Nutrition and Dietetics – Ward Simulation

Today the Nutrition and Dietetics
students have been completing their ward simulation activities. This is basically
designed to mimic the situations that they will be exposed to when they
undertake their clinical placements. It’s been really useful to see the students
actually engage with the process and really develop their clinical judgement
skills, as well as confidence in undertaking dietary assessments and
designing appropriate care plans for patients, with a lot of difficult
clinical conditions. So it’s been really good to kind of help us build confidence
especially in the dietetics role and being able to write out our care
plans and kind of have a full experience with the patient and the relative as
well. It’s also been beneficial to prepare me, in that it’s helped me to
think about the kind of questions that I’ll face from the relatives and the
patient, what I need to focus on and what they’re looking at you to provide,
and just to get you organised before you face the real world. So this is really
beneficial for the students because it gives them an opportunity of working
through cases of different types; different types of patients, different
types of medical conditions. We use ward simulation to develop clinical
skills and also build confidence before students go out on placement. This
really is very important because it means when they start placement, they feel more confident and competent, and ultimately become more effective
practitioners at the end of the degree.



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