our skincare routine! (morning & night)

our skincare routine! (morning & night)

Hello! Welcome back to our channel
We are recording from Hawaii where our skin is looking extra glowy lately so we figured
what better time to take off all our makeup and record a skincare routine video for you
guys Even though our skincare routines are pretty
much the same between the two of us we actually have very different skin types and very different
skin concerns So mine are oiliness, acne scars, and breakouts
And mine are super different because I have a totally different skin type so I was mostly
concerned about dullness, especially on my forehead, and fine lines, which I’m starting
to get around my mouth and on my forehead. Okay! so now let’s get into our skincare routine
Just a little bit of background, we try to keep our skincare in general pretty chemical-free,
I think before all of this Sufi was using just a clean and clear face wash which was
full of chemicals and really disrupting what was naturally going on with her skin
Even though we have different skin types Anjali said to try out her skincare routine and so
I did So the idea behind this skincare routine that
we do is to disrupt what’s naturally happening with our skin as little as possible, so the
oils that our skin naturally produces, and the moisture that our skin naturally has
and we try to keep our products as “clean” as possible, we recently downloaded the Think
Dirty app, and checked all of our products in there and they’re pretty good overall,
I think some of them have fragrance in them which are not so great but otherwise for the
most part they’re very clean products okay so, just a couple of disclaimers, we
are not estheticians or dermatologists, so keep that in mind and also we do use physical
exfoliants, so those have recently been rejected by the skincare community i guess as too harsh
definitely make sure that you’re checking in with your own dermatologist about using
these products and you’re doing what’s best for you because what works for us might not
necessarily work for you Also we’ll link all the products we use in
the description box below So first we’re gonna talk about our night
time skincare routine because it’s a little bit more complex
So the first step is to take off our makeup and neither of us wear makeup on a daily basis
so when we do it’s actually a little different for each of us
Sufi wears very little makeup so she can usually get away with taking off her makeup while
she’s cleansing for me, I need actual makeup remover options
so the first one is the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes and I actually used to use these
for a long time and I’m phasing them out now because one the makeup wipes are pretty harsh
for your skin just because of all the chemicals that are in them
and then two, Neutrogena is not cruelty free this is still an option that I use when I’m
traveling but I’m looking for a good alternative makeup wipe from a brand that’s cruelty free
and ones that are a little bit less hard on your skin
so instead I started using the naturopathica manuka honey cleansing balm it’s an oil based
balm and it takes off your makeup, it just melts it right off I actually got this in
a little bundle that Target was doing for the holidays and it’s lasted me until now
I’m planning on getting the full size version when I run out but it’s been pretty nice so
far it’s very gentle I keep recommending it to my friends because
I really love it So the next step is to cleanse or exfoliate
On a day to day basis we use Herbalism from LUSH so how you use it is you
take a little pinch of it from the jar and you place it in the palm of your hand
and then you take some water whoop
uh oh this is tricky because we’re on a bed
and then you *laughs* so you basically just mix it in with the water
and it becomes this liquidy paste and then you apply it to your face
and I know my hair is not tied but this is how we’re going to do it
So you just rub it in to your skin and I like the texture of it a lot I think it kind of
cools my skin down too It’s like, soft
yeah it’s not grainy
I can’t quite see how I’m putting it on um but I tend to put it under my eyes too
just cuz um make sure I get my forehead This lasts you a long time, like one small
tub usually lasts us like four months?
yeah something like that so it’s definitely an investment
I know I look like an ogre but it’s fine Once or twice a week I exfoliate using ocean
salt from LUSH, this is what I was talking about when I said that I use a physical exfolient,
it might be a little bit too harsh for some people’s skin because it is a face and body
scrub Sufi actually doesn’t use it very often, she
uses it pretty rarely because she has more sensitive skin than I do but for me I have
a lot of texture on my forehead and other parts of my face especially like my nose and
because I have really thick skin this is really the only way that I can get the texture to
kind of disappear I concentrate it mostly on the areas that
have texture like my T zone and then some parts of my cheeks
You look funny Thank you so do you
Okay so we’re gonna go rinse off and then come back
So the next step is daily exfoliation for that we use the mad hippie exfoliating
serum We put this on every day but if you have more
sensitive skin it might be better to do it every other night, that’s actually what the
product recommends is every to every other night
This is live footage of what our actual skincare routine looks like because I definitely put
it on Sufi every day I love the texture of this
the glow like I really think that this is responsible
for giving us the glow especially for me because I struggle with dullness on certain parts
of my face make sure to bring everything down to your
neck yeah that’s a good tip that you’ve given me
So the next step in our routine is to use a vitamin C serum
we use this from SOMA Ayurvedics, we like that it only has a few ingredients and they’re
all very natural and pure This vitamin C serum has helped me reduce
the hyperpigmentation in my skin and for Sufi it’s really helped with fading her acne scars
and in general vitamin C serum is an antioxidant so I’m sure it has a bunch of other benefits
that we haven’t mentioned here It’s a little bit more on the oily side, so
we usually like to take our time massaging it into our skin
which of course has its own benefits yeah
I think I got some in my eye uh oh
so next up is our night cream we use the Mad Hippie Triple C night cream
and it’s made with 3 different types of vitamin C
I like that it’s hydrating and not oily or greasy
Yeah, I feel like Sufi is always telling me about how much she likes the texture of this
cream whenever we put it on So the last thing that we use is the SOMA
ayurvedics undereye gel and we actually couldn’t bring that with us because it was too big
for our flight allowance but we love that, it’s a clear gel it’s formulated with aloe
vera and a bunch of different extracts like lavender and moringa oil, so we put that on
our eyes every night and a little bit on the sides and on our lids too
I think that it’s significantly reduced the appearance of our undereye circles because
we both struggle with that and definitely three months ago when we had
just first started using it, there was no way that Sufi would do a video with me without
any concealer on and that’s how we get ready for bed
Now we’re gonna talk about our morning routine which is much simpler
We keep things much more low maintenance in the mornings because we put our skin through
all those steps at night and we didn’t really leave the house, or anything, we weren’t exposed
to any pollution so we just actually cleanse our faces with water we give them a good rinse
in the morning and sometimes Sufi will use herbalism in the morning, but in general we
like to just kind of give it a rinse to wake up and refresh and otherwise we don’t really
touch our faces with cleansers so our next step is aloe vera gel
so currently we use grease lightning which is a tea tree oil and aloe vera gel blend,
and I started using this quite a while ago an alternative to this if you’re abroad is
Bon Aloe Vera Gel from India, it’s the Aloe and Neem product that I really like that my
grandma’s sister gave to me a few years ago after that I switched over to this because
it was really hard for me to find an aloe vera gel that was alcohol-free and I really
like this Next up is our toner, and we use breath of
fresh air and we literally lost the cap because we use it every day
This is a good balancing toner especially because the water in Oakland is a little bit
hard on our skin Then we use jojoba oil to seal it all in
We actually use different brands just for the sake of the applicators I use one with
a pump at the top and this one’s Sufi’s which uses a dropper
The last step of our routine is sunscreen this is possibly the most important step
we currently use Glossier’s invisible shield It’s SPF 35 and it goes on totally clear which
we love because it does go on amazing under makeup when we do wear makeup
Thanks for watching our skincare routine If you liked this video and you want to see
more beauty and skincare related content from us
don’t forget to like subscribe



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