Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins

Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins

hey everyone its professor Dave, I wanna
talk to you about natural versus synthetic vitamins vitamins nature makes them and humans make them
in the lab. are they the same? surely natural is better and synthetic is
a cheap imitation right? it’s tempting to think this way because
of analogies we can make in the macroscopic world this synthetic fabric is a shoddy
imitation of this naturally occurring fabric but that kinda logic doesn’t work for
molecules. let’s take a look at why a common nutrient that our body needs is ascorbic acid or vitamin C ascorbic acid, among other compounds,
qualifies as a vitamin because we do not produce it in our
bodies, we have to eat it. what vitamin C does in the body is it’s a cofactor in several different
enzymatic reactions many will fit into an active site of an
enzyme and by interacting electrostatically with certain amino
acids it will induce a conformational change
activating the enzymes function such as repairing tissue it will do so on the basis of its
precise three-dimensional shape that’s why any molecule that’s these
specific atoms arranged in this specific way must be the same molecule: vitamin C so
how’s it made? in plants it’s made like this. using enzymes to
catalyze each step glucose is cyclized and then oxidized to
get ascorbic acid in the lab, since we aren’t limited by
organic materials or physiological pH we can use a simpler approach oxidizing
with platinum metal that’s the strength of synthetic
chemists, we can start with a simple molecule subject it to a series of reaction
conditions using acids, bases exotic organometallic compounds and
step-by-step build just about any molecule we can conceive of so here’s our naturally occurring
vitamin C, and here’s the one from the lab. can you tell the difference? guess what, neither can the enzyme. they
have precisely the same shape so they have precisely the same bioactivity. vitamin C is vitamin C is vitamin C. that’s not to
say that vitamin tablets are better than eating real foods in broccoli there’s a vitamins C, A, D, E, K and loads of other nutrients. but the
vitamin C produced in the broccoli is no different from what we make in the
lab. in fact when we make it ourselves we can be sure of a high degree of purity efficient syntheses of these compounds
make them available at a low cost to everyone in the world since making it
ourselves can often be cheaper than isolating it from nature and
recognizing the link between certain compounds and related diseases like vitamin C deficiency and scurvy
allows us to eradicate disease through an intimate understanding a
biochemical processes. the moral of the story is that molecules can have all
kinds of effects on our bodies adopting a general attitude of natural:
good synthetic: bad, is very misguided. the most
potent toxins known to man are naturally occurring and synthetic drugs can cure us from
disease. instead we should try to realize that every molecule must be examined on
a case by case basis to see how its shape causes it to
interact with the body regardless of its origin. so next time
you’re at the store and you see the vitamin C bottle with the pretty trees boasting
that it’s organic and all-natural, maybe think twice
before shelling out the extra dough thanks for watching professor Dave
explains see you next time



  • yossi gordon

    No way, that's my teacher. I love the new green screen.

  • claudggel

    I knew it!

  • anywherein12seconds

    yeah but doesn't eliminate the threat of excipients and toxic compounds used in the making process and not properly filtered out

  • TexZenMaster

    "It is the same compound"

    Yes, until the compound is bound to magnesium stearate which all but negates the positive effects of that vitamin.  That is all you find in Nature's Market, Whole Foods, and Walmart.

  • the fat butterfly

    so it is the same compound but one is natural and the other one is synthetic ?
    or are they both natural and one of them is found in nature and the other one is made in the lab ?

  • Cody Edwards

    Great video. People really need to understand that natural is not necessarily superior to synthetic. It is debatable, however, if taking supplemental vitamins is as beneficial as eating vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. What is your view on GMO's? Should they be avoided or are they mostly safe or can it go both ways?

  • Kenyatte Hay

    We don't have the technology to know vitamin c is vitamin c is vitamin c. Saying it's the same because molecularly it "looks" similar is like(next known visual smaller level) saying a quality synthetic fabric is a natural one that has the same shape. Honesty and humility are necessary to not bask in either extreme side of the religions of natural or synthetic. We simply don't know it's the same and shouldn't mislead consumers to sell the technology of vitamins to further the science. Science needs to be funded ethically and based on the fact we operate on theories. Subatomic theory destroys all synthetic arguments in that atoms that look similar can be completely different. ie. the puzzle piece fits in but one is metal and the other is jello, on is dead and the other is alive, one emits biophotons and the other doesn't.

