NUTRITION HACKS | 12 easy ways to eat healthier

NUTRITION HACKS | 12 easy ways to eat healthier

Hello everyone out there how’s it going?
Welcome back to my channel, my name is Meghan if you’re new here I’m a Certified
Holistic Nutritionist and if you’re not new here then welcome back! In today’s
video I’m gonna be talking about a bunch of nutrition hacks, some things that we
can do to boost the nutritional value of the foods that we eat and just make the
foods that we’re eating a little bit healthier, things like that. I’m also
partnering up with iHerb for today’s video which is one of the world’s
largest online health food stores. I have a bit of a special place in my heart for
health food stores because I worked at one for many years. They have an amazing
selection of over 30,000 natural health products from food, supplements, to beauty
items and they ship to over 150 different countries. Also all of their
orders are shipped from climate controlled distribution centers to
ensure that the quality of their products remain, they also have 24/7
customer support in ten different languages, so they’re amazing. Be sure to check the description box below for links to any of the food items that
I will be talking about in today’s video, so let’s get started. Number one is to use vegetables as a
base. I love my rice I love my spaghetti but sometimes it can get a little bit
monotonous and what we can do is actually use a couple of vegetables in
place of those things to get more veggies in our diet and also more fiber.
So some of my favourite things to do here are, for example, you can use spiralized
zucchini or spaghetti squash in place of pasta noodles, you can use cauliflower as
a rice which you can just do by grating it up or putting it into your food
processor or using it as a base for pizza crust, even almond flour is great
for this as well, and really this is just a great way to reduce the amount of
maybe excess refined carbohydrates that we are eating. Steep your herbal tea with
a lid on it. When you are steeping your teas with the steam all going up in the
air you can actually lose some of the beneficial properties of the herb, the
active constituents can actually be released through the steam, so just pop a
little lid on your mug when you have your tea bag in there with the hot water
and then let it steep with the lid on to preserve some of that goodness. This is
especially important for medicinal herbal teas like peppermint and one of
my personal favourites is green tea. Right now I’m loving Yogi’s decaf green tea,
I’ve been on a bit of a low caffeine kick these days. Grind your whole flax
seeds as needed when you are using them as opposed to buying big bags of pre-ground flax seeds or flax meal, and the reason for this is because once you
grind up flax seeds you’re exposing them to oxygen, to light, and to heat and the
delicate oils that are contained within the seed are now exposed. I have these
whole brown flax seeds by Bob’s Red Mill that you can get from iHerb, this is
usually the brand that I like to buy and I just keep them in the fridge. I do
sometimes like to have a little jar of pre-ground flax seeds that I grind
myself in my fridge but I make sure that I’m gonna be going through that jar
pretty quickly and not letting it sit in my refrigerator for too long, like too
many weeks or months. And by the way if you’re wondering what flax seeds are
good for they’re a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty
acids, fibre, and they can even be used as an egg substitute in a lot of recipes, so
you can do this by just mixing one tablespoon of ground flax with two
tablespoons of water and letting it sit for a few minutes to thicken. My next tip
is to soak or even sprout your legumes or some of your grains prior to use. This
is such a great way to enhance the nutritional quality of things like beans
and lentils and makes them a lot easier to digest as well. Probably my favorite
legume to sprout are green lentils, I love them they’re so tasty and it’s also
so easy to do. All you need are some dried green lentils, I have this one here
from Bob’s Red Mill, and you’ll just add some to a bowl, any amount that you like
maybe about a cup is a great place to start, let them soak in clean water for
24 hours and then transfer them to a strainer or a fine mesh strainer and
rinse them morning and evening for about three days. You can put a little cloth
over it just to cover them, and then you’ll notice that they’re gonna start
to sprout. But like I said there’s a lot of
different beans and grains that we can sprout, if you are in a bit of a pinch
you can also get you get this from iHerb I have a package of sprouted quinoa by
Organic Traditions, that way you don’t have to go through the rinsing soaking
process yourself. My next tip is to let certain veggies sit after chopping, so
what I mean by this is that some vegetables like garlic and onion and
broccoli and kale actually have specific enzymes that are activated after they
have been chopped up or crushed or sliced and allowed to sit for 10 to 15
minutes or so, just left kind of on your cutting board and those activated
enzymes help to increase the nutritional quality of those foods. Broccoli and
kale they contain an enzyme called ‘myrosinase’ that helps to convert some of the
plant nutrients into their active form so it’s pretty cool. Also another little
tip here is that vitamin C helps to also enhance that myrosinase enzyme with kale
and broccoli, so squeeze a little bit of lemon juice in your recipes that contain
those foods and that will help to enhance it as well. And speaking of
vitamin C, my next nutrition hack here is to eat vitamin C rich foods alongside
iron-rich foods. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron so this might be
adding a squeeze of lemon juice or orange juice to a spinach salad (spinach
is a good source of plant-based iron), or tossing other citrus foods or
strawberries or apples in with a lentil- based dish. Make sure that you are consuming
