Muscle Mansion – معسكر الدرة لكمال أجسام: الحلقة الثانية

Muscle Mansion – معسكر الدرة لكمال أجسام: الحلقة الثانية

Good morning everyone today ill show you how the day will go the worst thing is.. I’m sick!! I woke up at 4 AM with a sore throat look at that back we should have the power of positive thoughts! i will get well soon!, at the end of the day, i will be fine! do you wanna know the secret on how to get rid of the flu? gulp huge amounts of water about 6,7,8 letters per day to get rid of all the mucus and stay away from dairy! because I am sick there are 2 vitamins you should take Vitamin C and B12 Antoine with his belt موضوع الحزام ليه فايدة؟ اه تقريباً عندي كذا حزام بجرب فيهم الأنا لابسو ده المفروض بيتلبس وانت بتتمرن أو وانت بتعمل كارديو و عندي واحد تاني بيستعملو واحد اسمو أنطوان بيلعب كلاسيك فيزيك بيلبسو هو؟

اه بيبقى شبه البيلبسو البنات بيبقى مريح جداً جربتو امبارح و لسة هيجيلي واحد تاني من “سنتي” بيلعب كلاسيك فاهجربهم كلهم وشوف أنهي أحسن واحد I came to that mirror to check my legs chloe my lovely wife made my breakfast that’s all my meals, I took the upper shelf Eggs and steak عايز أعرف فين أفضل مكان أعمل في posing عشان الإضاءة يمكن هنا أفضل مكان here my breakfast steak, eggs, rice, and a coffee it’s my first day here so I’m trying to adapt. because I’m not used to start my day outside my home so it’s a little bit weird for me because I like the routine in my house I’m a little bit nervous because I used to send photos to my coach in a certain angle and lighting obviously, if he saw me now it will be better but I’m nervous that will I perform better in the house or not let’s see how the day will be going so we’re heading to our first workout, it’s a chest workout so this is Dorians GYM and its only for us the newest pieces of equipment from the US the best thing about this team is we’re all the same, everyone has his own business and the most important thing is Always surround yourself with people that you want to be the same as them because you will be like 5 people who are the closest to you I even joined redcon1 because Antoine is in redcon1 it’s not about bodybuilding here its also about business and everyone wants to be successful in his own field so, we’ve finished working out im very tired and sick which makes the workout harder look how my eyes are red but you have to do what it takes so we’re going to the supermarket and we’re heading to the barber afterward because we have a shoot tomorrow i think ill go to the barber tomorrow and I’m very tired my beard isn’t that bad.. ill take all of them. Oh god….. Why….. you can cook that rice in the microwave, it’s not the healthiest option. but whatever tums for heartburn relief NyQuil for flu and helps me to sleep and baby wipes because… you know why now for the next meal, I hit my leg! now ill eat fish I don’t know why the other fish smell bad of course, no one will cook your meals better than your wife cucumbers and rice thats it for today after this meal, ill get some sleep ill wake up again, have a meal and get to the gym again. and get back home to make the customized programs everyone here is his own business i have my customized programs and the youtube channel antoine has his youtube channel please like and share the video and see you next time.



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    el wa7d bystana el vlogs bta3tk wllahy , rabna m3ak ya batal

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    Ya dorra walhi fachil w ma 3andik win tossil

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    مع اني ملاكمه لكن اتابعك عشان انت بطل قول وفعل

  • nigga niggo

    wait wait wait i know this gym its from juji's videos he did a video of spending 24 hours in the gym its the same one you filmed in

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    أحلى حاجه ألم التمرين طبعاً يكون ألم تمرين نموذجي رائع وليس ألم إصابة لاسمح الله.. بعدين المساج للجسم يعطيك جو عالمي واحلى استرخاء
    اسأل مجرب ولا تسأل طبيب
    بعدين يا كبتن انتا في دولة باردة طبيعي الزكام وألف سلامة وخش على التمرين اللي بعدو💪😎

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