Nutrition is Crazy – “In a Nutshell… My BreakDown Protocols”

Nutrition is Crazy – “In a Nutshell… My BreakDown Protocols”

Breaking IT down….. 2 eezielee endursthand… The 21th C. & the xstory of [homo]EKONOMIKUS Is the myster E of Ant Trophy? That’s why they call it freakonomics. Word to my Mom! And Sister! Ancestors! [grumbly low tone] I have a joke to tell you! How many nuts will it take?–For society to “crack in a nutshell?” I am a natural social being. I look forward to summer. [clumsy subtitles?? WANT more?] …I will breakdown like a nut! I mean, I can single-handedly break down the Wisdom Westerners Wall.
I will breakdown like a nut!
In a nutshell, the bricked devices of Western Consciousness. I can break it down faster than information technology if that interests toddlers! [guffaw!] In NutMagnet NaNoSeconds,
faster than wallnuts can imagine walls have consciousness…

…they will… Now my gam os a hi [errrr…] place!
in the hierachy of [first notes of “Here Comes the Bride”]

“The Whole World loves it when you play that sound,” outkast. But who is listening? A corny nut..

In a nutshell…? But Who Is Listening? “Acorny Knut”??? Be careful!– My skizo phriends…

Hazelnuts may be nutritious, BUT! -b-but-.. but…. Nutter! …This is word salad!~ So word to your mother, too! 🙂 [music outro begins] …reaction by the presiding quo, and many people also agreed with.. Mainstream Corporate Policital Propaganda that workers and student rights movements–and democratic process “Democratic Process” be “inefficient” and a “public nuisance.” Be in a fish~~democratic process~~Be
inefficient and apublic.



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    Ending scene… İs that a woman with long hair? Looks so beautiful.

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