MILLIONS Of Americans Will Lose Their Health Insurance with GOP Tax Plan

MILLIONS Of Americans Will Lose Their Health Insurance with GOP Tax Plan

This past week and actually for the last few
weeks, Republicans in DC have been working on a tax reform package that they say is going
to revolutionize taxes here in the United States. Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan keep telling us our
taxes are going to be so simple, you’ll be able to fill them out on a postcard, as if
anybody in this country has ever even asked for that to happen. But, as we all know, this tax reform plan
is really just to give away to the wealthy elite. Well, this week, we got a congressional budget
office score of this legislation that already passed the house, is sitting in the senate
waiting one way or another, and as it turns out, this tax reform plan is actually going
to cost 4 million people in this country their health insurance. Now, before we get into how that works, let’s
take a moment to realize that the Republican party in the United States, those in power,
are so incompetent, and corrupt, and inept, that they somehow turned a tax cut package
into an anti-healthcare thing. They created a tax package that strips people
of health insurance. That is a level of corruption and just pure
evil that I don’t think a lot of people in this country are even capable of wrapping
their heads around. But, anyway, here’s the specifics. Here’s how this works. The majority of people who will lose their
health insurance under the Republican tax plan will lose it because they want to repeal
the subsidies that go along with the Affordable Care Act in order to give that money instead
to the wealthy elite. They’re literally going to take money away
from people who cannot afford to survive in this country and give it to people who fly
around on private jets as some sort of subsidy or tax write-off for doing greedy, selfish
things that most Americans could only dream of. They’re doing it at the expense of 4 million
Americans’ lives. We have said many times before and there’s
plenty of studies to back this up. Having health insurance or not having health
insurance is often the difference between life and death. A family that does not have health insurance
cannot afford medicine. They cannot afford preventative care. They cannot afford to even go to the doctor
to get their kids the proper vaccines that they need to continue into school. Yet, we’re going to take that money away because
Republicans think that it’s just too darn selfish of people to spend that money on health
insurance and instead we’re going to give it to millionaires and billionaires. That is the current state of the United States
of America, folks. That is what the Republican party wants to
do. Even if this particular version of the tax
reform package doesn’t pass, they’re not going to give up. Tax reform is the new repeal and replace. If they fail here, they’re going to rewrite
it, tweak it slightly, and try it again. If that fails, they’re going to do the same
thing. We have seen this too many times to know what
these idiots want to do. All they want to do is give more money to
wealthy people and make sure that those who actually need help, the downtrodden, the underclass,
the working class, they want to make sure that those people stay in their place for
the rest of their lives and don’t even attempt to make their way up to the top 1%.



  • A boy and his shopping cart

    Stop supporting companies and businesses that support the Republican Party. They'll change their little tune real quick.

  • Paul Henri

    Tick tick tick the Republicans time is going to be up it's going to be hunting season for the Republican party. And I'm not talking about inciting violence I'm talking about history if you don't learn from history you're doomed to repeat it and what the Republicans are doing are going to cause a Civil War and it be them on The Hit List. When you disenfranchise 85% of your population the numbers are not good. You take away their jobs you take away their health care and then when you take away net neutrality you take away their entertainment so then all they have time for it to be angry an anger Plus gun equals Death.

  • MrKafein

    If I were American and I had just lost my health insurance because of this greedy system, I would pay back those politicians. With bullets. In their heads.
    Reps should be worried, they might very well end their days hunged up by their very supporters, and it would be fair justice.

  • Lefty Lego1913

    This is an abhorrent abuse of power, why don't republicans realize trickle down gas never worked; if it didn't work under Regan or Bush it's ludicrous to believe it will happen now. I grew up wanting to live in America and envied all that the country had to offer, at one point we experienced a "brain drain" basically an exodus of our smartest Canadians to head to US. My kids don't view the country as I did growing up and would rather travel elsewhere, I still love the US but it doesn't have the same appeal. One if my neighbors moved here from the US and he has pulled the US flag down, now only his Can one remains; this is all so heartbreaking for the US.

