Instagram: alexsydor he is 17 years old



  • Michael D'Agostino

    Love you, you big cheese

  • Alan Betancourt

    I was literally watching one of your vids and you just uploaded a new one 🤣🤣

  • Ogi Zek

    Benglit 🗿

  • Dylan Loesel

    Legit just dropped the vid and it already has a thumb down 🤦

  • Martin Trujillo

    Anthony needs to make a video 🙏😂

  • Paru Tsuchikawa

    My love is real

  • OIiver Forslin

    I like you

  • Tristan Miller

    Big boys looking strong and handsome

  • ReLII

    Ok 🅱️ames, 🅱️exx, and 🅱️nthony 😳

  • James English

    Alex (the dude who tried killing me via squats) is 17 years old and is squatting as much if not more than me. His IG is alexsydor, check him out

  • Angel Osorio

    When all of them got content but James is the only one uploading

  • zebediah Ambrosia

    Anthony was gassed about his chapstick story

  • Colby Courtmanche

    The atmosphere in there was crazy 🔥💪🏼

  • Eddie Bernardino

    Papa James Uploaded😳🔥

  • Curtis McAllister

    I asked so many questions lmao. Had a great time man.

  • Santiago reyes

    Jem bengle big pp

  • Sia Winkelmolen

    Great video, James! Thank you for providing this great content.

  • Curtis McAllister

    What camera did you use to record the squats?

  • Richard Beckley

    Thank you for the realness at the end it was very inspiring

  • Realism

    Bumper plates are gay. When is baselayers out

  • Ian Hall

    saving this video for my next squat day because i have recently lost motivation to lift and eat 😔 this video will help

  • jesse younog

    absolutely killing it with the videos bro keep it up

  • David-Julian Wind

    that subliminil quiet interstellar S.T.A.Y theme during the Q&A i love it!

  • Vulturezz

    9:25 that boy high asl

  • amly

    8:30-5 almost like a real job💙💙💙

  • Robin w

    Praying for James. Cause Dylan told me too. Also can’t find the back guy yet.
    So here’s my usual until I find him
    “Are you the back guy?”

  • Kyle Lee

    I'm one of the South African dudes lol

  • Ben Jones

    Awesome meeting you my friend! ❤️

  • Dennis5493

    That's one hell of a hype song

  • All Things Massiah

    Great video Jam

  • Danny Murphy

    15:29 so funny

  • Oliver Kennedy

    When the luxe dropping, sick video

  • Lenni Eklund

    It was the beating of my heart

  • Reid Barden

    Could a company as big as gymshark not find a gym with metal plates and a power bar lol

  • Valdo A

    Haha who yelled 25 pounds after Anthony’s donut bite 😂

  • KdK Trapz

    I love how Dylan and Dave don’t say much at the end and let the youngsters take in the moment

  • Tommy Alcaraz

    lexx’s face at 13:24 is hands down my favorite part of the video

  • Innovatixn 99

    Holy shit that face. Amazing

  • DinDinGames

    Your best vid imo

  • vander

    20k Subs 🥳

  • Davide Fazzini

    It was the beaten of my heart 💓

  • Regot 0076

    Is that the music from interstellar I hear in the background at 20:13?

  • Luke Mantini

    Most euphoric vid in a long time from you guys. This made me happy.

  • King Cho

    I love you james

  • chung

    This is euphoric fuarkkkkkkkk

  • Nate GetsGains

    I had to comment 3 times to get u to 69 comments

  • Nate GetsGains


  • Nate GetsGains


  • Jairo Andrade


  • Gauge Lambeth

    Take a shot everytime Lexx says “like”

  • Lasse Hansen

    Awesome video James. Really loved the last bit where you guys just sit down and talk to the fans ❤️

  • Allan Wittmann

    Love how James put his fans clips in. Love you daddy Jam

  • Matt

    Did James drop out of college?

  • DanielFitness

    Amazing video bro

  • Dom

    Fuarrkkk respect the hardstyle brah

  • Tom Ashton

    What camera did Dave give you at the start?

