• Kelly

    I support Link's smoothie meditation

  • Dick Reckard

    I put all the dry ingredients in a cup the night before so i can just dump and run. Also my pooping strategy.

  • Benjamin Holliday

    We need to have a Saturday vlog of Rhett sneaking footage of Link spooning his protein shake 🤭

  • doberdawgs4me

    I love everything about Josh.

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Josh said im sorry😂

  • Adam Manness

    I want to do nothing but sit there and Spoon it link yeah that's all I do is sit there and think about spooning it

  • Tylor Rensel

    So vlog idea link has Rhett's protein shake and Rhett has links protein shake the way the do it.

  • Catlady 347

    You guys should have invited Shayne on to try the protein shakes

  • Declan Phoenix

    "Old man existing"

  • Lizanne Carter

    Link: doesn’t love bananas
    Also Link: loves prunes

    but same.

  • c rose

    My brother’s marine buddy gave me a pre-workout they called crack. We took it way too early and our faces were burning and our hearts were pumping lol. We had to get to lifting real fast.

  • Sera

    That norman rockwell comment was god tier thank u josh

  • Kim Cayton

    Link needs protection above all else.

  • Big Bud

    Im younger than josh and i read the paper every morning, its not just an old man thing

  • KatieArtist 94

    Link: “Well, that’s you.”
    Rhett: “Yep, since I LIKE food.”

  • Gina uwu

    the fact that this is #12 on trending-

  • Penguin 101

    I have cricket powder protein bars.

  • Michaia Wimberly

    I want that cinnamon toast crunch recipe 👀

  • Chuck

    Grown ass men drinking smoothies for breakfast. What has this world come to? Like be a real man lmao.

  • nicole valle

    I love a good meditative spooning in the morning.

  • Ousman Trawally

    I do workout I need whey protein

  • Maria Fox

    Give me
    This much

  • Jessie Dahl

    "Right. Touch that wire and the c4 will blow up along with the old man"


    i really love link

  • Baby Kitty

    Rhett is hot af

  • Little_Lion_Heart

    I absolutely LOVE when Link lets us in on nuggets of info that really let us know what a strange strange man he is. I love him and all his extremely odd ways.

  • Bajol Official

    From Indo🇮🇩like and coment in here😂

  • Mama T

    Josh should make a Mythical cookbook……..

  • E M

    Love when you guys trend

  • Megan Ry

    If someone dodnt watch gmm and only see this and link says "I'm still tasting the deodorant." They might be confused

  • siri H

    This only has 98k views and it's been up for 11 hours ….. why is it trending?

  • You Tube

    You should mix some Tang in there that way you could call it Prunetang

  • Sarah Cormiea

    Rhett and Link's signatures together on that book look like Kurt Vonnegut's signature.

  • Jarod Beaumariage

    Josh should share his workout routine!!

  • 1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    Link's breakfast habit seems really healthy tbh, it's a good way to start the day with some meditation. Like, I don't get the problem? I love chilling for breakfast as well, it's nice to take it slow in the morning.

  • Alex Little

    i want that cinnamon toast crunch banana shake recipe

  • Enzait

    Link if fascinating

  • Marley Lang

    9:06 Rhett having an existential crisis over Link’s smoothie choices

  • ernest2142

    Josh, you should make a video on how you make your shakes.

  • KrispTHEthirst

    Captain America is on duty everyday I see

  • Vashti Perry

    I love prunes

  • Maisie Gomer

    Josh content is right up there after OG Rhett and Link. Keep having him on GMMore please.

  • Kris15716

    My favorite kind of protein smoothie is chocolate protein with strawberries and almond milk. Yum!

  • Katelyn Lingle

    I love Link.

  • C Schmi

    It's funny when Rhett and Link think they know things about health and fitness. Everything they say is broscience and Link can gain muscle. He just doesnt know how.

  • Katelyn Lingle

    Wish they wouldn’t make fun of him, he’s right. And doing something good for his mental health.

  • Dana Foster

    I just love Link!

  • L01 J

    Oh, the amount of nanny y'all gone have. 😨

  • Aaron Tabuchi

    Did he say Cannabutter?

