• Judgementxxx

    Lost it when started punching the mixture x

  • Thomas S

    Made my day 馃檪

  • MrCervantesent

    "Mix it like it owes you money!" – Buff Dudes

  • optimistichorizon

    1:40 Maniac, Roid Rage, or Animal from The Muppets? YOU be the Judge!

  • Andres Islas

    no no Lady, u got that wrong, it麓s not Dudes, It麓s Fucking BUFF Dudes! for Lucifer麓s sake, Damn it Louise!

  • 飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富

    1:09 I literally died laughing at this part when you just slammed them

  • Mike Tomlins

    Absolutely love this video.聽 you beat the s**t out of that bowl Hudson

  • Patsy Griffiths

    'mix it like it owes you money', hilarious! 馃槈

  • M Champ

    0:44 I was wondering why Hudson was wearing such a dirty shirt.
    Answer: 1:41

  • Ramirez Gringo

    dudes you are funny and awesome. but you are wasting

  • malek20

    damn i like these guys

  • misteer blavog

    dafuq did i just watched

  • Chris Dove

    1:40 is the best part haha. Thanks for the recipe buff dudes.

  • Nigel Hutchinson

    That mixing part killed me. You'd have like 1 oatmeal cup after that lol.

  • mjnina nina

    so hilarious hahahah

  • Big Fish

    Love these vidz

  • elran123

    you punching that bowl made me laugh my ass off

  • Gerhard Hillmann

    That was hilarious! Definitely making these this afternoon.

  • Gerhard Hillmann

    That was hilarious! Definitely making these this afternoon.

  • Nirmal Raj

    Awesome vid and recepie….but don't waste food

  • Reyna Valera Gomez 2010

    looks like someone owes money to the buff dudes

  • Whis 79

    does it better than howtobasics

  • Reyna Valera Gomez 1611

    lol Hudson looks like SpongeBob caveman, while looking at Brandon pig out

  • Tyrese Sutton

    lmfao he'll yeah dudes

  • S J

    Gordon Ramsay approved!

  • DM Fitness

    This shits not even funny it'd honesty help to actually do a how do

  • Rogerio Silva

    lol you might send it to Ramsey to watch himself.

  • acepc2

    I really don't understand how you guys are so damn hilarious but it is awesome

  • S J

    Man this food videos are the best

  • Alex

    Wtf ? 1:42 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Rodrigo D铆az

    What is this? Filthy Frank?

  • Abraham Lopez-Enriquez

    do I have to add protein powder

  • Jaz Mark

    This is by far the best fitness channel. Coming here from athlean x and Scott Herman. I wish I subscribed earlier, thanks for all the exercises and I could watch these cooking programs over and over again. Cheers dudes

  • The Angry Toast

    Hahaha punching hell out of the bowl pmsl馃槀

  • Rachit Verma

    Did anyone else notice a taste of naughty america in this video 馃槢

  • jadkoolkatify

    "Mix it around like it owes you money"
    vigorously punches the shit out of the bowl

    I love you guys

  • SagheerAlNajid1

    him punching the bowl made me lol

  • ayush rajvanshi

    Every inch of this vid was yummy ! Nyahahahhaha

  • rafael desomberg

    good recipe but such a shame for the waste of food…

  • R煤ben Teixeira

    I was in tears laughing!

  • Luis Huerta

    it does not work , i smashed everything like you did, i cannot seem to do it right

  • Kayleigh Louise

    this made me giggle 馃槀

  • Sunrise Breakthrough Deliverance Ministries

    This shit is FUNNY!!!!!! LOL in tears.

  • M Wasabi

    brandon wig is just like jeff seid

  • That Guy

    regular ordinary buff dudes meal time

  • Mike Malinsky


  • Ponte Ryuurui


  • Michael Fairchild

    Gordon Ramsay approved

  • David

    oh man this had me laughing hard

  • Sem Haring

    1:40 :))))))))))))))))))

  • Skyler Lublin

    OMG this was so funny you have to make another video like this!!! 馃憣馃憣馃憣 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Gon莽alo Teixeira

    What I took away from this – Never owe Hudson money

  • Tyrell D. Garrett

    So we're just going to act like he didn't perfectly chop the egg? Okay, cool.

  • TooCrankD SnipR

    "Mix it like it owes you money" hahahaha xD that was fantastic hahahahhahahaha 馃榾 !!!!!!!

  • William Pilling

    I died laughing to this lol

  • Kyrious

    gordon ramsay needs to eat buff dudes recipes.

  • Hated 7dtd

    1:04 Probably the best way to seperate the yolk from the eggwhite..

  • Selvamani Sparkz


  • maCrofage

    Haha, that's how we smash ! 馃榾
    Can't stop laughing !

  • Chuck Lee

    I love that pic in the ending.

    "Buff Dudes are comming. And protein comes with them."

  • Beach Body Clown

    You guys are too good we don't deserve you

  • Kapil Rajput

    You dudes are really awesome…

  • Bhanu Sharma

    Funny…thumbs up

  • Igor Braga

    Mix it like it owes you money….. priceless, super funny, say BUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gonzalo


  • Tim Fara

    Instructions unclear, beat my wife for rent money

  • Tyrence V

    this is by far my most fav recipe vid from buff dudes, i lol'ed from start to end! i never get bored with buff dudes.

  • santaclawsui

    Omg how do you make such incredible vids? You deserve more views!!!!

  • Dali Martinez

    I found this video today and prepared cupcakes for the fam… it was delicious, kids loved them. Thanks Buff dudes 馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏

  • Kevin Reusch

    i fucking love you guys

  • jbsosa100

    I love how they always slam the fuck outta the ingredients in their recipe videos.

  • Peyton Newman

    Your british accent sucks Brandon, nice recipe though lol

  • Almighty Mohit

    Wasted 馃槦

  • Ruzhyo Phoenix

    1:04 one of the funniest things I've seen for a while.

  • joe skill

    that was freaking funny~

  • joe skill

    mix your topping violently ~ lol

  • Human Error

    1:40 every time I see this,I laugh.He sold that seen. (Oscar moment)

  • dominionn09

    Who's gonna clean that mess!!??

  • Alex singh

    I tried exactly what u did and i had nothing left to make it

  • Crazy kids TV

    Laughing the whole time, theses guy crack me up

  • Oli Oli

    I only had enough for one cupcake after this I dont understand

  • Pramit Roy

    Stay buff

  • PaNick BUTTon

    1:46 oh mein gott

  • Thomas White

    I like the 70's porn music background.

  • 1313DOS

    Need to try thisssss!!!

  • medicore0000

    I fucking lost it when you went badshit on that bowl.

  • Daniel Alvarez Vlogs

    this is fucking amazing!! thanks buff dudes!!

  • Laura Johnson

    I need this to be a real cooking show!

  • T-mac0192

    0:22 is that dude okay lol

  • Jorge Fruit

    lol stay buff my dudes 馃挭馃徏

  • Steven Gemmimg

    You should make an episode with protein hot chocolate

  • Wayland C

    Not gonna lie. That was gross.

  • Sweaty

    2:12 He split the jug in half, pissing myself

  • Igor Braga

    This video never get麓s old, super funny. Stay buff

  • Digital Cyclone

    german ramsay

  • aleazar dimonti cisternas

    馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槀 Gordon Ramsey .

  • Dash X

    LOL look at Hudson 2:35

  • Andres Ortegon

    You guys are the best, greetings from Colombia.

  • jonhny bravo

    Have they made one about eating healthy yet? does and dont's

  • Christian Salazar

    Omg 馃槀馃槀馃槀

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