Preparing for Lent During Pregnancy | Midwife and Doula Discuss Fasting Tips for Pregnant Catholics

Preparing for Lent During Pregnancy | Midwife and Doula Discuss Fasting Tips for Pregnant Catholics

So no matter what you choose to do for
Lent, if it’s anything food-related be sure to talk to your doctor or your
midwife before you jump into making in diet changes during the Lent season. Hey Mamas! It’s Lenten season here at the BirthHouse and Jenny and I are gonna talk to
you a little bit today about diet restrictions and fasting during Lent. But
before I begin My name is Midwife Kira and I believe in truly natural birth
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channel and joining in today’s conversation about fasting during
pregnancy. Jenny Thompson is one of my longtime friends and a doula here in
Lafayette for a group called MotherBirth She’s also one of my friends who is a
practicing Catholic here and so I thought she would be a really good
resource for us to ask some questions about Lent and also talk to you guys
about diet restrictions and what to do and not to do when you’re pregnant. So Jenny what kind of things do you see during Lent when it comes to your
pregnant clients or your friends who are pregnant. Yes, so one thing I should say
first about the Lenten season is that there are some of things that we do
during this time. So it’s a time of prayer. It’s a time of almsgiving -like giving to others that’s what that means and then it’s also a time of
fasting. So during that time, you know that time of Lent, we get a lot of moms
who know that they’re excused from diet restrictions and fasting during Lent. If you don’t want to do any of the fessing at all that is totally fine you’re not
less of a Catholic or a religious person if you if you don’t do that. What I also
tell some of my pregnant moms is you know in addition to like praying think
about you know the discomfort that you’re having I know like as pregnant
ones we can complain a lot. All of us can benefit from trying to complain a little
bit less… and just being happy for others is always a great way to celebrate the
season of Lent. Great! So in my practice one of the first things I see
during Lent is tremendous amounts of swelling during Lent!
Now Jenny and I live in south Louisiana where giving up
meat on Fridays turns to crawfish boils and and things like that… and so very
often during Lent my mom’s come in with tremendous amounts of swelling due to
the shellfish. But, working in a Catholic based, largely Catholic-based practice,
I’ve also seen other families take Lent and do other diet restrictions besides
just giving up meat on Fridays. Jenny and I talked about this before. I had one
mom who their church just does a very intense fast and I noticed that she was
not gaining weight appropriately. I knew it was Lent but she wasn’t swelling
so I just didn’t put two and two together until I asked. So Jenny, are there different types… like okay, heard you say Catholics… Catholic
pregnant women don’t have to practice Lent, but for those that do do they have
certain restrictions or things that are recommended by the church? So for a non-pregnant person during Lent most of us fasts on Fridays.Some of us
will also fast on Wednesdays as well. Some of us will do like a fast
throughout the entire season of Lent that can include food, but still doesn’t
restrict their calories and the nutrient and nutrients that they need during
pregnancy. So usually like what I have seen is some women will follow a
diabetic diet. So that’s good. Some women will follow a like whole
foods diet. Some women will still abstain from meat on certain days but
that doesn’t mean you need to like restrict your calories. It just means you need you need to replace that with something else. So, you
have to be a little wary about fish because there are some fish that are not
good for pregnant women. So usually I recommend doing like eggs or beans or
something of that nature to replace the protein that they’re not getting from
meat consumption. So depending on what diet you choose to do during Lent, if it’s a
food based diet it’s really important that if you’re pregnant you inform your
healthcare provider of what your plans are because like Jenny had mentioned
some moms will follow a diabetic diet and in most pregnancies, it’s actually a
really good clean whole food-based diet. But, moms of twins, for example, or mothers
with preeclampsia or things like that may have other different diet needs that
only your health care practitioner will know about. So no
matter what you choose to do for Lent, if it’s anything food-related be sure to
talk to your doctor or your midwife before you jump into making any diet
changes during the Lent season. If you want to know if there’s one thing I
can recommend, because some moms really want to eat you know seafood during the
time of Lent, is if you can try to eat this little crawfish as you can I know that
makes it even that’s non pregnant people really swollen. But, there is an
an organization out there. If you just google “Seafood Watch”. It’s the Monterey
Bay Aquarium. I have used them for years and they have great recommendations for
seafood that is healthy for pregnant for pregnant moms. Is it based on the
the region? Yes, it’s based on the region which is better so for your moms that are outside
of the Gulf of Mexico it has recommendations for the Pacific Ocean,
the Atlantic Ocean… I think it even has the Great Lakes yeah and the Gulf of
Mexico. If you guys have any questions for me or for Jenny about the Lent
season or fasting during pregnancy be sure to post them in the comments below
otherwise you can follow us at one of our videos up here. Thanks for watching
this week for Midwife Monday! Bye bye


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    I am Muslim and tons of women fast for a month in Ramadan with no problem at all

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