  • Nicholas Pedersen

    the great value qwin vitale came to the meet up at 11:07

  • Jess G

    18:20 the moment David laid rubs his face as you talk about genetics clearly David didn’t have good genetics as a teen he was ectomorph yet he shines but David’s talent is superb edits and his knowledge for using good equipment also his physique is monster but he’s just too damn tall

  • Jose Pena

    7:18 i want that scoop now🤤

  • Soós Erik

    You guys give a fresh & exciting meaning to lifting ,that motivates the heck out of me!Thanks for every bit you all do for us!

  • Back Guy

    Videos like these makes me wanna hit a fat bench PR with you guys 🥺

  • pmikeymike

    That's HUGE!!!

  • Lil Jojo

    Video was very inspirational you could feel the vibe of motivation in that room from just watching lol, thx for always putting content out and motivating me to become a better me!! Very appreciative

  • Ariana Grande

    It’s so cool to see Alex on a big YouTubers channel and getting recognition for how strong he is.

  • Louis Champagnon

    How do you all eat your calories and protein in this?
    I have to be honest as someone with a similar physiology to all of you, small bones, tiny waist, I have to eat at least 3500 calories a day, about 160g protein to gain weight and muscle and it's a real struggle. I just dont see that from any guys here. Maybe include every meal in your vlogs. I only see Dylan doing it and we know he is competing and enhanced.

  • Poipledudeify

    YOOO that door transition was nuts

  • Ice Cold Lemonade

    Dave doesn’t give a fuck lmao

  • Dave

    The zyzz is strong in this one


  • TrulyComp

    Great video man keep up the great vids 💪🏻🔥

  • Little Elvis

    We just gonna pretend like he didn’t use dave’s transformation video song 🧐

  • DAVID mejia

    Weights are easy, words are hard

  • Thomas Cogger

    Lol 8:30 to 5pm is a long day?

  • Francis Altamirano

    didnt expect alex sydor. was cool seeing him there.

  • Victor Ariza

    Now we need a video from Anthony with the chapstick story.

  • Kelvin Garcia

    JAMES! will be an unforgettable experience to have met you and the crew! So excited to see your future content!

  • Isaac Alvarez

    Ur welcome for the pre 😉

  • Fabricio Perez


  • ares

    Bro I shit you not, when I heard “beating of my heart” I paused the vid and liked immediately 🤣 that song got me into lifting

  • Fred Buechel

    Yo that’s me

  • Cody Sipe


  • Cole Benoit

    Easily my favorite video ever love this content man

  • Clayton Talltree

    Y’all Fr livin the dream

  • Finch

    The interstellar soundtrack music over the Q AND A is blessed

  • Akash Ghosh

    That og song from David's transformation video ♥️😔

  • Moises Torres

    You know It is a Jam type of workout when he connects the aux and puts Overkill 😈

  • ChanChan

    Do sarms count as steroids cause it seems like a lot of people use them these days?

  • QuartzTech

    15:25 yeah i was about to say no safety pins, and i had a feeling something like that was gonna happen 😀

  • Juju wanis

    great vid

  • Floo


  • Teemu Saarikko

    fastest 23mins of my life..

  • Tariq Rudge

    4:54 Great, Dr Greg is crying now, thanks a lot

  • JettLag Official

    4:01 Dave dropping straight bars

  • Gulliver Davies

    I fr actually feel kind of sorry for Anthony when they joke about his post show mistake- he seems to not care but idk🤷🏻‍♂️

  • sLpt

    fuck the person who didn't let you in @ 24. Worked at 24 for over a year the "guest pass past 10 pm" is bullshit and usually only employees with a barbell up their ass follow that.

  • El Ka

    11:25 funny how lexx is so insecure that hes so small that he even flexes when he talks to appear at least a bit bigger

  • Aidan Cooke

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm content with my 330lbs squat lmao

  • Alan Betancourt

    "Hey buddy"

  • Nicolau

    5:09 so this is how Anthony got his jaw line… 🤔

  • Saqul

    23:19 tell that to dave his video will probably come out in a month

  • Aidan Waters

    That Interstellar soundtrack in the background was a very nice touch James

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