  • Dr. Vince Academy

    Maybe the point that Kenyatte meant was that sometimes we have different molecular forms such as L and D and might cause disastrous consequences like the Thalidomide.

  • Natalie Corona

    love this! great video, this would be great info to use on my channel when I'm talking about my vitamins and food stuff!

  • Greenfield121

    So what about the argument that Vitamin C is a complex with ascorbic acid being the other shell. They say when taking synthetic vitamin c, you will only get the outer shell of vitamin c. Please refer to Dr Berg

  • Aubrey Jungovich

    This was big help with my science fair project

  • Rubén A. Ritto Contreras

    I've seen some of your arguments in the comments box of other channels. You are a smart guy, why do you do that? Don't waste your time arguing with stupid people. I"ll tell you a fact: No matter what you say, stupid people will always be stupid. They just can't understand how things work, so they choose an easier explanation, which is usually told by another stupid guy or by a brilliant guy who takes advantage of them. Be better than them mate.

  • Pink John

    cool. what about Vitinim c sodium ascorbate would this form cause sodium levels to rise if taken in access. IE over 3 grams per day. They say sodium ascorbate is better absorbed cos it's uses sodium pumps and glut transporters. Any clarity on this subject be much appreciated

  • Smurf

    Why did u cuss. SO CHEESEY 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Smurf

    Dave how does are brain work.

  • Rhythmicons

    Everything in the universe is natural.

  • Thomas Chambers

    A little off topic. But are there synthetic medications available that are not based off of any natural occurring molecules? So it would be a synthetic medication that has nothing in it that is replicated on anything found in nature..

  • Rob Davidson


  • Dominik Drug

    Our high school chemistry teacher once told us that if you use artificial vitamins too often, the body will adapt to these as they are more biologically available, and will become less efficient in breaking down and absorbing the same vitamins from foods. What do you think about this layman's argument, Professor Dave?

  • JT UndergroundStreetAssain

    are u sure that you are a professor. Anything that is synthesized is in no way the same as the real stuff so your body will not analyze it as the real stuff. It doesn't have to be vitamins. I'm talking about drugs too. Like let's say Vicoden/Hydrocodene. Synthesized from Morphine. And Morphine is synthesized from the Opium Poppy Leaf. Let's ask fukin Hitler if those fantastic opium poppy leaf's were as good as what he synthesized with them. Or are you saying vitamin D2 is just as good and safe as vitamin D3. Why don't we go ahead and synthesize mariguana while we're at it. U guys are probably doing that right now. look all I'm saying is that I've tried the synthesized vitamins from CVS or Walgreens and I've tried the real vitamins from GNC or other Whole Food stores and the synthetic vitamins feel like I'm taking sugar pills. and do you hear yourself, it's much cheaper to make. you disgust me. and all of these pharmaceutical companies.

  • Soel Joeles

    I like your approach but I don't get your whole message. I have read the scientific article about bioavailbiltiy of synthetic and natural vitamin C. It recommends getting your dose of vitamin C from whole food rather than synthetic due to other nutrients in the food increasing bioavailbiltiy.

    Furthermore, there is little scientific evidence synthetic supplements or any form of multivatimins will benefit your health nor can it be used as an effective subsitutue.

    So when you say people should ignore "organic" or "whole food" vitamins, it doesn't correlate with the science since whole food derived vitamins are more bioavailable than synthetic supplements.

    I think it would be better if you just told people to ignore supplements altogether. But you're doing the opposite. You are trying to claim synthetic vitamins has the same effect as whole food vitamins with a simple video when the evidence is unsubstantiatal and quite contrary to your claim.

  • Atal R

    You are worthless to humanity.

