• saramartins95

    you are gonna send me in a mental downward spiral about love hannah

  • Crystal Mistry

    I love your sweater, where did you get it??

  • McMiKeC4

    oh my god i watcht 6 videos or so and i truly love your style to do your videos you do it in a way i never seen befor i mean your so … ah i can´t rite it cuz my english isn´t the best i´ll try do it simpel U ARE AWSOME!

  • Henriette Bryder

    I just finished reading 1984 by George Orwell, and the thing you said about language in North Korea. Wow.

  • James Lucas

    Reading Game of Thrones it's no wonder you didn't manage 50! Good going! 😀

  • Louise

    You should do a video all about master of none because i just watched it and loved it and i would also like to hear your opinions on it

  • KNorth2

    I just watched Master of None recently myself. Reaaally enjoyed it. Aziz Ansari is great in it. Really enjoyed the story overall and the performances. I actually really like the actress who plays Rachel as well. Kinda appreciate that it wasn't super long either. So many shows to keep up with.

    And lol, book of mormon is great.

  • Caitlin Rosenthal

    I went into watching Master of None so casually, and then by the last two episodes I couldn't stop crying and the season finished and I just sat there staring at my black computer screen completely numb but also so awakened to what life is and what life could be?? gah.

  • littleboylost1o1

    30 books in a year. Completely impressive

  • Jacob Marrison

    I recently opened up to someone that I love. It's a long story but the basics are, we were together then we broke up, I was rather unhappy for a long time, and then we started talking again and hanging out more and it wasn't until this happened that I realised that if it wasn't for her then I wouldn't be happy. So I told her how important she was to me and that I love her, and she said it back. It was a very surreal experience for me since no one outside my family has said it to me before. Also, it isn't that I love her in a romantic way, sure I got feelings when we started talking again but that is normal, right? I love her as a person, for who she is and the fact that she's in my life again.

  • Vina Antonette Enoval

    Hi. I hope you'll notice me and I wish that we can be friends 😀

  • jae

    I like that "50 books in a year" idea. I might try that for 2016, cos I'm in year 8 and the next few years will be revision hell

  • Susanna Reid

    I looooove your hair 😍 Do a q and a soon pleaaaaase???☺

  • Illiana Jain

    can you do a video on masters of none with your thoughts and everything ( i dont mind if there are spoilers). Just wanted to know how you felt about the series. Thanks! keep up the good work x

  • Emma Greta

    thanks to you i bought th book by yeonmi park. i will start reading it soon. so exited 🙂

  • Alex Waters

    Hi Hannah, I read In Order To Live, like I told you I would (you probs don't remember lol). The order arrived yesterday at lunch time. I started reading it at 3:30pm, and couldn't put it down until I finished it at 1:40am last night. It was incredible.

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