  • Mad-king-of-fools Pariah-of-the-universe

    Trump wants a corporate takeover over American no matter how much it pollutes the land, air and water, how many people don't have health care, how many workers don't have rights, how many students don't have access to a good education, and how much money is stolen to give to the filthy rich !!!!?

  • Linda Stuart

    We all know They are lying

  • Tyler Durden

    Off with their heads.

  • Amy Sternheim

    The Mercers and Kochs were waiting for this day for decades. They slowly and carefully funded and installed weakwilled politicians like Ted Cruz to write and vote for bills that will benefit only them! Long Island and Kansan residents better get the torches, pitchforks and hot tar ready for those families or your next!

  • Arachnoscribe

    We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.

  • thruthewormhole

    Erm no it removes the mandate for forcing people who don't use Obamacare to pay up.

  • chris branch

    LMAO!! LOL!!! to all you dumb trump supporters. you did it. you got all the rich and big business to get a tax break and you got the tax hike( if you make under 75k a year), lol dumb-asses (reverse robin hood is what you guys voted for)

  • jefferson broady

    The insane part of this is that despite this outrageous Trump-Republican legislation some lower income Americans will vote for Trump again in 2020!! The next part of the Trump plan is to strip all Federal funds to the elderly and lower income Americans to pay for the budget deficit. The only people benefiting from this "Tax Reform" are the Wall Street elites and multi-billion dollar corporations.

  • Jay D33

    Oh hell naw! 2018, VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT. Enough laying back, it's time to cool these fuckers now. Republicans are on that death bed, PUSH EM IN THAT BED GRAVE.

  • Costeno Salao

    The senate is the key. We'll take back the house and the presidency soon, but the senate will be trickier. These deep red states are systematically making their states inhospitable so that anyone with a brain and the ability to do so will leave, so the rich vultures can further exploit the people and resources of those states. These corrupt, bought-off corporate puppets have undo influence in political decisions–a senator from North Dakota has as much voting power as a senator from California. Like the electoral college, the allocation of senators was designed to keep us together, but in fact it's destroying us. We can't let our most sinister politicians use our most gullible and ignorant voters to tear our country apart.

  • V

    I could hit Paul Ryan with a baseball bat.

  • Victorseafog

    There was a provision in the original tax plan that would allow for maintenance and fuel deductions for private jet owners. Like the Piece of Shit tRump has. There is no deduction of course for auto maintenance and fuel I guess we'll all have to go out and buy a 757.

    The GOP is corrupt and greasy, and they don't any issue with fucking their base over. They know these dip shits will always vote for them as they consolidate all forms of media to repeat and repeat their lying propaganda laced with anti abortion, religious horse shit, anti gay, and legal or illegal aliens. It works like a charm on the non critical thinking morons.

  • DM Tea

    Trumptards will soon be dead now that health care for them is gone. Bye you idiots.

  • Damon Beasley

    Start calling it tax scam

  • Douglas Shaver


  • Michael Coville

    The Republicans who vote for this can sleep well at night knowing the top 1% will vote for them in the mid-terms. As for the other 99%, who they just screwed out of trillions of dollars, however…

  • Damon Beasley

    You stop worrying about voting. Start worrying about voter suppression. According to the exit polls HRC won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona (NC elected a Dem for Governor in 2016). Our election are ranked 87th. We are the only country that has an electorial college witch created to protect slave states. WAKE UP.

  • Serenity Now

    Dumb ass liberals that don't know anything. Millions of Americans lost their health insurance or are now in debt because of Obama care. Take your communist/socialist ideas elsewhere. Yes liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Sondra Kaplan


  • SYNAPSE 2020

    Not even 'trickle down' any more. Just grand theft by corporate doners.

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    This sort of corruption will continue as long as there are financial backers in Politics.
    Take the money away from politics and there’s no incentive to strip money from the most needy.
    Its actually amazing that the US can function with all this money going to the rich and nothing left for the most basic needs like schools, sick children and looking after the elderly(meals on wheels).
    Come the mid terms .. Get out and vote these vultures out of office.