  • Abhishek Behera

    Professor, the natural food contains phytonutrients along with the any vitamins and minerals. So, real food is always better than the synthetic ones.

  • Caden Cox

    I watched this in school

  • Steve Perry

    This guy is 100% WRONG. Do some research on high consumption of synthetic Vitamin C. It can be very dangerous. What this man is doing is simply reading from a teachers edition Science book. My mother is a licensed cardiologist and nutritionist as is my sister. He is just re typing what he has read and his information is not correct. Dont just believe what you read in medical books. About 45% of it is total nonsense only there to benefit the PHARMA industry. What he is promoting is actually harmful for human physiology and thats what BIG Pharma wants. Have a great day but DO NOT listen to this man.The BEST vitamin for the HUMAN body are WHOLE FOOD 100% ORGANIC. Period, end of discussion. This guy need to do more than reading…He needs to do PATIENT research. But that actually takes WORK, He does not want to do that.

  • MrStuBStu

    Dave, great video.

    Just so you know, people do get argued out of their position. Granted, it's probably more likely that they will wallow in their own ignorance. But as someone who used to buy into all the "naturopathic", "hollistic health" psuedo-scientific mumbo-jumbo, I am proof that rational, scientific arguments & explanations can win people over.

    I am far wiser and more skeptical these days, thanks to people like you who call charlatans out on their bullshit. People seem to distrust "science" without realizing that it's just a name given to the best method of finding out the truth. If what you believe is indeed correct, then science will prove it for you. Properly conducted scientific experiments can't lie, or be biased, or have an agenda. If they do, then by definition they are no longer scientific.

  • Joel Villarreal

    this channel is shit. I really don't know how you get any subscribers.

  • Joel Villarreal

    our body knows what's synthetic and what's not though…

  • Hol up

    Why can't you just make synthetic vitamins just like natural vitamins

  • Antony Reed - Brain Spanking U

    Excellent! I'm so happy I'm not the only one making videos on this subject and debating Dr. Axe and Dr. Eric Berg and Markus R and others. Thank you for doing this for the world. Big Like and share! =D

  • Michael Mooney

    Great stuff, Professor Dave! Keep up the good fight and more people will know enough to be be healthier.

  • Anton Voltchok

    I can't tell if the guy who runs this channel is just getting paid by the pharma industry to spread propaganda or he's too lazy / stupid to keep up with current studies or even semi current studies… to blanket say yeah take those synthetic multivitamins is ridiculous.. except that they have near zero benefit at best and at worst extremely harmful…

    And that doesn't just go for synthetic, you can overdo some of the "natural" as well from companies who are not making them properly.

    Essentially if you're not getting organic specialized formulas from the 2-3 companies out there who use fermentation to properly make them, and who are careful in the dosages, don't bother taking vitamins at all, you're much better off eating the right foods.

    If this guy wasn't such a shill for the pharma industry or stupid or careless about the lives of his audience , maybe he would actually alert the audience of the dangers associated with common multi vitamins people take, and more importantly the lack of evidence that they actually work, and the evidence of harm

    So this guy looks like either an idiot or corrupt, pretty bad either way, like I said if you really cared about your audience you would have done your homework and told them to either not take over the counter vitamins period or take the specific organic formula I mentioned earlier

  • pianosenzanima

    wait….did you just said that synthetic drugs CURE us from disease? can you give some examples please, thank you.

  • Kime Fangupo

    You look like jesus

  • mergyckaxxxxx

    The molecule is the same, but the bioavailability is different. It would act the same if everything were in vitro, but sadly, we all are biological systems that have complex absorbance methods and regulation. Our bodies do not recognize isolated molecules the same as they would a natural one. The plant is actually a perfect design of readily absorbable nutrients.

  • Android Gaming

    Forget about the difference between natural and synthetic vitamin.. can someone please tell me if i take synthetic vitamins will it work or not.. if it does work then whats the need of taking natural?