  • Nathan Delaney

    I've learned something from watching today's GM More. Rhett and Link are going to be great old people. I can feel it. Alright, next comment. ↓↓

  • John Joy

    I like Link’s way 🙌

  • Tony Brophy

    Prune Juice means Runny Bowels…..mmmmm

  • Joey Montano

    How are they trending I’m not watching this video.

  • RK TR

    Link had strong Walter Mitty vibes in this one.
    Just a man being a man doing his man things.

  • wheelzz wheelzz

    Little window into links head lol

  • J G

    3 betas sipping some protein shakes

  • Jk Besh

    You should put the recipies in the bio for the protien shake

  • Emily Greene

    Sad to see people with unhealthy obsessions with exercise and fitness.

  • Brooke Tracy

    Calves are not hard to grow man mine really are the meatiest part of me

  • The Yetty

    These three just work well .

  • AnimeCanuck

    Don't forget Worf's endorsment of prunes: "A WARRIOR'S drink!"

  • The Yetty

    Also I'm a Spooner too…..

  • Joseph Castañeda

    "Go back to the scraper" lmao

  • Maddy Hamilton

    "ponderosa-paws" … it's always sunny just slapped me in the face

  • Laina Rae

    Josh is so cute lol. He’s so smart and it’s just adorable.

  • Keelie Brewer

    My brain is quite convinced that Josh is the lovechild of MGK and Jesse Eisenberg 💖

  • Yashwardhan Kaul

    Can we please get the recipe for the smoothies?! Thank you!

  • Julie Murray


  • Julie Murray


  • Macy S

    "I like vanilla," said Link, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

  • Liyah Watters

    JOSH: It's pronounced SORRRRBE NOT SHERBET

  • Walt Hansen

    Like Peanut Butter… Like eggs ? Peanut Butter omelette. It's good.

  • P G


  • Cierra Belsan

    I like Prunes

  • felix kjellberg

    can we rename this video r and l interrupting josh for the first three minutes of the video (:

  • handsome devil

    This show looks like a nerd and a chad decided to make a YouTube show

  • Jackson Theil

    C4 is so bad for you

  • lisa simpson

    josh and rhetts routine is too chaotic i would love to live the life of link just calmly spooning my smoothie in peace in the morning

  • Keys

    Omg Josh is a beast. I didn’t even know you could return preworkout. I took C4 and went back to return it that day. I can’t believe it’s legal.

  • Grant Widmann

    Link the modern day philosopher.

  • Chazz Dee

    It's not "niacin" lol it's called beta-alanine that makes you itch

  • Seldom Seen

    Get a nose job dude

  • Keys

    Link is such a Gemini. I love it. Everything you do as a Gem, no matter how small, you just are misunderstood. I wouldn’t be any other sign though ♊️

  • Cabmonk Is Hungry

    Link likes almost nothing but likes prunes. Yup makes total sense lol. 🤷‍♂️😆

  • David Wahl

    Favorite Gmmore.

  • Christopher Troyer

    Link Neal: a simple man

  • Becca Seror

    I love Link!

  • kevin cinco

    Sher Beht

  • Joe Moody

    203,000 views …….8,000 likes wtf people 😂

  • Emma Soemer

    Rhett I love your sweater



  • Harlen C

    maybe you can put all the solid stuff in containers for your smoothie (pre-prepped smoothie, pre-blended)

  • 1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    Rhett and Link vlog idea: they should film their morning routine, 'cause Link has really intrigued me, i bet i would be fascinating to see

  • Stephano Robnitt

    Josh needs to show us how to make all of these protein shakes!!

  • CMShortboy

    I indirectly leaned so much from this video.

  • The Colorful Gecko

    Morning meditation rocks Link, agreed!!!!

  • Davis Reynaud

    I love Link and his very particular habits. Can 10/10 relate

  • the_nikster

    I think it’s ridiculous that they’re making fun of Link for doing something meditative and good for him; meanwhile Josh is taking pills that make him poop his pants and make his skin burn. cuz that makes sense. 🙃

  • Alarmix

    Behta alline is what makes your whole body itch haha

  • Shawna Nottingham

    We call the scraper a rubber scraper.

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