  • Jitka Soliman

    America ist f***d. Even if the Dems will win it will take years to undo this disaster. Millions will die without insurance or end up in poverty. Not to mention the deficit. Russia needs a weak America and they succeeded.

  • todshi

    Those of us who will lose our health care will stay in our place. It's call a grave…

  • Secure

    I am so disgusted with this current administration and politics in this country.  Too many people do not vote, do not know what is going on.  Too many people watch Fox and believe that stupid spin.  I think it will take a revolution to get the money out of politics and for our elected officials to represent the best interests of the people and not corporations and the donor class.

  • Tango Bango

    I hope a whole lotta’ stupid Trump Supporters are among those who lose their Health Insurance. Don’t have one iota of pity for these Morons.

  • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

    Oh well- that’s what Trumpers wanted. Still think democrats are as bad as the GOP? Get your wallet out.

  • B WaNe

    MFs will regret their decision on who they voted for when they have to choose between their house mortgage or their heart and pain meds….. and some way some how it will be OBAMAs fault

  • Cherrie Shird

    so when is the people who voted for him going to wake up, oh yeah when it's to late

  • Mikael Holmgren

    Good reporting!!! Thank you for really care about the poor, low and middle class.

  • Hazzycakes


    Republicans aren't smart.

  • Hazzycakes


  • Tiddybeth

    Why are Americans not taxed at source? Most of the world deduct tax on their paycheck. Also most of the world deduct a small amount to pay for Universal Healthcare. Why is America so backward on this issue?

  • Tiddybeth

    I am in the UK. 5 years ago my husband had a really major stroke. I can happily tell you he is home with me. AT NO COST TO ME1


    Ryan reminds me of winier the pervert! same face,neck,nose!! bug eyed look!!

  • rparsi

    Vote the bums out

  • Fernando Lara

    Yay! Fuck the poor. Merica!!

  • Larry Phischman

    They passed it very late last night Faron.

  • Anthony Mcqueen

    2018 these corrupt fossils are going to loose their jobs.

  • Michael Nelson

    Looks like Paul Ryan's got somebody's dick in his mouth!!!😨 What comes around goes around 2018-2020 Everything Will Change again for the better!!! Progressives will take over!!! Bernie Sanders 2020!!!

  • Matt Wood

    16 greedy bastards disliked this video.

  • rippingtons60

    Fuck "peaceful revolution", lets just to it the old fashion way and make like late 18th Century France.

  • frances gaia

    Fascism is taking over, next is elimination of the Freedom of the Press, starting with the Internet.
    The same US Corporations that helped put Hitler and the Nazis in power are still in place today.
    google IBM and Nazi Germany for more information.
    by Richard Moore. Available on
    Amazon for $6.00. Detailed Info.
    about US interests and profits in Hitler's war machine.
    We need to reclaim our Democracy!

  • Speed Racer

    This is outrageous  , that they pushed this bill thru without even reading it they wouldn't let the Democrats read it nor do we have a word in it and it Affects Us not them since they have government health insurance and then they want to start chopping up Medicare . Paul Ryan is  behind all these bills and give them to Chump to sign  since he just a puppet when it comes to these bills . We must vote Ryan out ! 24 million people will lose health insurance so he can build his wall  and  the GOP  can pocket the money in a slush fund .

  • Shadow Phace

    While we where in bed sleeping, preparing for another day of work, these Republicans passed a bill to take care of their donors. Congrats America ☹

  • Jonathan Fesmire, Steampunk Author

    It would be so easy to fix this country. Tax the rich at much higher levels (don't worry, they'll be fine), and cut military spending. Bam.

  • Jonathan Fesmire, Steampunk Author

    Farron, I'm glad you said "evil." That's exactly what I've been saying.

  • coryluke12

    The solution here is to become rich.

  • Virginia Sullivan

    My country tis of thee, sweet land of hipocrasy where fake Christians reign.

  • Poes Law

    And yet democrats still push the most regressive tax. The sales tax. And why did democrats ever pass a republican health care system? It's almost like democrats hate the poor the most but still want their votes. Is it any wonder they continuously snatch the wings of default from the jaws of victory.