  • Abyk 00

    Would be interesting if you could be a video on folic acid and folate, it seems to be a lot of controversy around the two. Ben Lynch is a biochemist and nutritionist who got i the field of epigenetics and always stresses the importance of consuming folate in its natural form and not as folic acid !!

  • boom192channel

    Great sales pitch. Science selling science.

  • Garrett Fitzgerald

    A second hand human, regurgitating from books. As Jiddu Krishnamurti used to say? Why can't universities schools and churches produce an elephant or even a giraffe? Why just mice like the guy in the video. Mice.

  • Televisionarchives

    In fact the chemical structure of a synthesized compound is exactly the same as the natural compound it is supposed to supplement. Also all vitamins, whether they are delivered via a supplement or fortified in food–synthetic or natural– are made in a lab. Natural vitamins, meanwhile are sourced from plants, fruits, animals, and minerals, and then refined and processed in a lab. To be worthy of the label “natural” a vitamin supplement need contain only 10% plant or fruit derived ingredients. The other 90% could very well be synthetic.

  • Rain Man

    I prefer natural fruit & vegi rather sythetic, cause we human only discover certain vit..there are unknown factor exist in nature tat we have known yet

  • Saint Michael

    This dude is a dumbass. The body wasn’t designed for fake molecules.

  • Håkon Martin Nilsen Bjerke

    Well yes ascorbic acid synthetically made in a lab is the same as ascorbic acid in a fruit but its not the same to eat a fruit and take ascorbic acid alone because you dont have the tyrosinase enzyme etc which is always together with ascorbic acid in food.

  • Håkon Martin Nilsen Bjerke

    You're a dumnbass and dangerous. Ascorbic acid alone can disrupt the ceruloplasmin-copper bond. You must take whole food vit C to support ceruloplasmin. Study that to learn that you dont have the full picture.

  • Ara Shahbandeh

    Pro Dave. Why is my uncle getting super hungry after taking a multivitamin. Kirkland brand adult gummys. He has some stomach issues. The tablets don't sit well. Thank you.

  • Sherlock 8171

    I'm in love with your teaching style. would be great if you could make some videos on astronomy.

  • angelica hudson

    You should be ashamed of yourself!! No wonder they put you out there looking like a good natural hippy so you could push your bogus science on the unknowing masses. STart with corn sorbitol, add acetone, then perchloric acid, benzene,nickel, then bleach and walah!! you have ascorbic acid. Tell the truth you scroungy looking liar!!

  • T M F

    An apple a day people.
    I read in the comments some retarded nonsense about the earth going around the sun? Beg to differ


    Okay Professor,I got the point that synthetic vitamin C is exactly the same as natural occurring vitamin C and it applies for other nutrients too.
    But I have a doubt that will our body become less efficient in digesting process when we take all types of synthetic nutrients directly that our body needs?

  • Mettle Stylus

    Are sythetic vitamin tablets aptly named "Bedpan Bullets" by hospital nurses? (in reference to their bio-availability & absorption) – i.e. if the molecule, however identical it may be, doesn't traverse the jet stream (blood) as a legit nutrient vehicle per the body, then it's a looong way to England in a row boat for the molecule to enable enzyme reaction?

  • Devin Hinkson
    What do you have to say about this video? Molecular structure, but it looks different in this video.

  • Devin Hinkson so are you right or is this guy right? How can I know what is true??

  • EU United We Stand

    Professor Dave Explains buddy don’t ever come to Europe please… ! You might contaminate us with your stupidity. You got some serious iq problems!

  • Linkinpark4life333

    Even if Natural and Synthethic vitamins give the same benefits. Natural is better because synthethic vitamins are not just pure vitamins, they are mixed with a bunch of other chemical products so that it can be kept on the shelf for a long time. I've read in a book and studies that synthethic vitamins can actually harm the human body because it is not pure vitamins. They are always mixed with other chemical stuff that aren't good for us. This is why some vitamins cost cheaper that others. Because of the quality. What do you think?

  • Shashank Sharma

    Name some best multivitamin and multiminerals

  • Daniel Nasiby

    I love this video!

