MY BULKING DIET – Meal By Meal | Dekel Kabeli

MY BULKING DIET – Meal By Meal | Dekel Kabeli

What is going on YuoTube. so today I’m
going to show you my full day of eating while I’m bulking, and if you guys been following me on my social media you probably know that I started bulking a
couple of weeks ago for this winter so let’s start with meal number 1
aka breakfast alright so the first meal is gonna be 3 egg whites and 3
whole eggs. Alright so we’re done with the eggs and
we’re gonna take a 150 grams of bread as you guys can see there is
100 grams of bread in here and I need 150g but this bread has more
carbs than the normal bread so 100 grams is gonna be enough but you’re
gonna need to get a hundred and fifty grams of bread alright so we are going to turn on the heat and put an olive oil spray alright so with that meal I’m gonna
drink 500 grams of orange jucie which is about 2 cups of this so I’m gonna drink
2 cups of orange juice which is gonna give me about 50 grams of carbs so
this meal is gonna be 6 eggs: 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites, 150 grams of
bread and 50 grams of hummus and 500 grams of orange juice alright so the
macros are gonna be on the screen somewhere over here maybe here or here I
don’t know so yeah see you guys in the next meal alright so it’s that time
the week again so I’m gonna prep my meals for the rest of my week so what we’re
gonna do we are gonna cook in bulk this chicken and this pass and then we’re
gonna put it in those containers so yeah let’s start the meal prep alright so
what I like to do with my chicken I like to cut it for small pieces and then cook
it so yeah alright so what we have here we have 2 kilos of chicken breast
and it’s gonna last us for around 3 days done cutting all the chicken and this is
the excess chickens that I’m going to throw away so what I’m gonna do now I’m gonna put
seasoning on it and then I’m gonna cook it alright so in my last video my full
day of eating while cutting I put the Franks Red Hot sauce but right now I’m not
feeling puttin any sauce I’m just gonna put only sea salt on it so I’m just
gonna put a little bit of salt I know it looks a lot but it’s 2 kilos of
chickens so it’s nothing so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna add to it a little
bit of water and then I’m gonna give it a good shake so alright so I added the
water a little bit of water now I’m gonna give it a good shake alright so
after we cutted the chicken for small pieces and put season on it we are gonna
cook it so what we’re gonna do we are gonna take out a pan and we’re gonna
turn the heat all the way up and after that we are gonna take an olive oil
spray and just spray the pan alright so while the chicken is
cooking we’re gonna make the pasta so what’s you basically needs to do is you’re
gonna take water and you’re gonna fill up the pot so after we put the water
in the pot we’re gonna wait until the water are boiled up and then we’re gonna
put the spaghetti inside all right guys so as you can see there’s bubbles in the water which means
they’re boiled up and so so what we’re gonna do now we’re gonna look how many
minutes you need to put it inside the water and just set a timer and then
that’s it. so in here it says it says 8 minutes so what I’m gonna do I’m
just gonna put it inside and after I put this inside we’re gonna open up the
timer and then put it for 8 minutes so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna put two
spoons of olive oil. one, two. and then I’m gonna mix. I put olive oil on the
spaghetti/pasta because it prevent it from getting stuck to each
other alright so I’ve only got three containers which is gonna last me for
one day so yeah let’s start so I’m gonna take my scale alright so the black
container is gonna be the lowest amount of food which is gonna be after my
breakfast and the middle one is my pre-workout meal and then the last one
in the right corner is gonna be my post-workout meal which is gonna have
more protein. so the black container my second meal of the day is gonna have 200
grams of pasta inside. about 200 and it’s gonna have 50 grams of chicken breast this is gonna be my second meal of the day
so let’s put it aside my pre-workout meal
aka meal 3 is gonna have 300 grams of pasta and 100 grams of chicken
breast. about a hundred grams and my post-workout meal which is my fifth meal
is going to have 300 grams of pasta and 150 grams of chicken breast so this is
the food that I’m prepping for my week so if I had more containers I would just
do the same thing but I don’t have more I need to buy more so I just basically
do the same thing every day but this is the food that I eat so in my second meal
of the day which is after my breakfast I will have 200 grams of pasta and 50
grams of chicken breast and in my pre-workout meal which is gonna be my
third meal I’m gonna have 300 grams of pasta and hundred gram of chicken breast
and then in my post-workout meal which is gonna be my fifth meal I’m gonna show
you my 4st meal a couple of minutes it’s gonna have 300
gram of pasta and 150 grams of of chicken breast so it took me a while to cook all this
food and its like almost 6:00 p.m. and I need to go to the gym so I’m just gonna skip
one meal which is gonna be meal number two and eat it in the evening after my
post-workout meal so I’m just gonna skip this meal in eat the meal number three
which is gonna be my pre-workout meal and after that meal I’m gonna go to the
gym so what I’m going to do I’m just gonna take it out of the fridge open it fuck it’s hard opening it with one hand but ah I got it I got it I got alright
so and then I’m just gonna open the microwave and just put it in a microwave
for like one minute and it should be cool so let’s wait so the food is hot fuck oh shit
alright so I’m gonna eat this and one hour from after I finish this food I’m
gonna go to the gym train come back to my house and I’m gonna show you meal
number four so let’s eat alright so it’s currently 11 p.m. and I just came
home from the gym so I’m gonna make my post-workout shake which is gonna be my
fourth meal so yeah so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna put half a size scoop of
Dymatize nutrition super mass gainer which is like I think around 640 calories
without milk so right now I’m gonna add 400 grams of 3 percent milk and that’s
it so it’s around 400 grams alright so it’s been 40 minutes since
I drank my post workout shake so because it’s super late what I’m gonna
do I’m gonna take both of my meals and I’m gonna eat them together because I
want to go to sleep early tonight so I’m gonna eat them together so yeah I’m
gonna see you guys in the meal number six alright so the last meal of the
day meal number six so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna eat peanut butter alright so we’ve got three options we can eat it with six rice cakes four
slices of bread aka 100 grams or a hundred grams of this bread so I’m gonna
go with this bread because i like it more alright so this is what my bulk diet
looks like pretty easy to make it and doesn’t have a lot of meals.
so this is a clean bulk diet which is gonna get me the most amount of muscle and the
lowest amount of fat I know it’s a clean diet but I’m eating outside two to three
times a week so yeah alright so the macros from the entire day are 4,000
calories 240 grams of protein 550 grams of carbs and 85 grams of fat so if you
wanna build muscle and not getting a lot of fat use this diet and maybe
you’ll see some gains so thank you guys for watching hope you enjoyed this video
and if you’re new to this channel make sure to please just subscribe button
it’s free I know so why not so yeah see you guys in the next video PEACE



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  • Yahiko

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