Powerlifting VS Bodybuilding: Which is Better?

Powerlifting VS Bodybuilding: Which is Better?

What’s up Kenny White? Kenny White has a question,
‘What’s better, power-lifting or body-building?’ Write this down everybody, S-A-I-D, this is
the law of specificity and what S.A.I.D stands for is, Specific Adaptations to Impose Demand.
This is one of the most accepted principles in the resistance training community and this
basically means that whatever you subject your body to, whatever specific activity that
you expose your body to, whatever movement patterns you expose your body too, those are
the adaptations that you will make. So let me spell this out for you in English,
if you want to become a better swimmer, you swim. If you want to become a better tennis
player, you play tennis. If you want to be a better cross-fitter, do cross-fit. If you
want to become a better power-lifter, you should do power-lifting. If you want to become
a better body-builder, you should body-build. So what does that mean when it comes to body-building?
Body-building specifically requires us to three things to increase the hypertrophic
response. Number one is mechanical stress, the muscles need to be under stress for a
period of time, approximately 40-60 seconds, with loads of 60-75% under 1 rep max or greater.
That has to happen. Another key requirement that some new research is showing, and I’m
not going to say too much about this because it is extremely early and extremely exciting,
but it is blood flow restriction training. We will talk about that another day. The third
thing is lactic acid. There’s been some amazing research coming out of the University of Tampa,
from the world’s leading doctor in hypergaphy on the importance of lactic acid in relation
to hypergaphy. I don’t want to spoil the surprise because we’ve got something big coming up
later this year on how to do this and what you need to know is that training with movements
that do those three things that shorten a muscle and lengthen a muscle through its full
range of motion is going to create a hyprgaphy response for that targeted muscle group. So if you want to look like a body-builder
then your program needs to be revolved around how body-builders train. We’ll keep it at
that, it’s a set principle that is very important to understand so that you can make fast decisions
when you are looking at different programs out there and asking yourself, ‘If I want
to build muscle is cross-fit a good idea?’ No cross-fit is going to help you be better
at cross-fit. If you want to be strong you need to power-lift, if you want to build muscle
size then you need to be body building. If you want to be better at Pilates you should
be doing Pilates, if you want to be amazing at yoga you need to be doing yoga. It’s very,
very specific because your body always defaults to the principle of specificity in terms of
training and response. Great question Kenny and let’s get 400 likes
on this video. If we get 400 likes on this video then the next video I post will be on
caloric counting and why Charles Poliquin would say that it’s for certified morons.
We’re going to talk about why calorie counting is ridiculous and why people that think that
losing fat or building muscle only has to do with calories are complete morons to be
honest. We’ll discuss that in the next video.



  • Vince Del Monte

    Right on sista!

  • Vince Del Monte


  • Vince Del Monte

    A powerlifting routine for a few weeks incorporated into a bodybuilding routine every so often is a great way to increase strength and size.

  • Vince Del Monte

    It can be if you're not doing things properly. CONTROL. If you're always in control you will never get hurt (9x out of 10).

  • Vince Del Monte

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Jesse Valles

    Hey Vince I know your super busy and all but from one trainer to another I would love to know your take on Jeff cavalier. I used his program Athlean x and saw amazing results with things such as cutting and getting bigger in the same process. I love both approaches but I've currently used Jeff's process and want to know your in sight a bit more. Thanks in advance!
    – Jesse Valles

  • Jesse Valles

    Love all your videos by the way tho! Big big fan coming across these about a year ago!

  • megaguitar01

    I would say just be consistent with yourself

  • megaguitar01

    hypertrophyMAX? or new program

  • cujero

    i can't wait for the next video. i foresee some good info in it

  • P McIntyre

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  • walter white

    Keeps saying the same thing over n over. If u wanna box, then box, if u wanna eat, then eat. Lol

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  • bobbryan86

    This was such a stupid question that was sent in. I can't believe a video was done on it. Obviously it's going to depend on your goals

  • Technical Striker

    So to rephrase the question, is powerlifting beneficial to a bodybuilding routine?

  • Abdullah A. Qayshi

    Agree with you, it definitely depends on your goal. However majority of people still don't know the difference, and to those who want to start training; Vince here provides good information to help making their goals.

