Movement Fitness and Nutrition | Q & A with qualified personal trainer

Movement Fitness and Nutrition | Q & A with qualified personal trainer

Hi guys, we are Movement Fitness and Nutrition And today we are doing a nutrition interview with a qualified personal trainer My name is Denise and I am a qualified personal trainer So today, we are going to answer your question which you have sent in I have asked on Twitter and Instagram what kind of questions do you want to have So I have collected a couple of questions and just going to ask you and what do you think is your opinion It depends on your goal really, I cannot give you an exact number It really just depend on the exercises which you will have to keep but also you need to have a really good diet So like cut down on carbs and eat more protein to help build the muscles Once again, it depends on your goals If you want to lose fats, do cardio If you want to gain muscle, do weight training If you eat too much protein, you probably would not get the results you have expecting like everything needs to be balanced for you to get the results that you want Well yeah, you have to You just have to, that is like saying you want to lose fats but you going to continuously eat desserts everyday You just need a really balanced diet I would recommend when you are starting, start with 3 days a week and then every 2 weeks, you would need to progress slowly with the amount of days and the amount of reps you need to do A question that came from Instagram says It makes you bloated but if you use up all your water weight, it can be effective. You just need to balance everything Your muscles are sore after a workout because you have been working on your muscles, like if you have been going through some tough exercises, you will be stretching your muscles No, alcohol can actually make you gain weight which are very unwanted You need to see the changes in your stomach area so it will be like gaining those pounds So it depends on you balancing and on you, and thats why we are creating this app At the moment we are testing things out and seeing what kinds of things that you guys want to put into the app so stay tuned for that This one is a very generic question So you have different types like you have pyramid sets and eccentric, but my favourite is eccentric Because, for example when you are going downwards, it is like going slowly and you can really feel the muscle rip, like I don’t know how to explain it But you literally feel like you are working out and the gains The eccentric makes you feel the muscle fibres tearing in your arm so you can really feel the gains and when you are done with that Of course we are going to incorporate that advice into our app which is coming at the end of the year, so that would be very exciting Now we are going to talk about different issues As long as everyone follow on what is going to be in the app, I think that it will be great and you will definitely see a difference on your goal And especially if you have any kind of disabilities or medical condition which does not work, then it will benefit anyone It will be tailored to YOU I think it will be a success and have success in that, like as long as it is suitable for everyone, not just at people who are capable, but also people who are incapable too Like I have cerebral palsy myself so it will be a great thing to have Also, if you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym, there will be exercise via video which are going to be out there For people who wants to work out at home, it will be available on the app and is tailored to everyone like you would need to do a test which will tell you like if you want to work out at home and not just at the gym That’s it for this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up, and comment below for any suggestions And a huge shoutout to Denise, who actually has a youtube channel, I will put the link in the description, so do you want to tell more about your channel? On my channel, it is just like vlogs, lifestyle, hair and beauty and a bit of everything really And the behind the scenes of this video will be on her channel, yes definitely so check that out Make sure to give it a thumbs up, comment below, share it with other people, make sure you spread the word about this brand and what we do in this So see you guys later, bye! She is a [loud noise] [Laughs] Oh my god! Maybe you need to do the sign off again?! I think the ads just came on, he hates ads! [baby crying] It was going good as well! Okay Azi [baby continues to cry]


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