Maren Morris’ Grammy Win Was a Surreal Moment

-So, congratulations. You’re the most nominated artist
at this year’s CMAs. -Yeah.
-Six nominations. Including album of the year.
[ Cheers and applause ] That must be very exciting
going into that. -It was. I mean, I wasn’t really
expecting that. I think, like, the big one
for me this year, because I put a record out was,
you know, album of the year. But, yeah, I didn’t expect to
walk away with all those. So that was very cool. And it’s voted on by, you know,
my peers in Nashville. So I feel like the cool kid. -That’s very nice. You should. Is it true that you started
as a songwriter? -Yes.
-Not a performer. And you got into songwriting
because you did not feel as though you were
being represented in country music songs, especially those
from the female perspective. -Yeah. For a while there,
and, you know, sometimes still, there’s a very severe lack of
women on country radio, if you keep up with any of that. And so, you know, years ago
when I was just writing songs for other artists, I noticed
that there was sort of two archetypes
that women fit into. There was, like,
the damsel in distress that needed to be rescued or wanted to be noticed by
the guy at the party and then there was, like,
the way opposite extreme female archetype of, like, “I’m gonna burn your house down
if you wrong me.” [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -So I was like, “I’m not
really hearing my perspective between these two goalies,” so I would like to
write something that is about, you know,
20-somethings. Like, we’re a mess. We’re not quite ready to take
the dive with marriage and kids
quite yet, but we’re not old enough —
or not young enough to, I guess, like, make the same college
rookie mistakes. So we’re in that, like,
sweet in-between. And I started writing songs just about being
drunk with my friends, and eventually made a record
about it, and — [ Laughter ] Yeah, so, and luckily,
it’s been received well. So I guess it was
a market cornering that needed to be done. -You had a song that you wrote
called “My Church” that you decided against
letting someone else sing. You felt like that was one
you wanted to sing. -Yeah. That was the first time
as a songwriter I wrote a song
where I felt very territorial. I didn’t want — I couldn’t
picture anyone singing my words for the first time,
which is funny because that was sort of
my bread and butter, was to write songs
for other people. But I just felt such
an emotional response after writing that song, and it would break my heart
to hear someone else recording it other than me. So I felt like I had to
give it a go. I wasn’t, obviously, signed to
a record label at that point. So I just put “My Church”
out on Spotify. This was back in like 2015,
and it just took off. And a lot of labels in town
were like, “Who is this chick
that no one’s heard of that’s out-streaming
all of our artists?” And so, yeah, so that’s kind of
like the beginning. -How were people finding it
on Spotify in the beginning? I mean, you must have been
surprised as well that it picked up like that. -Yeah, I think it was just — It was put on
a few different playlists. And mind you, this is like,
you know, five years ago, so Spotify and streaming
services have changed so much. -Yeah, but I didn’t have a hit
in 2015 on Spotify. [ Laughter ] It was — It was crazy.
I think just word of mouth, too. -Yeah.
-Like, people shared it, friends shared it and then
eventually, you know, within one week, it was, like,
at a million streams, which was very crazy
at the time, especially for
an unheard-of artist. So that was, like,
my first big break I guess. And first Grammy.
-You won a Grammy. And I was gonna ask what — That must have been a surreal
moment, an incredible night. What is your memory of
winning your Grammy? -I was with my mom.
She was my date. She insisted on being my date
to the Grammys. [ Laughter ] I think that’s
the rite of passage. Like, you gave birth to me. You
get to be my first Grammy date. -Yeah. So was this — It was
never up for discussion. It was pretty much as soon as
you got nominated. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -We just bop around.
Like, my dad goes to one, my mom takes the other,
my husband takes the other. So, yeah, they called my name. I won for “My Church” for country solo performance
that night, and it was airing on
the actual live show and not in the pre-telecast. And so I just remember
walking past — Like, they called my name.
I got up, didn’t trip. Walked past Blue Ivy Carter.
[ Laughter ] And it was, like,
the craziest thing. And then, yeah, just being up
there was very surreal. But it felt very validating,
and, you know, it’s, like, for the rest of your career
you get to say that you’re
this Grammy-winning artist. -Yeah. And if you can walk by — [ Cheers and applause ]
Absolutely. They say if you can walk by
Blue Ivy without tripping, you’ve made it. That’s how you
know you’ve made it. -You got swag.



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