  • Mario Capistran

    Can you do a video on net neutrality

  • Bw Bacon

    “The purpose of a representative government
    is to curb the interests of the moneyed interests."
    -Thomas Jefferson

  • Dee Pattison

    Love the picture of Ryan with a tongue-in-cheek since it sort of summarizes his time in the House! He doesn't mean a thing he says.

  • James williams


  • jerod schultz

    Cant say people will lose it if they volunteer to drop it. Forcing people to have health insurance and fining them for not having it is is even worse because now they have to choose between buying health insurance that covers nothing unless they spend like 300 or more a month on it or buying oh i don't know food or a house for themselves or their kids. Oh yea don't forget the 10K deductibles for the insurance or the billions in profit the companies are making because they know people are forced to take a plan Oh and your taxes out of your check pay for medicare medicaid and every poor person who doesn't have a job to get free health insurance.

  • karen salomonsen

    They think that we are just going to sit quietly by and let them take from the poor and the middle class and give even more to the rich. We let them know how we felt about what happened in the 2016 election when they went to the polls in VA an NJ. In 2018 Congress is going to hear from all of us and we are going to roar our displeasure loud and clear we aren't going to take it anymore. Woman have value, people of color have value, the poor and the middle class have value. In 2018 we will be going to the ballot boxes we will show this congress the value of a ballot. It's not always about who has the most money or the most toys sometimes it's about who is the best at sharing and caring for his fellow man. And, the Republicans threw the people away for money.

  • Just For Fun

    I know this will never happen, but for humor's sake, give this some thought. If the crime were "dealing in drugs", the criminal's assets would be confiscated as "the proceeds of crime". Can you imagine if we (the American people) were able to snap up all of trump's assets as "the proceeds of crime" and distribute equally amongst us all??….amongst all of us that he's fucked?? We'd likely all get about $50,000-$75,000 EACH! Let's "plant some drugs" on that scary orange-assed mother trucker!! (Sorry trump supporters, you get diddly squat for being "brain dead".,…lol!!)

    If nothing else, we can at least have some good laughs at the orange dick head's expense. POTUS MY FUCKING ASS! He's better suited to be president of the sewers….he's such a shit spewing bastard!!

  • Sean Maher

    When the Dems are back in power, we need to demand universal healthcare.

  • Errol 0007

    America is a rich Country its such a shame that the selfish few percent couldn't give a shit about the majority.

  • bighand69

    Commies are not in full freak out mode because the commie America they dreamed of is falling apart.

  • bighand69

    This is how it is all going to play out commies. Listen and learn for once in your life. When this tax system kicks in it will mean that the median income families in America are going to get a massive tax reclassification rating. That means the vast majority of Middle income America are going to see tax cuts.

    Now on top of all of that There is going to be economic growth. So that means higher household income and more jobs.

    Now who is going to lose out in all of this well guess what the vast majority of Californian middle income families who are going to get their tax deduction from property removed. That means the deduction that they can claim at the moment of property up to 1 million is going to be reclassified at $500,000.

  • bighand69

    This is how it is all going to play out commies. Listen and learn for once in your life. When this tax system kicks in it will mean that the median income families in America are going to get a massive tax reclassification rating. That means the vast majority of Middle income America are going to see tax cuts.

    Now on top of all of that There is going to be economic growth. So that means higher household income and more jobs.

    Now who is going to lose out in all of this well guess what the vast majority of Californian middle income families who are going to get their tax deduction from property removed. That means the deduction that they can claim at the moment of property up to 1 million is going to be reclassified at $500,000.

  • dizzybynature

    its almost as if republicans dont realize that this is how revolutions begin..

  • Midnight Hoss

    Your a dumbass.

  • End-Gamer

    I hope those 4 million people are Trumpanzees.

  • Tony Callahan

    Do not vote for any politician supported by corporate donations. Americans are acting so stupid it actually makes TheRump look like he has more than 1 brain cell. He has allowed the pollutants to be left in drinking water and is choking off your healthcare. You just went from a third world country to a fourth world one. Mexico may decide to put a wall up to keep you out.

