and you make me hungry, my God …

  • Amira Ezz

    Your jacket tres chic

  • Brittany Holtgreven

    Muenster cheese is my favorite too! I knew we were meant to be. Lol jk I'm married just wanted to feel included in the comment section..

  • megan butler

    You really bought a cut cucumber in plastic instead of just a regular cucumber… smh

  • Star Rama

    Why is this guy a friggin stud

  • Matthew Pourciau

    @Doctor Mike What if you have inherited heart disease?

  • Kingjinder

    am i the only person who just has ham on toast

  • Melati Putih


  • Cheru Siderea

    I don't think these are "meals", but rather small snacks. I would still be hella hungry after each one of them.

  • Demitrival

    That coat wasn’t it lol

  • Jennie Olmsted

    Did he just… Put peanut butter on the same slice as the jelly!?

  • Julia Walker

    Thanks Dr. Mike!! "Cinnamon has shown promise of preventing issues with your heart. It's also shown to help better manage sugar within your body…" Who else went and put some cinnamon in their coffee right then?

  • Akanksha Anand

    Question please – what is the vegan substitute for fish and all the good for eye health and brain health it does??

  • carla blizard

    Love this. I would just make one suggestion… the peanut butter should be natural. Look at the ingredients and it should say just peanuts and salt. Most PB had added oils so its smooth and stays mixed. No good.

  • david king

    So healthy so lit

  • Dragonsplay

    Lol love the bee whoop.

  • K B

    Love all of these meals and ingredients except the honey. Look for raw honey not the bear brand 👍

  • African lily

    The pre-sliced cucumbers

  • Penfold

    Unless you are alergic to gluten, going gluten free is a fad ,and has no benefits, but you will pay more for substitues.

  • Michelle Mittelstedt

    The "Dorm Room Special" is my go to low carb snack. I usually wrap the Turkey and cheese in cabbage, though. Tasty, good crunch, and filling:)

  • Faria Chowdhury

    Aren’t canned food bad for your health?

  • Celia56J

    so much plastic 🙁

  • Ruth Ronnie

    Why is this man this attractive??? It doesn't make any sense 😭

  • lanz aries satumbaga

    Who's gonna eat all that, Doc??? You made all 5 for a day!

  • Ethan 5508

    Doctor mike eating sardines:sardines can improve your eyes also mike wears glasses

  • E. VP

    liked the vid, but too much plastic everywhere, sir! 🙈

  • BlinkinFirefly

    NOOOOOOO!!! I draw the line at the sardines. I dated a Russian/Ukrainian guy when I lived in NYC, and he insisted I try pizza with anchovies. And the 7 year old kid in me who watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was all like "NO FLIPPIN WAY, I'M NOT EATING IT, NUH UH" but then he insisted so I tried it. I should've listened to 7 year old me 😭🤢

  • Claudia Vargas

    No cheese snacks for me. But most of the snack option great.

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