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Deborah Maragopoulos aka the hormone queen as an intuitive integrative nurse
practitioner for over 30 years I helped my hormonally challenged patients achieve
optimal health naturally now it’s your turn to get your hormones in harmony and
live a happy healthy life when your hormones are out of balance it’s hard to
stay calm if you follow these three natural steps you’ll be less stressed
and anxious step number one get active to burn off stress hormones your stress
response is controlled by your hypothalamus your hypothalamus doesn’t
know the difference between you stressing out being late overworked or a
tiger chasing you once it perceives your fear your hypothalamus triggers your
sympathetic nervous system to get the heck out of here your adrenal glands
then produce adrenaline which raises your heart rate and your blood pressure
so you can either fight or run away from the danger then your adrenal glands
produce cortisol so that you can fuel the fight-or-flight response exercise
can help you burn off these stress hormones so they don’t damage your body
and so you don’t start storing fat around your belly plus daily exercise
has been shown to reduce the natural stress response so get active and move
your body at least thirty minutes every day step number two breathe deeply
to reduce your stress and anxiety when you’re stressed you tend to take short
shallow breaths which reduce the amount of oxygen and make you feel even more
anxious if you focus on breathing slowly and deeply you not only increase your
oxygen levels which calms you but you stimulate your parents sympathetic
nervous system your parasympathetic nervous system
calms what your sympathetic nervous system excite
so let’s practice place your hand right here on your belly now breathe slowly
and deeply through your nose so deep that it feels like you’re breathing all
the way into your belly now slowly exhale through your mouth using your
stomach muscles to completely empty your lungs repeat these slow deep breaths
three times in through your nose and out through your mouth
whenever you’re feeling stressed and you will immediately feel calmer step number
three balance your adrenals naturally when you’re chronically under stress
your adrenal glands work so hard that they can become fatigued exercising
daily and practicing deep breathing helps but your body needs you to give it
what it needs to prevent adrenal fatigue you can support your adrenals by eating
healthy fats like avocados olive oil nuts and seeds and be sure to get enough
sea salt to keep your adrenals healthy plus you can sort port your hypothalamus
the pituitary adrenal access naturally with Genesis Gold take the quiz and
discover how to support your adrenals so you can calm down naturally now you know
what you can do to relieve your stress and anxiety but it’s not easy if your
hormones are out of balance so I created my hormone quiz to help you
discover what’s out of balance so you can finally start controlling your
stress response and calm down after taking the quiz you can download my
international best-selling book hormones and harmony which gives you access to my
hormone reboot training for free make sure to take my hormone quiz by clicking
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  • Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

    Thanks so much for watching my video about natural remedies for stress and anxiety. Which of my remedies are you going to do the next time you're stressed or anxious?

  • Erica White

    Thank you for an educational video! Is there a certain type of sea salt that is better?

  • Gaby Tapia

    Loved the video! What if the anxiety is waking me up at night, what can I do then to calm down?

  • Zen Rose Garden

    Yay!! Great info Deborah!

  • John T Hemer

    Stopping and breathing is a very powerful technique. Thank you for sharing

  • Travis Walker

    exercising is my favorite thing to do when stressed or anxious. Thanks Deborah for another great video.

  • Kyra Brindley

    It is so important to support your adrenals. The amount of functions its responsible for is pretty impressive. I wonder what our country would look like if we all had doctors that spent time researching and educating the public about the simple things mentioned in your videos. 🙂

  • Mary Lynn

    these are really great tips. thank you for sharing Deborah. I also really liked the video you did about foods for better sleep:

  • Thomas Brindley

    Really glad to see these new videos each week. So many of us could benefit from the things you are talking about. Thank you

  • Greg Carley

    Hi Deborah, appreciate the video. I do meditation exercises to clear my mind as well 🙂

  • 50something Original

    Great pointers. I'm all about exercising to reduce stress🙂

  • Julbird Dexter

    Thanks Deborah….I like walking outdoors for stress relief, it works every time. The last 2 weeks in Ojai have been so filled with smoke and ash, I haven't been able to walk. I can really tell, because I haven't slept as well and then chain effect, I don't handle stress as well either! Is coconut oil good for your adrenals too?

  • Bloggin Brandi

    Great tips for natural ways to reduce stress and reduce anxiety Deborah 🙌

  • Google User

    Thanks for not suggesting yoga…hoardes are of people swear by it…but yoga isn't good..m ur new sub coz of ur non yoga n logical tips

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