Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex
Hi, my name is Dale. I’m here representing Optimum Nutrition, here with the good friends
of Sporty’s Health, to talk to you about some of the Optimum Nutrition products.
This particular one I’d like to talk to you about is the new Pro Complex. It’s a new addition.
Some of you would remember the old Pro Complex. This is a completely new formula, it’s only
relatively new in the world, actually. So, it’s a very very unique formula. It’s a completely
different spin on the old. It’s a very very cool product. Some very very unique properties
to this one too. The idea is we’ve delivered a very ultra-premium
protein, which is a protein matrix there that’s delivering very fast releasing proteins down
to medium digesting proteins. Proteins such as whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein
isolate, and then we go to egg albumen, and then there’s also a hydrolyzed egg albumen.
So, very very fast digesting proteins which also then naturally contain very high amounts
of naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids. So I’ll touch on that in a little bit
as well. So, each serve of this particular protein
is giving you sixty grams of protein per serve, five grams of carbohydrate, and you’re looking
at only one gram of fat in there as well. So when you break that down you’re looking
at fifteen and a half grams of naturally occurring and also fortified with of your branched-chain
amino acids per serve. So fifteen and a half grams of BCAAs.
Then you go to added micronized glutamine and glutamine peptides in there as well. So
massive amounts of naturally occurring plus added glutamine peptides in there. This is
especially important from the muscle recovery, protein synthesis, cell regeneration, there’s
so many different benefits to this particular protein over and above some of the other ones
that we’ve got, especially the old Pro Complex as well.
So, the idea with this particular one, it’s a high protein, low fat, low carb product
ideal for anybody that’s really serious about their training. It’s your lean muscle gainer,
it’s your lean muscle builder. Some of you might be thinking that that sixty
grams of protein is probably too much for the body to handle in one serve. Well, that
is a bit of a protein myth that has been dispelled by numerous studies over the last sort of
five to six years as well. So sixty grams of protein is very very easily
to absorb, especially after training. If you’re serious about your results and that’s what
you’re trying to achieve, you take your training seriously, you take your recovery seriously,
this is an absolute brilliant spin on supplementing your protein needs.
So, basically the protein, sixty grams of protein, is also assisted with a matrix of
digestive enzymes in there as well to just to help break down that protein a little bit
faster. But comes in a three different great flavors
in this. Personally I think this one probably tastes better than the 100% Gold Standard.
It’s a big call, but I love this product, it’s very very thin, it’s easy to drink. So
the type of user is going for those people that are serious about your weight gain, trying
to lose body fat while maintaining as much muscle tissue as possible.
So the protein you don’t even need to shake it, you can actually just mix it with a spoon.
It’s instantized, it’s very easy to digest as well.
So that’s a bit of a spin on the Pro Complex, and that’s available and sportyshealth.com.au.



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