  • Jackson Rheinbolt


  • Bolivian Billionaire

    what a lot of fucken bullshit. natural beats synthetics, ..where the FUCK is your head at?

  • Truth Bites


  • A P

    Professor Dave!
    You’ll look so good if you cut your hair and keep it spiky style!: )))
    Can you please try?

  • frantastic2012

    It is bad dude.

  • Hakim iversen

    My question is…
    Does every vitamin in synthetic vitamin supplements contain the same molocule structure as other plant derived natural vitamins?
    How come some types of vitamins absords differently when it is the same vitamin (vit b12) but in different forms? I dont know the name of the two different types of vitamin B12 but I know that one of them is easily absorbed and one is not can you please explain this and make a video about absorbtion of vitamins?

    Great video btw 🙂

  • Hakim iversen

    What do you think about this study?

  • Shakaama

    Vitamin C is not ascorbic acid … you know what, I don't have time for this.

    Shame on you.

  • clean up

    Shut up dude, too much crap coming from your mouth, we are not that stupid, continue promoting big pharmaceutical industry, moran.

  • Ryan Johnston

    Vitamin C is not just ascorbic acid. So taking mega high doses of ascorbic acid can actually strip your body of the real vitamin C. Simply put, buy vitamins that come from natural sources. Scientists haven't figured out everything yet.

  • TheOnecosmos

    A psychopath

  • The Goodly Dragon

    Team up with a broadcasting company to make a 21st century version of Sagan's Cosmos. I'll bet it'll be better than Neil DeGrasse Tyson's, because his version felt dumbed down and like he was talking to the audience as children, whereas Sagan's from the 80s (and probably yours if you made one) clarified things concisely in an understandable way but definitely was meant for a more engaged audience.

  • Son of Bukowski

    vitamins were the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the american public, you can get all the vitamins you ever need from a daily serving of fruits and vegetables and exposure to sunlight, it is proven that many of these synthetic vitamins if not all are terrible for your liver especially the synthetic B vitamins and Im sure other organs dont appreciate it at all especially when mixed with excessive minerals as it classically is, this was a pernicious marketing scheme created to entice lazy people who did not want to include healthy foods in their diets, a "quick fix" that doesnt do a damn thing.

  • Austin Brittain

    the intro is cringy

  • Joshua Wood

    beginning, I had a nightmare about it shivers

  • Cor van de Haar

    you are so wrong synthatic vvitamins can kill you

  • Sun Razor

    @Professor Dave I once read that your body will not absorb vitamin K without fat (animal fat, avocado oil, olive oil, etc.). And if you could take a pill of pure vitamin K it would be relatively useless unless you consumed fat with it. Is this true? And what can be said about other vitamins? Do you improve your body's ability to absorb and use the vitamins you consume if they exist in/with food versus consuming the vitamins alone as pills/tablets? And lastly, if all this is true, is it best to take vitamin supplements WITH natural food?

  • K A R T I K

    Is it the same for proteins and other nutrients?

  • Final Fantasy

    So do you ugre us to use this sinthathic vitamins. Does it have side effect on our bodies

  • catfish08

    what i believed is that you must not just believe in one data such as only one youtube video to believe in something, whether it is true or not, maybe i need data or be a scientist to believed on this, rather than watching only a one youtube video to believed in one thing. but i don't know why many professional doctors favor of not using synthetic. i sense that something is fishy here. maybe they knew a lot on this, the people who buy a lot of this synthetic vitamins are not doctors and they are the one who know nothing about drugs, vitamins, etc, what do you think? (it's very sad that the big businesses take advantage of the ignorance of the many just to take get more profits from them😢)

    note; i'm not a doctor, nutritionist so i don't know.. .

  • N BOR

    Even at the synthesis, there will always be impurities left, even at a pharmaceutical grade

  • Biswatosh Purkayastha

    Correct . research shows that Vitamin C bio-availability is same as the natural.

  • Emran Khan

    Not the same. I'm not expert but something tells me synthetic vitamins will have side effects if taken regularly.

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