• Razwana Khaing

    Bala blaa blaa

  • SirSleezy

    but how do they taste grilled?

  • paycen martin

    My god these little fury entities, theyere… Theyere adorable

  • Tallon FX

    Let the girl talk in your vids

  • Aedrina Haziqa

    If only sugar gliders are not illegal in Singapore

  • KrypTicDawn

    Do we feed them alive meal worms ?

  • David White

    I've seen records of people feeding pinky mice to their sugar gliders. I'm still learning about sugar gliders in preparation of owning one someday, but from what I've seen, that type of food doesn't fit in a sugar glider's strict diet. Is it healthy to feed pinkies to your sugar glider?

  • noah rust and csgo

    ur vids are so helpful

  • Rohan S

    hi guys my gliders r pregnant …. wat food is nutritious for them ….. some one help me plzzz..

  • jason the banana

    Where. Did you get the. Suger. Glider

  • Minor.Chord

    Actually when you think about it they aren't that hard to feed, fruits and veggies we always have in the house for ourselves so just share lol The meal worms/protein you can get in pretty much any pet store and they are REALLY cheap! The biggest things for me are the packaged Sugar Glider food and vitamins, those I order online but again it's super cheap and lasts a long time because they guys are so small and don't eat all that much

  • Leticia Sifuentez

    Do a lot of sugar glider videos please

  • may m

    u speak about protein but i see no protein..

  • Cherish Benge

    This video really needs to let the viewers know of the different staple diet plans. At least give a list of the plans & why it's important to pick one and follow it like it is written.

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