• catherine Marks

    This show airs on the fake news msm: when are they going to mention the vitamin K shot is full of aluminum and Polysorbate80? Or the Agenda 21 behind it?

  • Rachael LeAnn

    It's all bs to me. If we stay away from doctors unless we actually need them and eat our own homegrown food and stay away from most the shots we'd all be healthier!

  • Rachael LeAnn

    It should be 100000% up to the parents to have any shots! They forced my oldest to have a chicken poc shot after shed already had them barely cause of the 1st shot! I refused! Had go thru alot of paperwork n crap but she didn't get one! She s 13 and healthy and we've never had flue shots ever and still have yet to ever have it! Even tho literally everyone else in our town has it constantly! Ya keep on with those shots it's good for u!

  • Ms. Moses

    Is this shot covered? Is it considered mandatory? Did a doctor or nurse explain what it was for? Why a baby would need it and reassure the parents that it’s not intended to hurt a child but to help them? Did they show the parents compassion and elevate any fears they might have? Probably not! Health care workers need to do a better job at showing compassion and understanding. The USA as a whole need to educate its people on this topic.

  • Nikki Bentley Is My Angel

    All vaccines should be the law full stop

  • Amazing Creation

    Depends on how soon the child was born. I can see this being beneficial if the baby was not carried full term(8-9 months/Fully developed).

  • Bee Agu

    Maybe there is a reason babies are deficient in VitK, ever think about that?

  • Only Child life

    The vit k shot has a butt load of Alluminum. It has a black box warning for SIDS. THEY ARE NOT NECESSARY. THEY ARE DANGEROUS . I had 4 kids not one had the shot. If the mother has a healthy diet its not an issue.

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