Preacher Curl – Biceps Exercise –

Preacher Curl – Biceps Exercise –

Position yourself on a
Preacher bench and grab the EZ Bar from the
front bar rest. Grip the EZ Bar at the close
inner handle with the palms of your hands facing forward. They should also be
slightly tilted inward due to the shape of the bar. With your upper arms and chest
positioned against the Preacher bench pad, hold the EZ
Bar at shoulder level. This will be your
starting position. Now inhale and slowly lower the
bar until your upper arms are extended and your
biceps are fully stretched. Then exhale and use your biceps
to curl the weight back up until your biceps are fully contracted
at the starting position. Squeeze the biceps and hold
for a brief moment at the top contracted position to
get the maximum benefit from this exercise. ♪♪♪



  • Good Deeds Everyday

    Numero uno.

  • KMiller315

    Makes my arms burn like none other

  • east wood

    My favorite bicep workout is when I beat off in a hammer curl fashion

  • StaightJoc

    0:15 – Mirin peak

  • JammyFS

    using the z bar kills my wrist…..anyone any info to enlighten me…? please brah

  • Anil Tyndall

    Like/sharing and favouriting this video

  • Asanka Dissanayaka

    Hey there, have you seen Atomic Max Muscle? (look it up on Google) You will discover the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Atomic Max Muscle, you will discover how to build muscle quickly.

  • Balakrishna Patange

    use 2 dumb bells or use a single dumbbell at a tym

  • Bloomin Onion

    To help prevent tendonitis/golfers elbow, I limit the range so that my arms extend only 90% of the way back down when bottomed out. In other words I keep a very,very slight bend in the elbow when I lower the weight back down and begin my next rep. Fully extending the arms has tortured my tendons in the past

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