  • Fabian Crossfitrookie

    Hey vince I do cross training and i used to weigh about 280 and now down to 205 im 22yrs old and well i hit a Plateau and now my friends say to instead of just cardio do weights first then cardio to break the plateu and ill get more results is that true? What would you recommend vince? And hope your doing better

  • Supasit Saypan

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  • Sεnsεi

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  • Sεnsεi

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    im very interested in hearing your opinion why calorie tracking is for morons … im not gonna lie i count them to the gram … so far iv been seeing amazing results for almost 2 years

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    hey Vince my name is hamza from Libya 🙂
    they told me u the skinny guy savior ?? right ??
    i need u help to get a big guns man big big of every thing lol 😛
    no really i need to build ma body – and am beginner -waiting-

  • TypicallyUnique

    Blood flow restrictive training is aka occlusion training. There research has been around for years. Dr. Layne Norton has been using it since 08/09 and has been recommending it since then.

  • marino4691

    what do you think about power bodybuilding? like mike ohearn tells us to do – for example

  • marino4691

    i can build muscle while losing fat at the same time

  • bunilla

    can't wait to see the next video.
    You cannot get outstanding results without counting calories. EVERYONE knows this,
    If you just want to be MEDIOCRE you can eyeball it 🙂

  • Aidan315

    My moms trying to lose weight and shes always saying "its very low in calories". She doesnt get the concept that it also has about 50 carbs lol

  • Paparmane

    Poliquin is a certified moron. Biggest charlatan in the fitness industry.

  • Hooman Farahbakhsh

    How is it that counting calories to lose weight is for morons? When i bought your stage shredded status program that's all you would talk about

  • Ste9843

    Love your videos always good information. Im on a 12 week diet (decreasing calories & increase cardio) now its my last week, made good results till now, but theres still a bit fat covering my Abs so now the question is keep going and do a couple more weeks, with increasing cardio to 6 days a week or get slowly back to my normal amount of calories by increasing 300 each week and start the diet again after 4 weeks.

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  • Pointless Wisdom

    Stupid question. Define better. Apples and oranges my friends it all depends on what u desire to achieve

  • Amardeep n

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  • Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

    I have phases of bodybuilding and phases of powerlifting. How do I know I won't lose muscle mass during powerlifting phase?

  • lloyd12et

    Every person trying to be a bodybuilder should do powerlifting exercises every now and again. Ronnie Coleman wasn't the best bodybuilder off all time cause he didn't power lift.

  • Vince Del Monte

    You won't loss mass unless you're sitting on your ass 😉 haha Just do it for a month and go back to your hypertrohpy based program. You'll be stronger and bigger than ever.

  • Ariel Espinal

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  • Jesse

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  • Tobias Schmitz

    Hey Vince, so your advice for a bulking phase with a hypert. training of course would be a month of pure strenght training from time to time? How often and how long would you integrate a few weeks of powerlifting into the hypert. training? thanks in advance and gratz to your 100th episode uploaded!

  • Vince Del Monte

    Hypertrophy? Hypertrophy means increase in muscle size.

  • Vince Del Monte

    That's an option too. You gotta remember guys/gals, there really is no "right" or "wrong" way to workout. It really just depends on your goals, on how you personally respond to different training protocols.

  • Vince Del Monte

    It really depends on you. You could do it every other month, you could do it once every 5 months. Basically If you stop getting results with your hypertrophy based program, switch to a powerlifting/strength based program for a month and then go back to hypertrophy style workouts. Make sense?

  • Tobias Schmitz

    Definitely! Thanks for the advice again. And get well soon at your elbow 😉

  • Vince Del Monte

    You're welcome!

  • Bronson Coburn

    Good video but I want to be stronger, I don't care about muscles so I'll stick with powerlifting.

  • MrScreamnTurtle

    Bodybuilders are strong but not as strong as powerlifters, while powelifters have big muscles, but not as big as bodybuilders.

  • MrScreamnTurtle

    By the way, this guy didn't even answer the question, misleading title.

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  • Vince Del Monte

    Sure Justin, email me and I'll hook you up – [email protected](dot)(com)

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  • BryanLift HEAVYMETAL

    I do this. Focus your routine around 4 heavy compound movements. The squat, deadlift, bench press, barbell rows, and overhead barbell presses. Then just throw in a few sets of isolation work like curls, tricep rope, chest flys, shoulder raises and heavy barbell shruggs. There you go

  • nakedlad55

    Bodybuilding builds mass. Powerlifting builds strength. Take that as you want, and do it.