adequate amounts of fat. Fat actually helps with the absorption of fat-soluble
vitamins so vitamins A, vitamin D, E, and K. Also helps with the absorption of things
like beta carotene found in sweet potato and carrots and squash, so you know even
drizzling a little bit of olive oil on those kinds of foods, but just in general
everyday making sure that we are getting fat from things like avocado, eggs,
coconut, olives, all different kinds of nuts and seeds. Some of my favorites are
pecans, walnuts, and Brazil nuts are really nice too, which by the way just
one Brazil nut contains 96 micrograms or 175 percent of the recommended daily
intake of selenium, it’s pretty cool, selenium is a very antioxidant-rich
mineral. I have these organic raw Brazil nuts by Sun Food. And really just
consuming enough fat is important for hormone health, it’s important for our
skin, for our brain, it’s also really important for blood sugar balance
throughout the day which brings me to my next point and that is to combine, fat
fibre, and protein with most of your meals and snacks. This is really gonna
help to stabilize your blood sugar so that you don’t have crazy rollercoaster
blood sugar spikes and crashes. This is especially great with meals containing
higher amounts of carbs, so for example oatmeal with a spoonful of nut butter
like almond butter, pasta with added veggies and lean meats, or if you’re
having rice, adding things like chickpeas and avocado; just making sure that you’re
balancing out your meals in that way and also, when you’re doing this you are kind
of automatically making it a much more nutritious, well-balanced meal too, and
feeling more satisfied throughout the day.
Make smoothies for really quick nutrition powerhouses. I know that
smoothies are definitely nothing new these days, everyone and their
grandmother are drinking green smoothies, but I want to mention it here because if
it’s been a while that you have pulled out your blender and made a smoothie, it
really is such an easy and quick way to just get such a powerhouse of nutrition
especially, you know, first thing in the morning to start your day. If you want
you can even pre-make a couple of smoothies or plop some ingredients into
a jar so that it’s ready to, you know, blend up in the morning to save you some
time. But also smoothies are such a great way to jam in some really good, you know,
add-ons like hemp seeds or flax seeds like we talked about, or chia seeds. I
always, always, always add hemp seeds to my smoothies, pretty much I never go
without having hemp seeds. I have these ones here by Manitoba Harvest you can
get from iHerb, chia seeds are a great addition too, these ones here are from Nutiva.
These types of seeds contain good quality omega-3 fats and fiber of course
which again, just like balancing our blood sugar in the previous point, adding
these kinds of things to a smoothie is a really, really good thing to do,
especially if your smoothie is gonna be somewhat fruit heavy. But greens are
easily added to smoothies, right, spinach especially baby spinach, you can also try
adding frozen cauliflower or zucchini to a smoothie even as a replacement for ice,
they help to thicken and add creaminess to a smoothie without adding too much
flavor. Cook with better quality fats and oils.
So especially when it comes to heating oils up, it’s just a matter of making
some really simple swaps with the types of oils that you are using. We want to
try and opt for oils that are more stable at higher heat temperatures so a
good rule of thumb here is to aim for oils that tend to be solid at room
temperature, so coconut oil is a great one to be cooking with at higher heat
temperatures, this one here I have by Nutiva,
comes in a nice glass jar which I like. Butter or ghee are great options. And because it has a higher saturated
fat content it’s not going to oxidize or go rancid as easily or create
carcinogenic compounds when it’s heated to a higher temperature like some other
oils like vegetable oils or canola oils, the ones that you find in those clear
plastic packages that are not as stable to higher heat because those ones are
much higher in polyunsaturated fats, but speaking of cooking, switch up your
cooking method by lightly steaming your veggies more often than boiling or
frying or sauteeing them in oil. You can do this with a steamer or even try
adding a little bit of broth for more flavor to a skillet, add in your veggies,
pop a lid on top and let them gently cook until they are ‘al dente’ which is
basically just still a little firm and bright in color, not mushy, this is also
generally a better way to preserve the nutritional quality of food. And my last nutrition hack here is
something that you wouldn’t necessarily think would make it onto this list but
that is to chew your food thoroughly, and if you have seen any of my digestion
videos, Digestion 101 where I have talked about this, chewing your food thoroughly, you would know why it’s so important and the reason why just something as simple
as chewing your food better can help you get more nutrition into your body is
because when you chew your food thoroughly you’re increasing the surface
area of that food so that enzymes in our saliva and also in our stomach are
better able to break down that food so that we can extract the nutrients much
better from those foods, it’s also a lot easier on our digestive system when
we’re not swallowing huge chunks of food and, you know, not eating too quickly that
kind of thing, and I’ve definitely talked about this a lot on my channel too is
just generally eating slower. And that brings us to the end of today’s video,
thank you so much for watching I hope that you learned a thing or two. Leave me
a comment below if you do any of these things. Thanks again to iHerb for
partnering with me on today’s video, make sure that you check out the description
box below for links to some of the products that I talked about in today’s
video and I will see you all very, very soon, bye!



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