Natural Bodybuilding Is Joke

Natural Bodybuilding Is Joke

Has natural bodybuilding become a dieting
contest? Are competitors at a natural bodybuilding
show really natural? Welcome to my channel,
I am Steven, the Lifting Dermatologist, a Belgian doctor with 30 years of weight lifting
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this video. Hello everyone, and welcome to this video. In this video I want to explain my take on
natural bodybuilding competition. And there are 2 main points to address here. First thing. Almost all guys, if they are truly natural,
can build more or less the same amount of muscle mass, depending on their genetics of
course. The only differences between the competitors,
are the symmetry, and most important how shredded they can get. So nowadays most natural bodybuilding shows
have become some sort of “how hard can I diet down” without losing a lot of muscle
mass-contest. When I dieted down from 86kilo to 70 kilo
in 2016, not being on testosterone or any other performance enhancing drug, I lost a
lot of muscle mass in the process. This is how I looked at the end of it, at
70 kilos, without any energy to go throughout my day, low in libido and general drive, and
then I had blood levels checked. My total testosterone came back at 240nd/dl. With a normal range being between 250 and
950ng/dl. When I got on Testosterone Replacement Therapy
in 2017 it was very easy for me to gain back a lot of that lost muscle mass with no to
very little fat. Nowadays I weigh around 80kilos, feel much
better, with more energy, and all the other benefits that come with TRT. And that’s only to give you an example of
how real naturals must feel and look when they diet down. They must feel tired, without energy and libido,
and they lose a lot of muscle. Is this really the kind of competition we
want to give the name “bodybuilding”? Second point. Being drug tested does not mean “drug free”. They may be natural on the competition day. But that surely does not mean they have been
natural their whole life. A lot of the performance enhancing drugs can
not be detected in the urine a couple of weeks after you’ve stopped using them. So if someone wants to build a physique way
beyond their natural limits, to then come off the drugs, become “natural” and diet
down, that is a very unfair competition that can not be tested for on the day of the show,
and if all participants would start doing that, well…. how can we then still talk about “natural
bodybuilding”. Please leave me your thoughts on this matter
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    Hello my friend biutifful vidéo babulding incroyable wawou +1like big 👍👍🎀👩‍🎤🙏👏👏👏

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