  • Larris Liew

    powerlifting builds muscle mass to compensate for heavier loads. bodybuilding focuses on toning and sculpting those muscles.

    all in all, diet plays an important part. i know powerlifters who are more than a 100 kilos and are shredded, and i know some who are 70 kilos. all in the diet.

  • Larris Liew

    this man speaks truth. fuck dumbbells, heavy barbells.

  • nakedlad55

    Yeah you're right. and body building has to also include strength training so they can achieve progressive over load. i just wanted him to grasp that bodybuilding is revolves around physique, while powerlifting revolves around performance

  • Henry Kaszowicz

    strength = mass

  • Jack Graybird

    Thanks for the video Vince. something is confusing me, I want to get big just like some bodybuilders but I also want to be strong like those who compete in strongman. Can the two worlds be mixed up? Can I combine a powerlifting program with some bodybuilding routines? Thanks again Vince Del Monte!

  • Jack Graybird

    I'm doing a powerlifting program, let's say in overhead presses. If I'm doing that exercise for 2-3 reps for 6 sets, can add side lateral and front raises at the end of the workout with 12-15 reps for 3 or 4 sets? Thank you.

  • BryanLift HEAVYMETAL

    Precisely, yes. For balance and aesthetic reasons, throw in one or two isolation movements at the end of your heavy work. Always do your heavy work first, that is the most important

  • Jack Graybird

    Thank you sir for the response. Now I know it's really possible to combine bodybuilding and powerlifting. One more thing if I'm doing overhead presses for twice a week, is it ok to do the isolation movements on the same frequency? Are you familiar with Stronglifts 5×5? I'm doing that program and I like it. It consists of squats-benchpress-pendlay and squats-overheadpress-deadlifts which alternate on monday, wednesday and friday. Thanks again!

  • Vince Del Monte

    Size usually follows strength, so yes if you strength train after a while you'll most likely see an increase in size as well. -Team Delmonte

  • Jack Graybird

    Thank you guys. I find my current program focuses more on myofibrillar hypertrophy, my strength has improved since I started this program but my size seems not getting bigger compare to my mates who do bodybuilding training with high-reps but light weight.I was thinking if I mix up some bodybuilding routine to my strength training will help me gain size.Can I do my strength program and isolation movements on the same day? My program focuses on less-reps more-sets and in progressive overload.

  • BryanLift HEAVYMETAL

    Yes you can do the isolations with the same frequency. You body will adapt to the workload and you'll be able to recover well after a week or two. And I'm familiar with Rip Toe's program, superb for strength. Just lacks the isolation and volume that some people want for aesthetic reasons

  • Daniel Satalino

    Hey Vince I was wondering what you're opinion is on layne norton's PHAT program? I'm an experienced lifter, been trying to build muscle and it makes sense to get stronger and bigger at the same time to maximize results, just wanted to know your opinion, thanks a lot

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    My good friend used to be fat. He changed himself from 283lbs of fat to 202lbs of massive muscle. We thought it was phenomenal! I just registered personally coz I would like to enhance my build. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

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  • Pyxis Strength & Conditioning

    Other than ignoring the fact that training for powerlifting and bodybuilding have very similar methodologies, and overlooking the fact that volume is the most important factor when it comes to developing both strength and hypertrophy, you litterally explained nothing here. Powerlifting is a sport that involves testing your 1 rep maxes, while bodybuilding is completely physique based. However, powerlifting, assuming skill remains constant, is going to rely heavily on the amount of muscle mass that you have. 60-70% of powerlifting training when done optimally fr an intermediate lifter is going to be geared towards developing larger muscles. Larger muscles will allow you to move heavier poundages. Bodybuilders also need to focus on getting stronger, as to increase the load being placed on the muscles to create overload. The only difference between the two styles of training in reality, is the peaking process associated with powerlifting used to enhance the neural output during each lift. There are 3-4 weeks out of 12 that are going to be used to associate all the work done durring the hypertrophy block into the ability to demonstrate it via 1 rep max. If you're a bodybuilder, you can skip this phase and do a simple de-load instead of a taper. Train with a lower volume and slightly greater intensity for 2 weeks, and then ramp back into it without ever testing a 1 rep max. .. This is why I unsubscribed from you years ago. You don't teach, and you don;t really understand what you're talking about. You just repeat things you hear from other people.

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