Performance Lab Sleep Supplement Review

Performance Lab Sleep Supplement Review

Cody: Hey y’all, it’s Cody from Sleepopolis
and today we’re taking a look at the Performance Lab sleep supplements packed with magnesium,
Tryptophan, and tart cherry. These babies are designed to knock you out
fast and keep you sleeping all night long, but do they actually work? To find out, I test-drove them for two weeks
and let me tell you I was a gagged, [inaudible 0:21] , and surprised by the results. [music] Now what are they? Well, you’ll just have to watch the whole
review to find out. Performance Lab supplements are developed
in the UK and manufactured in the USA by Opti-Nutra, which is the company who makes a lot of different
nutraceuticals. For those of you not in the know nutraceuticals
are basically supplements or foods that have had ingredients added to them for purported
health benefits. It’s kind of like when a company adds extra
vitamin D to milk. Performance Lab itself has a diverse array
of different supplements for every aspect of an individual’s life. There are ones for energy enhancement, vision,
mental acuity and even sports performance. The really cool thing about all of these different
supplements is that they are non-GMO, non-irradiated and 100-percent free of gluten, caffeine,
synthetic additives, artificial colors, preservatives, and even allergens. The Performance Lab sleep supplement is an
over-the-counter product that’s sold in a 60-pill bottle for $40. That means that if you take the recommended
two capsules a night, you’re essentially only going to need to replenish your supplies once
a month, which makes this a pretty strong value buy in my opinion. Ingredients wise the supplement is built with
three main elements — magnesium, L-Tryptophan and melatonin derived from tart cherry — which
means this is basically a powerhouse of all the things you’d want to see if you’re trying
to snooze. Magnesium has long been understood as an important
element for bone health, but some research suggests that it could also help folks fall
asleep. A clinical trial from 2012 for example discovered
that subjects who regularly took a 500 milligram supplement of magnesium not only fell asleep
faster than their un-magnesium peers but also stayed in bed longer. There were only 43 participants in this study
which is a super small sample size and all the other studies conducted into magnesium
and sleep had similar sample sizes as well so it’s hard to put too much credence into
that research but the self-reported evidence is quite high. L-Tryptophan is another element that’s been
shown to improve sleep quality and it’s perhaps most well known as the amino acid in turkey
that makes people pass out of Thanksgiving. This claim is unfortunately a myth. L-Tryptophan does produce serotonin, which
then produces melatonin the body’s sleepy hormone and speaking of melatonin Performance
Lab derives its own from Montmorency tart cherry. Now tart cherries are rich natural sources
of melatonin, which is the hormone in your pineal gland which helps induce slumber with
the idea being that when you take an outside source of melatonin and add it to your body’s
own natural supply, you essentially increase its overall effectiveness, which sounds fantastic. However, very little clinical research has
been conducted into tart cherries’ direct impact on sleep. That being said, a 2010 study did find that
tart cherry juice was associated with statistically significant improvements and self reported
sleep among older folks who struggled with insomnia. Though to be honest, there were only 15 participants
in that study but still, it sounds cherry promising to me. I should also add that all the ingredients
in the Performance Lab supplement are vegan, soy free, and GMP certified, which basically
means that they’re produced to quality standards. So we’ve talked about the brand. We’ve gone over the ingredients. Now it’s time to talk about my personal experience,
but before we jump into talking about my experience, I just have to say that I’m not a doctor,
I’m not a nurse, or a dentist, or x-ray technician. Everything I’m about to share with you is
based solely on my personal experience, my personal thoughts, and they may differ from
your own. If you are suffering from sleep issues like
I am and you want to make a new supplement change or you’re trying supplements for the
first time, I highly recommend speaking with a medical professional because I do not have
any medical degrees. I am just a person like you trying to catch
some better z’s. Performance Lab recommends taking between
two to four capsules, about 45 to 60 minutes before you want to go to bed. As you can see here, these pills are kind
of big, which to be honest, intimidated me at first, but I actually found them really
easy to take and I didn’t notice any weird smell or taste. Now over the course of two weeks, I mostly
took two capsules a night, but I did experiment with one capsule and four capsules just to
see if changing of the dosage would affect my experience at all. For reference, I’m 6 feet tall and about 165
pounds. The dosage that’s right for me may not be
the one that’s right for you, so I also encourage you to experiment. Now that we’ve got all that sorted, let’s
go ahead and get into my experience, which I want to break down into three different
