My Exercise Routine!  At Home Workout for Beginners

My Exercise Routine! At Home Workout for Beginners

You guys asked for it, so today we’re
doing my workout routine. Hello and welcome to Queendom. I’m Sarah Ingle and, like I said,
we’re doing my workout routine today because you guys really, really
wanted it. I should first mention that I am NOT a fitness expert. I am an ultimate
fitness newb recently. I posted on Instagram about how I’ve worked really
really hard to to gain some even as miniscule as it is a bit a little bit of
muscle mass I know I’m still like the bonus human ever but comparing a before
and after is actually like you can actually see oh I went from being the
boniest person in the world to probably still the bounteous person in the world
in a minute we’re gonna go into my living room over there and I can’t see
what I’m pointing out we’re gonna go over there I’m gonna show you all the
things that I typically do and we’ll talk through all of it before we go in
there I want to show you guys this guy here this is branched chain amino acids
but it’s in like a it’s like kool-aid it tastes actually a lot like kool-aid
before I just had little pills of it but this is great to have before and after
you exercise just any time around exercising I usually take it right
before I’m about to exercise and it I think it’s supposed to make you less
tired it’s supposed to help you like be able to build muscles I don’t know it’s
just good and I do find that it definitely helps me feel more energized
it does taste really good but I am NOT a fan of sucralose because it is an
artificial sweetener and it’s really bad for you it’s not good for your skin I
tend to not my skin doesn’t like it it’s basically Splenda Oh another thing before we go in there
working out especially in my case is not to try and lose weight at all it’s like
literally the opposite it’s like a way to try and gain some amount of muscle
mass a lot of the losing weight stuff happens more with like what you eat I’m
not trying to do that so I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and have
like the pitchforks coming for me in the comment section the key for anybody if
you’re just looking to start out like me is don’t make it too hard don’t start
off trying to like buy like some big exercise program or trying to do like a
whole bunch of stuff that you’ve Starbuzz I’m gonna work out have some
sort of physical activity for five minutes that five minutes is gonna help
you be a little bit healthier and you’re gonna notice that you’re gonna feel so
much better so we’re gonna head on in the living room I’m gonna show you guys
what I do all right so we made it into the living room all like ten steps away
and I’m gonna just show you guys first what I do I literally make a little grid
I don’t know why there’s something very satisfying about being able to check off
what I do so I just make this little grid here because there’s gonna be eight
different things that I’m gonna do usually the first four wind up being
some sort of exercise because you can do those pretty much every day and I don’t
mind doing that something that I enjoy and it’s still like it’s good for you so
it’s like key is pick things that you enjoy so usually I even the first ones
either 50 crunches or sit-ups so I like right okay 50 crunch and when I say 50
it actually winds up being a hundred technically you’re supposed to do two
sets of all of these and I don’t know why I literally will just do a hundred
of them in a row but if I need to split it in
half then I feel like a 1 X and then X to the other side then 60 there called
something twist I don’t even know what they are but I just put back and forth
AB thingy so I put B AB you can come up with all your own stupid names to call
it things if you want and then 60 bite and then I do 60 second plank that I
actually do break up so I do them to separate 60 second planks the next four
I choose like if we’re gonna do like an arm J or a mixture day or like a legs
date today we’re gonna do like leg related things because I like them 50
weighted squats and I’ll show you what I use for my weight if you haven’t seen it
from my morning routine video it’s creative 20 fire hydrant and then do
these frog bangs so the 20 and the left right frogs and then 15 bullfrogs and so
now I’ve got my full little list and honestly like if you look around my
house or even in the garbage can you’ll see tons of little sticky notes and like
I would like cover the whole paper in these so I’m going to start with today
like 50 crunch slash sit up so I have a mic pack on my back so this is gonna be
really interesting I’m going to not be go down all the way which might be a
good thing anyway your abs can be work like in to be make tighter or can be
worked out is to be like outer I am NOT phrasing this well but basically you
want them to be like clenching in like your abs in particular the only muscle
in your body that can that can do that and so you’re basically making yourself
a human corset out of your ass I am explaining it very strangely we’re
gonna inhale and then we’re gonna exhale as we go up and then fill with air again
when you’re back down and like I said I’ve got a mic pack right here so this
is really uncomfortable but it’ll be a little more comfortable for you so
really go in and then as we’re and we’re gonna exhale and shrink like our abs in
as we go up and basically this is what I do and I
wind up doing a hundred of B now I did a hundred and I’ll do that for all of
these so the next one the one playlist BFF it’s it’s also twist name for it
they’re like the little twist thingies and look slow more slowly you do this
actually like the better like a lot of the AB thing the more you’re actually
working out if you’re using your brain and thinking about engaging the muscles
you tend to get more value at it because your brain is so much more power like
and control of your your body in so many ways and we give it credit for us so I
do it winds up being a hundred twenty of these we did our hundred twenty
