November Unboxing & Wander Beauty + HUM Giveaway [CLOSED] | Party On!

November Unboxing & Wander Beauty + HUM Giveaway [CLOSED] | Party On!

– Hi guys, I’m Zena, I’m
the editorial director at HUM nutrition here
to reveal our November theme for our monthly
vitamin subscribers, so it’s November, we’re heading into Thanksgiving, really Thanksgiving is
about getting together with friends and family,
so, instead of going with the normal gratitude theme,
this month we went with, can you tell what this is? Let me break it down for you. It’s a party on theme, folks! (club music) That’s right, ’cause
really getting together with friends and family is
an occasion, and we wanna celebrate those occasions
and just give you permission to enjoy this holiday season,
to go out, to hang out with your friends, to indulge a little. Everything in moderation,
folks, so, we’re going into the party on theme. We made our box look like this
beautiful disco ball, so fun. This month, subscribers
are getting a very special insert to celebrate the
whole friends and family party season and that is
these special cards we made to share your referral
code, so if you didn’t know, we do do referral codes
for our subscribers. That means if you share with your friends that use your code, they’ll get $10 off,
you’ll get $10 of credit, it’s a win-win for everyone,
so keep an eye out for these. You’ll also get of course our
monthly little magazine here, and inside, for the party
season, we’ve got your back. We have your guide to hangover
prevention, so some tips and tricks here to prevent
suffering the next day after an indulgent party night out. And for our monthly
beauty sample this month, we have partnered with– dun dun dun dunn, W4nder
Beauty, and these are their baggage claim gold eye masks. These are really cool. They’re these really pretty
gold color, they go under your eyes, again, helpful for
perhaps a day after imbibing to reduce any of those
dark undereye circles. They’re a really great company,
clean beauty, they don’t use any synthetic fragrances, no
animal testings, paraben-free, phthalate-free, all the
good stuff here, so, we’re really excited to
be partnering with them. Last but not least, in our
partnership with W4nder Beauty they have generously
offered to participate in a little giveaway for
all you YouTube subscribers. So to enter, all you
need to do is subscribe to our channel, like
this video, comment below with your favorite hangover food, ’cause we’re in the party season, folks, and you will be entered
to win a three set of HUM. You can pick any three HUM
products that you’re interested in trying, we’ll send those
out to you in this special disco themed party box. The winnder will also receive $250 of W4nder Beauty products. And that’s it guys, I
think I’m ready to go take my gold party dress out
on the town here, so, don’t forget to check the comments below at the end of the month to see if you won, if you enter our giveaway,
and for future giveaways with all of our beauty partners,
subscribe to our channel. We will see you back soon. Bye! (calm music) We decided to go with another intro, here we go, okay, sorry. (calm music)



  • Hannah Nash

    My hangover food is chicken and waffles

  • AMY 007

    Fortunately, I do not drink any more…it's been years. Now when I use to I would and a must eat a nice breakfast with extra homestyle potatoes & toast!! *potatoes *toast is key💛 it diffently helps 💪
    I'm just admiring ALL your products they seem very authentic and, wonderful reviews. Can wait to get started on your products!

  • Angela Tillman

    Aspirin the night before bed. Lots of water in the morning and soup. Just like if you had a cold.

  • Amanda L Wayman

    Water. Lots and lots of plain still water. And the next morning my Wing Man.

  • marlene Rivera

    Water and water 😉

  • HUM Nutrition

    To enter the giveaway you need to be subscribed to the channel, like this video, and share your comment on this video.
    What is your favorite hangover food? -Let us know below!

  • tiff Caraway

    So I dont drink anymore but when I did the hangover food I would eat was either a teejays barnyard buster or waffelhouses. Which is basically everything they have breakfast. Hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuts and then covered over top with sausage gravy. It looked gross and was the worst thing to eat but in the moment it was so good and where I'm from that's where everyone went after the party to before going home lol

  • Merissa Bhimsingh

    Water or chicken noodle soup!

  • Jenn Ritter

    My favorite hangover food has to be tacos! Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  • Dava Risqy

    Good channel

  • Tiffany Schluter

    I love a good greasy breakfast after a night out drinking!! New subscriber🎟 Pick me;)

  • Monica King

    Eggs and bacon glad I rarely drink any more

  • Jennifer Hager

    My favorite hangover food is a big breakfast with eggs, hashbrowns, biscuits & gravy, and a giant glass of never ending water.

  • MrTastedarainbow


  • Dinah D

    Water and applesauce to calm my tummy

  • danielleedowney

    Pizza, water and sleep. And of course my Wing Man, Red Carpet and OMG! The Great

  • Meg Moser

    My favorite day after food is a burger with fries, but very first thing I do is drink a Canada Dry Gingerale followed by gallons of water! Along with Two Hum Wingman’s and a Gut Instinct!

  • Kara Dennison

    Favorite hangover food: big plate of scrambled eggs with cheese and any veggies I need to clear out of the fridge. I loved scrambled eggs, I love cheese, and it's a good way to sneak my hungover self some nutritious stuff.

  • Nayelih Amber

    Lots of anti-inflammatory foods! Perfect start in the day to cure a hangover would be an acaibowl and my favorite green juice! 🙂

  • Amanda Kusek

    Coconut water and a green smoothie. I know that sound awful but the vitamins really help!

  • makeupbyjyz

    Lots of water prior to drinking and my fave hangover food—- hot ramen noodles!

  • Kris King

    McDonald's french fries or Coke Zero

  • Sierra Knepple

    Hangover cure: water, water, water, electrolyte tablets, Wing Man, and avocado toast with an egg on top!

  • Abby Stalans

    A full breakfast is good for anyone and every morning!!! Eggs, cheese grits, toast and sausage 😜

  • Amey Meyer


  • Jill Harris

    Hot water with lemon. Yoga in the dark 😉

  • Courtney Bruno

    Favorite hangover cure is pancakes,water, and a lot of sleep!

  • Laurel Weiser

    My favorite hangover food is a McDonalds breakfast bagel sandwich with extra special sauce…and a large coke!

  • babygirl6683

    My favorite hangover food is plenty of water and anything salty or greasy like pizza, French fries, or fried chicken.

  • Brooke Cain

    My favorite hangover meal is fried eggs, hashbrowns and toast!

  • Lisa Hayes

    Can't drink so no recommendations

  • Anna Epstein

    Water, charcoal tablets and pickle brine. Helps all the time.

  • Tabatha Greenwell

    My favorite quick hangover food is Doritos! But a good burger and fries makes the world a whole lot better 🙂

  • dolcenina

    Pizza !

  • Moni Roy

    Thanks for giveaway I completed all the rules of giveaway really hoping to win

  • Olivia Sanchez

    Preventing is always good, but to help with a hangover, an egg and sausage biscuit (vegan if necessary). Something about the carbs and fat always seemed to help. (and, yes, water)

  • Cynthia Zitter

    I like a nice hearty soup when I’m hungover! Or a cheeseburger.

  • Christa O'Hara

    My favorite type of hangover food is anything bread or something with carbohydrates such as pancakes or pizza! Also, thanks for the awesome chance and I love Hum Nutrition!!

  • OMGicecream101

    I love falafel for some reason? Just something really fresh 🙂

  • MACstarlite12

    Gatorade zero is my cure and my fave food is mozzarella sticks

  • Flower Ramsay

    water and pizza plus supplements hands down my hangover food! id love to win

  • Rebecca Vanderveen

    Pizza or a good burger! Lots of water and sleep help too!

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