sections, falling asleep, staying asleep, and, morning after. One of my biggest problems with getting good
slumber is falling asleep, because as soon as my head hits the pillow my mind is racing
with different thoughts. While the Performance Lab supplement didn’t
totally quiet these questions, I was pleasantly surprised by how well they helped me to fall
asleep. I took the pills about an hour before I wanted
to go to bed and within 40 minutes I could feel this huge wave of relaxation rolling
across my body. You know, it was relieving tension at my shoulders,
quieting my thoughts just making me feel incredibly Zen and ready for bed. I would say that they’re really effective
at helping people fall asleep now that was again was with two capsules. I tried it with one capsule and I got that
same wave feel. It also helped me to fall asleep and then
I tried it with four capsules and with four capsules that was like a tidal wave I fell
asleep immediately and really felt knocked out. Now we’re going to talk about why that may
not be a totally good thing later on. But for now, I just want to say one capsule
you know big wave and fell asleep pretty well. Two capsules, a nice sweet spot, a nice juicy
wave across the body and then four capsules knocked out flat on my back. Now another big problem I have is staying
asleep. Most nights I wake up in the middle of the
night around 2:00 or 3:00 AM either to use the restroom or to have a private dance party
in my bedroom, or to go over all the past transgressions I’ve committed against loose
acquaintances you probably don’t even remember the things that I did to them. Anyway, that’s why I was super excited to
see if the Performance Lab sleep supplements would actually help me stay asleep. I’ve got to say that they were OK when I was
taking two capsules a night I felt as though I woke up 30 percent of the time again, this
is over a two-week period. While that sounds like a pretty big number,
it was actually a good improvement for me. Let’s talk about the morning after a while
I wish I could say I woke up feeling like a well-rested daisy. Unfortunately, I woke up feeling like a springy
yet slightly droopy lily which is to say, I felt super groggy after taking the Performance
Lab sleep supplements. When I was taking two capsules a night I would
say this grogginess was sort of like a mild sluggishness that lasted until about 11:00
AM or noon the next day. I could get up, go to the gym, get to work,
eat my breakfast, shower and everything like that, but I definitely felt like I was sort
of trudging through quicksand until about noon, which to me is bit of a detractor. Now that we’ve gone over my personal experience,
I just want to wrap up this video with a few general pros and cons with the Performance
Lab sleep supplement. First, the major pros of the Performance Lab
sleep supplement. First off, I really like that the ingredients
here are all natural, vegan and, Non- GMO, which could be really important to those sleepers
trying to incorporate some all-natural type remedies into their sleep routine. Secondly, I thought that these capsules were
amazing and helping me fall asleep no matter if I took one capsule, two capsules, or four
capsules. If your issue is falling to sleep at night,
I think the Performance Lab sleep supplements could really help you out. Thirdly I would say that I think this is a
really good value buy again, you’re getting 60 pills for $40. If you take the recommended to dose a night,
you’ll only need to replenish your supply once a month, which makes this a really affordable
price point in my opinion. Now for some of the cons of the Performance
Lab supplements. Number one, I found the pills to be really
big. I’m not someone who takes pose a lot, so the
big size was a little intimidating to me, but if that doesn’t bother you, then it shouldn’t
be a problem. Number two, the grogginess as we talked about
the morning-afters for me were a little rough and that’s not totally a Performance Lab problem. Most sleep supplements make you feel a little
groggy the next day, but I did just want to note that that was what I experienced here. All right y’all, that’s it for me on this
Performance Lab sleep supplement review. If you’ve watched this video and you’re eager
to learn more about sleep wellness, sleep, products, mattresses, pillows, make sure to
follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Of course, if you want the full written review
of this video, click the link below where I go into even more detail about the ingredients,
my experience, some of the studies associated with the ingredients and different things
like that. All right folks, well until next time, happy



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  • Steve G

    I use melatonin; not sure about the other things

  • Win Stars

    I like they have natural ingredients. May be a better alternative to Rx's like ambien.

  • bobbi cobalt

    Not sure I want to start sleep aides/supplements but appreciate the info!

  • M O

    Thank you for the nuanced review!

  • Rik D

    Curious as to why the only reviews I can find are by persons/companies that are very obviously..shall we say 'involved' in some way or another…none whatsoever from people like Joe Public who gives an honest,totally unbiased opinion..try looking…you will find ony this sort of thing ?

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