back-and-forth ab things which is totally the correct name and then we
have a sixty AB bike so it winds up being a hundred twenty you want put your
opposite knee to the opposite elbow so that left elbow right knee and you do a
back and forth and the more slowly you do this and also ideally you won’t have
a my axe stabbing you in the back the more you get out and I like there and now the planks so
the plank fill one thing that I feel like I think I’m doing this right but
the key with a plank this couple ways you can do plate you can do them up here
I don’t usually do that I usually do them down on my elbows and then the Q at
the plank yes you want your back straight with the way to think about it
best is um just by keeping your butt down if you keep your butt down it’s
gonna help you keep your back straight and you just hold this for like I do 60
seconds honestly I could probably even move it up to 90 seconds these days
because I do these literally every day and even with talking I don’t feel like
I’m dying yet this is a great one if you want to like check your Instagram while
you’re doing it so there we go I usually do two of those but I do a
break in between sometimes I even break it up
I’ll do it one of these 60 second planks and then I’ll go to maybe the end all
the rest of them and come back and do another 60 second plank next up on the
list is the weighted squat this is a sand bag most people would probably use
like a medicine ball or called or something heavy
these are usually used for holding down like light stands so what I do is I grab
onto this guy here just kind of plop it here in this is so much more comfortable
than a medicine ball so like you can hold of I can just like rest this in my
arms great so I’m not the expert on this so I would probably watch somebody else
for technique but I wind up doing a total of 30 of these
and this is definitely a good one to be thinking in your brain what muscles you
want to engage so that once we do 30 of these forget to cross off the list
some think these next ones are the fire hydrant I mean go get my stretchy bands
I cut these on Amazon they’re really cheap but for some reason they say
active diabetics on it but I’m not diabetic I put these like I’m kind of
like right above my knees okay so with this you’re basically like a dog and
you’re on all fours and you would a dog doesn’t meet the peak and you lift your
leg up as high as you can and you kind of squeeze even and you do all of this
very slowly and then put your leg back down and then you go and do the other
leg do the same thing we did our 20 fire hydrants it really is like 40 hot fire
hydrants I don’t think I’ve ever been as out of breath during a video before and
now the frogs so the Frog so basically with frogs I saw this on YouTube and I
feel like someone’s mail laughs at me if I’ve been doing this wrong but it’s
actually more work than it looks like the key with the Frog is um you know how
like frogs legs you push up with your legs and it’s actually way harder to do
than it looks but you do one at a time first and you
don’t even have to dois of doing that many of these its kind of go up as high
as you can and you can keep working up to more and more and more these ones
I do I just do two sets of 20 now you do both legs at the same time that’s a full
frog so both at the same time up as high as you can and Wow up as high as you can
and yeah Dan you go and do like your stretches depending on what type of
exercise you did that day like obviously if we did more arm things we’d stretch
our arms more and you’re holding on those since we did leg things we should
probably focus more on stretching our legs and you go and stretch and do all
of that stuff you get the picture so all of you are asking what my exercise
routine is it is not anything complicated at all it’s like the most
basic anybody can do it like in your living room and your bedroom wherever
I’m the other thing I usually do is basically every single day I also
started walking a lot worse like fast walking not like a leisurely stroll but
a quick walk if you like running or jogging that’s great too but I’d
literally do it every day I usually walk like around five miles I seriously
cannot express to you enough what a difference this makes in the way that I
feel I feel more confident in the way I look and the way I feel and not just
physically do I feel like I can do more things I feel like I have more energy I
feel like mentally psychologically it is a huge boost and even like a lot of
therapists and psychologists recommend to people that they
exercise and walk and/or run something back to the studio okay so there we go
there we have it my workout routine I hope that this especially inspires
people who might be are either afraid of getting started or just getting started
because I know what that’s like I’ve been there
gyms and things can be intimidating you don’t have to go to the gym you can do
all this in your own home you don’t need any special equipment after you workout
what you’re gonna want to do is have something to eat with protein in it
you’ve got a you’ve just done all this work to work out you need to fill your
body with good nutrients I’m not with garbage like cake so tell me in the
comments below what’s your favorite kind of cake if you guys want to see more
videos remember to subscribe I put out new videos every Monday Wednesday and
Friday and ring a little bell if you want those to come right to you thank
you guys so much for watching I’ll see you next time I feel like some of us is
weird because you know what I’m so skinny throw the pitchfork at me and
he’ll just like he Oban either side you can’t even skewer me I am the pitchfork
haha what’s happening this was being exercised video it’s just a big cans of
weirdness I don’t know how my sister survives she’s an Episcopalian no not
Episcopalian pescetarian Oh cottage cheese the worst kind of cheese
we’ve established of us I love blue cheese



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