Protein Eggnog – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

Protein Eggnog – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
we are making protein eggnog for Christmas now this eggnog is high in
protein and it’s sugar free plus it couldn’t be any easier to make i’m going
to show you exactly what you need so let’s get started you’re going to need
four cups of a ready to drink vanilla protein drink you’re also going to need
1 cup of full-fat whipping cream so 35% cream and then you’re going to need 1
cup of egg whites you’re going to need a little bit of artificial rum extract
and you’re going to need some of your spices I’ve got one teaspoon of cinnamon
here and half a teaspoon of nutmeg and really that’s all you need we’re just
going to go ahead and we’re going to put our protein into our blender try not to
make a great big huge spill mess like I just did and toss in our egg white the
nice thing about using the egg whites out of the carton is that it’s already
pasteurized for you so it’s fine to be able to drink it and then we’re going to
put in our cream and the cream is what gives it that real creamy eggnog flavor and then you’re going to need a teaspoon
of your rum extract go ahead put that right in there get our lid on
and we’re going to be good to go well that couldn’t have been any easier
let’s open it up it smells great let’s try a little bit look at that beautiful
creamy eggnog took two seconds I think we should get someone special to come in
here and try it out this is my youngest you want to say hi to everybody and what
do you think are you ready to try some eggnog okay you try and tell me what you
think is it awesome well this eggnog has seven grams of protein in it and just
over one gram a total curb so it’s also super healthy once is that ok guys i
hope you liked the recipe if you did please comment i would love to see all
your comments and see how yours turned out of course don’t forget to subscribe
we put out new recipes every single week and i hope you guys have a really Merry
Christmas thanks guys good job



  • Blair Enright

    I am not a fan of eggnog, but this I will drink.

  • Janis Brooks

    OMG your son is so cute. he was so excited to try the nog LOL 😀 I am so happy i found your page, I want to try all these recipes!!! This one is great for the holiday season!

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