Natureboy What Part Of The Consciousness Spectrum R You In Fooling People Giving Hypocritical Advice

Natureboy What Part Of The Consciousness Spectrum R You In Fooling People Giving Hypocritical Advice

hey guys back with another one before I
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um so yes at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time today I will be going live so hold
your thoughts but I just wanted to know what part of the conscious armed
spectrum natureboy was on like is there like a a part of the conscious community
there’s a good and there’s a bad I was just wondering because I know when I
first started covering Nature Boy back in April I didn’t even know he was in
the conscious community I just thought that he was a character who was running
havoc all through the social media you know spectrum and there was nothing
about him conscious and I felt as though of anything he was disrespecting
anything that he talked about whether it was religion women men Babylon people
who were even looking out for him like with the donation disrespecting them
because these people I don’t care they working Walmart Kmart McDonald’s were
literally giving their hard-earned money to Nature Boy and he was straight
disrespecting um the community um there’s a lot of stuff that’s going on
now I know that Nature Boy has a history with yada I did mention that in the
first video I did today I know he’s allegedly allegedly in the
conscious community as well I did hear about the CMOS story him beaten his own
kind with the CMOS I don’t know there’s something wrong with the CMOS not a good
quality of CMOS or maybe he’s charging too much for something that’s not what
it is but to me nature boy yada a two of a
kind but it did come to a surprise to me when I found out that his ex was now in
carbonation I don’t know where that’s driven why that’s being driven and
what’s going to come out of it but I know being a conscious persons I’m not
gonna say I’m in a conscious community and I belong to any kind of conscious
community but I do have a conscience I think that a lot of what’s going on
lately is driven for views and the shock value one being oh my god Nature Boy now
is dealing with yachters X which I know is gonna bring conflict eat yatta man
went on with his life he might have a new chick but excuse me the fact still
remains that that’s someone that he had history with there was times that they
had you know good history then there was times and and I and I and I would say
now they’re not on good terms I wouldn’t think so if he has the X over there I’m
quite sure she’s obviously knowing what she’s doing from from somebody that’s
from the conscious community you know it’s just really messy I think that you
know Nature Boy and his followers are making a mockery of this community I
mean I know there’s some upstanding people that are in a conscious community
that do not live you know this way at all and they’re very disappointed this
is why when and Sian Etta asked about why do people
hate on nature boy nature boy should have been able to answer that question
with flying colors um it’s because of his actions is because of this behavior
and you cannot say that you stand for something if you’re not living it and I
think that if anything he’s an embarrassment to the conscious community
because this is not the way that we live this is not what we teach and this is
not how we move on a daily basis I had told you guys from the past that you’re
gonna start seeing a lot of new faces you’re also gonna start to see that a
lot of the older carbonation members that was riding and scamming with him
they’re going to start going in another direction and that’s probably out of
carbonation because in simple fact they’re gonna have a lot of fall outs
one being recently caliber over fu and Nubian you know we’re talking about men
fighting in a home that they all have to live you know our two gathering and
they’re letting one man choose for them who’s gonna get that woman and you know
nature boy of course he chooses who he wants for his self but he chooses for
caliber a new Nubian all these these men so called conscious men he chooses for
them on what woman they’re going to be able to have relationships with and this
is how a lot of fall outs are gonna happen and the new season of love and
flip flop I think that Nature Boy wants this conflict to be in the conscious
community I think that as soon as it hits the fan like it always does he’s
going to stop pointing the fingers at the conscious community like he has
always has even though we have no control over what Nature Boy says or
does or whatever decision-making he makes behind closed doors
in his his his world of carbonation he’s going to definitely stop pointing the
fingers when we start to see the real bling-bling moments because definitely
that is one of the purposes of why yacht is X is at carbonation and probably will
remain that carbonation is because he has brought back the real blink blink
moments and part of those real moments real emotions that are going to come out
of you know him having whether it was a good or bad
relationship Yatta he was at one point of time associates at least with this
dude now all of a sudden I’m trying to understand and correlate how this is
going to play out but now all of a sudden yata is now nature boys what I
call property yacht is ex’s nature boys property and you know I guess we’re
supposed to just act like we we just didn’t just hear that she’s on
carbonation University and she’s the ex a yachtie so I want to see how this is
gonna play out because I really honestly want to know has Nature Boy really
changed and I’m not even saying this to be sarcastic what part of the spectrum
of the conscious community is Nature Boy really from is this a ploy or if it was
a ploy in the past has have has Nature Boy change and if he changed what has
changed about Nature Boy because to me I think he has really gotten out of line
with this I think he’s going to stay out of line with this because again he’s
trying to I believe build a new audience an audience that’s not gonna probably
judge him like the old audiences um and also you know he can bring in the new
audience and do the same thing like he did with the
old audience it’s all about the shark fog value and the views and as long as
he can maintain the relevancy of who he is which is nature boy then people will
tune in and when people tune in what does that mean that means more donations
and what does more donations mean that means more real blank moments where you
know he’s blocking and deleting people straight disrespecting people on a
regular basis because his plan is working he’s not really offering a
service but he’s blocking and deleting people disrespecting people and he’s
also getting a donation in the process so that carbonation behind closed doors
can be laughing at these people that are given their hard-earned money like this
is some type of a joke when this is basically you know life’s lessons and
everything that Nature Boy gives back to the universe as we all know via karma is
going to come back on him trust and believe



  • Tem

    nice content my guy

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    Nature Boy you look like a goofball with the head on

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    Because Pocahontas (1 of NB baby mother's) went to Yada when she was kicked out while pregnant w/child.

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    This is going to be interesting

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    Like I always say; Anything sounds deep to fools who don’t read 📚 🙄

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    He reminds me of a lot of pastors just misuse of power and or authority. Just using being "woke" as an excuse to do dirt.

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    He is not part of the conscious community.

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    I just saw your interview with NB and 👎🙀

  • Metta World Peace

    IDK wanna no more commentary .You did have the same energy on natureboyd live & ya husband ugly asf. Controlling too as well.

  • Metta World Peace

    IDK wanna no more commentary .You did have the same energy on natureboyd live & ya husband ugly asf. Controlling too as well.

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