Question from Viewer. Vic answers. Is the anabolic window, and post workout window a myth?

Question from Viewer. Vic answers. Is the anabolic window, and post workout window a myth?

Hi friends, it’s Victor Costa. Thank you so much for the likes the shares in the subs I truly appreciate it. Peace love and muscles to you all. As promised, I said it would be answering some questions from Instagram and There were some really terrific questions and I’ll try to get through more of them another time But tonight I wanted to answer the question that someone asked about the anabolic window. Is it a myth? So if you google anabolic window, the first thing that comes up is not only anabolic window But also anabolic window myth so it’s certainly out there in the ether that this may or may not be Something that you should adhere to but basically the anabolic window if you do a little research you’ll see that there is a period of time that is suggested that if you eat right within a 30-minute window after training that it would be more conducive to gaining muscle mass and it specifically highlights protein intake and so I wanted to share with you my take on the whole idea of a window or the anabolic window so, you know when you um You know when you go out in a hot day and you’re thirsty when you come home and you have something to drink That’s good You know when you’re out there and you are exerting a lot of energy and you’ve you’ve really built up an appetite and you come home and you have something to eat eat that’s Good. So whether or not there is a window that is defined. That one should consume food It makes sense that that if when you’re hungry and you could potentially be hungry after Training that it might make sense to nourish the body and to not wait too long because you probably can Start feeling a little bit weaker and feeling like you are sort of out of sync and sort of Expended too much energy without putting energy back and that’s the whole idea for you know Power Bars and nutrition Barros and protein shakes and other things to kind of replenish the body But I will tell you that I have never met anyone who thought that the anabolic window was a make-it-or-break-it Opportunity. In fact, I have never taken advantage of the anabolic window. Typically, I would you know, go exercise and then maybe back and unwind and Read a little bit or work for a few hours So I rarely eat within that Anabolic window and to think that I could have been much bigger and I could have taken advantage of all of that so for you know, the short answer is that Sure, it makes sense that consuming food right after training what would make sense as your body probably needs the energy and it could be put to use But if you miss the anabolic window, it’s kind of like missing a sale at a local department store Don’t worry that merchandise is going on sale again it’s not going to be the the make it or break it you get this opportunity or all is lost or Everything is ruined. Like I said, I probably haven’t taken advantage of that anabolic window and Maybe a decade and it doesn’t seem to bother me now the question is if I all of a sudden start eating immediately after you do you think it would make the difference between My physique would it be the make-it-or-break-it what I look discernibly different if I took advantage of that animal pollock window Versus waiting two hours like I typically do or even three hours after training I think not so anyway guys, that’s my take Peace-loving muscles. I hope you enjoyed the video Thank you so much for the likes the shares in the subs, and I really appreciate your company. Take care yourselves. Bye



  • Mark Pinkerton

    Aloha, Vic!!! Thanks.

  • Timmy Thistle

    I actually believed it was a myth long long before I heard it was a myth. I remember when I did believe it was true when I was a beginner, I would be driving home from the gym in a frenzy thinking I was going to miss this magical opportunity of gains if I was to be just one minute late form the "anabolic" window to consume my protein shake and that my workout would have been completely wasted lol.

  • rminitials

    I completely agree. I listen to my body and it seems to work just fine. If I'm very hungry after a session, I eat soon. Not because I'll miss this "window", but because I'm hungry. And if I am hungry to the point that I feel weak shortly after my workout – I take that as a sign that my nutrition is off days leading up to that session. Not necessarily just due to the session. If that makes sense.

    Thanks for the video!


    Hello sir am just 20 pls sugest me a good diet and workout plz sir wanna make body shape just like u sir

  • Nelson Hoffman

    Well you DO actually take advantage of it because you posted a video of what you eat all the time and say you rarely vary it where you have a big burrito with salmon avocado rice shortly before training. You’re still digesting that (along with your other meals) during and after your workout so you’re definitely taking advantage. Just not in the sense that you’re thinking but you’re effectively eating just after your work tour because it takes more than 30 minutes to digest a salmon avocado wrap

  • LambentPanacake

    It's just a way to sell more protein shakes to people desperate not to miss the window. Any one else notice it's always protein companies pushing this idea?

  • Mike Robb

    You didn’t answer the question at all.

    No, no one has ever said the window is a “make it or break it” concept… or that your physique would be vastly different over the last decade had you leveraged it.

    BUT, is there ANY impact? Percentage-wise… might you be a couple percent bigger, had you eaten inside an hour instead of three hours? Or precisely ZERO difference?

    That’s the question… and you left us hanging!

  • Andrew Jackson

    Can my back get big without deadlift?

  • mrgrinch13

    This dude is a Jedi.

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