  • Vera Calvin

    I don't know if you read these comments, but could you please do a video explaining that once this tax plan becomes law the time duration it must remain in effect until it can be changed. People think once we flip the Congress and the presidency, we can undo this. I may be incorrect as well, but I thought it was a 30 year duration. I don't think most people are clear. Thank you!

  • Nathlie Majskolv

    Don't forget to thanks all your Drumpf voter out there!

  • funkyflights

    Republicans are officially the people’s enemy … Americans better take notice

  • Wanda Roderick

    I'll be so glad when the day comes that Paul Ryan is kicked to the curb with the rest of the sludge what a day that will be for America

  • rugby3230

    I came here because I thought then thumbnail image was Paul Ryan sucking a fat one.

  • Anthony Jerome Thorn

    Libertarians have asked for post card taxes.



  • J M

    One good thing about having no health care is that you should be motivated to stop eating junk food.

  • F. Rabbanit

    Any program forcing people to buy is a crime. Obama care is a crime NO ONE has to be subject to what they don't want, that is NOT DEMOCRACY that is socialism at it's worst Socialism in countries like Russia the government pays your medical insurance rich or poor. This program was worse than any social medicine in any country YOU HAD to pay for corruption. GET THAT first if you don't comprehend the magnitude of this corruption you won't even understand the situation Obama put you into.

  • Andor Koval

    Well I pay stupid Obama fine $900 because I wasn't working all year and didn't have health care so I'm happy that they are getting rid of this screwed up fine.  I have heath care now I got a new job with a company that has it because the economy is improving so much and I got a good job so i'm happy what they are doing . I work for a rich guy to so he gave me a job.

  • Dan Vercruysse

    This is what I feel is going to happen. Kim will wait till many are off health care. When this happens he will strike. This will cause a civil war as well as a war with North Korea. Due to the fact people will be so mad about not being able to go to the hospital after the attack or who knows attacks even. Trump will try to blame Kim for the reason of the people loosing health care after his attack or attacks. As well other things that I won't go into.

  • slim jo

    Trumpsters dont care. They'll be on their death bed last words uttered… "at least I, (bleep), voted for, (beep), trump, (beep), the greatest bushiness man eve…." beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  • ricky palabon

    Here comes the recession, Things will get financially bad when this tax bill take effect.

  • CJ Carpenter

    Hahah do you really think 100% of people want ObamaCare? You keep saying people will lose coverage. Yes a lot of us don’t want healthcare we want the option to have it or not to have it. Freedom of choice is what America is about not forcing things on people.

  • CJ Carpenter

    $20,000 for health insurance a year? What a fucking joke.

  • sailormanariel

    STOP CALLING IT TAX REFORM. This is why the Republicans screw everyone over and over. THEY pick the name and dumbasses like YOU Farron keep using it. Call it TAX GIVEAWAYS or TAX THEFT. Do not use the word "reform" to describe it. Geeeeeeeeeeez, liberals are stupid.

  • Marguerite Johnson

    In the U.K., we have a bad situation with a botched change in benefit payments to people on very low or no income. But, they still have access to free health care. We are operating food banks – food and necessities donated by all levels of society – but to have this shambles at Christmas when government offices are closed is unimaginable. The world is moving so quickly in reverse that it feels as if we may end up with workhouses.

  • Garlic Breath

    Ryan is one of the most disgusting, slimy bastards in the White House.

  • Cecil Lyles

    That picture of Ryan looks like he is sucking on Daddy Trumps balls!

  • Eric Price


  • Wretch Gunk

    duh capitalism=freedom… all capitalists worship in a death cult, this is what you wanted, this is what happens when you let people become billionaires, they seize power, and they dont have the workers interests at heart… there is only crony capitalism, but you thought you could compromise with billionaires…. now you reap what you sew, ah well, the more americans die the better off the environment is.

  • Dawna

    i know this sounds horrible, BUT i hope the folk who voted for this idiot suffer greatly as a result to perhaps open their damn eyes and grow a f'n brain with a moderate IQ…..

  • mcmanus family

    The 13th Ammendment states clearly that this is illegal!!!

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