Pasta All’amatricana | Gennaro Contaldo | Italian Special

Pasta All’amatricana | Gennaro Contaldo | Italian Special

Right, the bucatini is inside there. It is
almost cooked half way, so because I don’t have another gas I remove it and
I’ll let it finish cooking inside while I prepare the Amatriciana. Amatriciana
come from Amatrice, Lazio. Such an incredible and tasty sauce and so
simples to make! They usually do with pig cheek, but if you don’t have a pig’s cheek, use pancetta. If you don’t have pancetta, use bacon. But original actually
is with a pig cheek. Here in Italy look at that, so I’ve got this fantastic pancetta
is little bit of fat and everything so, pan goes on. Just a little touch of olive
oil, but then I put the pancetta inside. Whilst this one start’s melting nice,
I get half an onion, then you cut it. Doesn’t have to be very small, I do a small ones
because I’m so used to it. Cut it. You can see it’s roughly chopped just put them
inside, fantastic. Let’s get a spoon, and let it seal very very nice,
come on! Little splash of wine. We might not always like a little splash of wine.
Always remember if you cook on the gas the flame is quite high, if you splash with wine just remove away from the fire because wine has got alcohol in and it can flame it. Just a little tiny bit, just a little tiny bit. Let it evaporate. I like mine with a tomato. This is already Amatriciana you don’t
have to do anything. Just nice, sweet, small tomato just cut them in half, and
then half again. Just cut them in half, this is all you have to do. Now make
sure they’re really ripe tomato don’t use a half of green tomato, it
doesn’t work. Come on half again, half and again, done it.
Pick them all up and just put them inside, ah yes! And keep
stirring it. I need to some pasta water. Okay,
be careful with the salt, because the pancetta is already salted, the pasta
water is already salted, so balance yourself. Just put it inside it’s done, it’s hardly anything. Put back this one. Let’s have a taste. Oh yeah, I wanted this tomato to cook quickly. I don’t want the sauce
really red, because it’s already full of colours. I’m gonna put a little parsley inside, you
can put basil if you like it, or hardly anything. Just cut it. This is my
way. Do you know you got many people
complaining, oh no it’s just pancetta, No it’s just the onion, it’s
just Pecorino cheese so-and-so, make it, it’s so simple and
just enjoy it. I don’t take the tradition away. Yeah, it’s all done,
it’s hardly anything. Look at this sauce how nice it is, oh my gosh, oh
my my. Get the pasta by now the pasta is ready. Yeah let’s move some
stuff from here. Let’s put the plate on top, my gosh, oh my my.
Let’s get it. They call it bucatini because a long thick spaghetti, the
word bucatini because it’s got a little, well they have a hole inside the pasta because they’re quite thick, having a hole they cook better and quicker. That’s all you need. Little pasta
water this is for me. Actually this is done in a real time so you can do it. Of course you
can do it. You know what, here the Sun is there, here on the shade because it’s
nice to film, and I had a jacket on and they said to me remove your jacket and show
your beautiful shirt. Look where’s my jacket, that is my jacket. Look, I am
freezing, why? Because I love the way it’s cooking
and I want you to make it. So when you actually cook this one, think of me
that I’m cold, it’s the wind you can hear it and give my love and passions.
Okay, look, come on wind stop for few seconds. Make sure that everything
is getting loverly, melt inside. Little dash of olive oil. Come on! When you’ve got love and
passion it’s so simple to cook. Toss them a little bit that’s a chefy way. Put on top. Get a place ready, turn everything off, I
love it. Look at this. Grab it to not splash
anywhere because this is the only shirt I have. Nearly done it Oh my gosh, come on, I’m gonna leave some
inside because he’s for me, that should be enough. This one, woohoo, it’s cold.
Okay the food is good, little parsley this way. I’m doing with my hand, I don’t
have to use a knife. Grating of a pecorino, you must create a pecorino. If you
don’t have it, parmesan will do it. No other cheese. Now a drizzle of olive oil. So do
make it, it’s quite easy, there’s nothing to it. So I put some pancetta inside there, cut
a very ripe tomato, put him inside, little bit of pasta water, little bit parsley
what else do you want? Come on the pasta goes in and hallelujah. What kind of life?
What you have to do for living? I can’t believe it. This is eating for real. Ahhh! It’s cold! The pastor was good but I am freezing!



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