Mashed fauxtatoes – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

Mashed fauxtatoes – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to another episode of
Protein Treats today we are making super yummy stuff for thanksgiving you can use
it for Christmas or Easter and we’re actually making garlic cheesy baked
mashed potatoes so they’re not made out of potatoes we’re going to give you a
little secret in a few minutes but these taste amazing they’re super easy to make
and we’re going to show you everything that you need to make them creamy and
delicious just like real mashed potatoes so you’re going to need two heads of
cauliflower ours we’re about yay big today you’re going to need about half a
cup of Parmesan cheese about a cup of unflavored Greek yogurt made sure it’s
plain Greek yogurt and check the sugar content you don’t want sugar in your
Greek yogurt two cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese now my family loves
cheese if you’re trying to get the fat out of yours you can use less
cheese okay but I love cheese the cheesier the better and we’ve got a
quarter cup of butter and we also have half a cup of natural protein powder
we’ve used our Nutralean in here and then we have some herbs and spices now I have a mix of my own that I like to use but use you use your garlic and whatever that
whatever you want that you like to put in garlic mashed potatoes go right
ahead and put your seasoning in so I want to show you a little bit we’re
going to show you a little bit of what we did to get the cauliflower ready so
once you boil your cauliflower you steam your cauliflower you need to get all of
the moisture out of it so you can either use one of those those mesh bowls or you
can even use a cheesecloth but you need to get all of the moisture out of it and
keep working it until it’s drier than you actually think you need and then
what I did is I took it and I actually put it in a food processor and that gave
it that super smooth creamy texture so it only needed really not
even a minute in the food processor goes pretty quick and now we have our
cauliflower it’s all ready to go we’re going to put our ingredients in it mix
it up and we’re going to bake it in the oven it’s going to be so good it’s
perfect for Thanksgiving perfect for Christmas and Easter too okay so we’re
going to mix our dry ingredients together our protein powder our Parmesan cheese and our herbs and spices once we get those mixed up really nicely really
nice and smooth just so it’s the same consistency all the way through then
we’re actually going to put our about half of our cheese right into the dry
ingredients and that’s going to keep the cheese so that it moves around get the
kind of gets dispersed nicely it doesn’t clump inside your mashed potato when you mix it the rest we’re going to keep for putting on the top here we go that’s
what it’s going to look like so you can see just how it smells so good just how
yummy it is we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to add our Greek yogurt and
our butter right to our mashed cauliflower so just put that right and
perfect and then we’re going to do the same with our butter make sure your
butter is nice and soft you don’t want to be putting cold butter in here that won’t
mix up very nicely and we’re going to close this lock it and start a little
bit slow and then I’ll work our way up get that ok once you’ve got your potatoes mixed
really or not potatoes sorry your cauliflower it looks so much like
potatoes once you get your cauliflower mixed up really nice now we’re going to
start adding in our dry ingredients and we’re going to do it a little bit at a
time we’re not going to dump it all in but maybe dump a quarter to a third in
at a time and then go ahead and mix it up and add your next batch of dry
ingredients easy peasy mix up and then we’ll put our last batch dry ingredients
in look at that and I’ll do it quick swipe on the side just to make sure that
we get everything all mixed in and we’ll go ahead and there we go you don’t really have to
mix it for very long you just want to make sure that everything’s all the way
through evenly and because we were able to coat our shredded cheese with the
protein and with the Parmesan cheese as you can see it’s perfect it’s perfect
all the way through you don’t have clumps of cheese over to one side
everything’s mixed through beautifully and that’s what we’re really looking for
I’ll just put this in here and now we’re going to put it right into our baking
dish now I have sprayed my baking dish with a little bit of olive oil just to
make sure that it that it doesn’t stick at all we’ll get this out and we’re
going to go right ahead and we’re going to put it right into our baking dish
doesn’t that look amazing look at this that looks like mashed potatoes it is
nice and thick it’s the perfect consistency when you get this out of the
oven it is going to blow your family’s minds you’re not going to believe that
this isn’t potato so it tastes so good and it’s super super low in calories is
really really high in protein and of course it’s really high in fiber too so
I’m going to put a little bit of cheese on top because everybody loves cheese
and I’m going to put in the oven at 350 degrees for about 25 to 30 minutes now
if you’re doing this ahead of time for example for Thanksgiving dinner I would
do it the day before and then put it in the oven for the 40 minutes 35 to 40
minutes before you’re going to serve it and that way it’s less work for you can
get everything prepared ahead of time another little tip for this is it freezes
awesome okay guys our cheesy mock mashed potatoes are out of the oven it smells
like Christmas it smells like Thanksgiving and smells incredible in
this oh look at this mmm I can’t wait to try it this is so good now remember this
is made of cauliflower so we’ve got a fraction of the calories that you would
have if you were doing mashed potatoes and we have all the yummy goodness from
real butter from real sharp Canadian cheddar cheese we’ve got our herbs
and spices in here and it is going to taste so awesome I need to just test it
out because you know someone has to do the hard job around here look at this
beautiful creamy exactly like a baked mashed potato dish should be just in
time for Thanksgiving I have to blow on it cuz it’s still so super hot it smells so
good I can’t wait to hear from you guys let me know how you liked your
cauliflower potatoes you can comment below make sure you subscribe you can check us out on protein treats . com you can find it inside your patient account and I
can’t wait to hear from you guys this is so good I know what we’re having tonight
thanks guys



  • Robyn Murphy

    These saved thanksgiving for me! Being on soft foods I was worried that thanksgiving day was going to be a hard surrounded by all the comfort food that I love, A little of this and a little of the crustless pumpkin pie and I was just as happy and satisfied as if I ate a big scoft of thanksgiving dinner. Plus, when everyone was complaining about eating too much I was happily playing with the kids jumping around.

  • J Creelman

    OMG made these for Thanksgiving !!! LOVED them, it was so easy, I was a little worried I would screw this up, but worked perfectly !!!

  • Kate. Mac2004

    Looks deliciou

  • Michelle W

    I made this today to go on top of my Shepherd's pie. My family loved it!

  • WLF Medical

    That's awesome!!!!! I love hearing this!!! Xo

  • Tracy Blake

    I just made this….wow it's awesome!

  • CB Boyd

    I like cauliflower tempura. Please make a recipe.

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