March is National Nutrition Month: Tasty Tuesday Salt Substitutes Mach 10

March is National Nutrition Month: Tasty Tuesday Salt Substitutes Mach 10

Welcome to #TastyTuesdays today with me Shanon Morris, Registered Dietitian and today we’re going to talk about salt. Yes.
There is salt hidden in almost every food. Shanon where usually do we find
that salt that people don’t know is hiding? sure so I would like to call it sneaky
salt it’s everywhere literally so you can find it inside baked goods breads
which people are usually very surprised that anything in a plastic wrapper
basically usually probably us all you’ll find it in canned goods jerky
sometimes in our beverages it depends so I really want folks to make sure that
they have the right tools to make the right choices when it comes to salt is
there a difference between whether it’s used to spicy food or it’s used as a
preservative or is it all just the same salt so it’s all salt comes in many
different forms so I think it depends on the chemistry of that product what I
will say is that you’re right that salt is put into a lot of our processed foods
because it’s gonna help preserve it it also does make things taste better we
don’t know that then maybe that’s good for us so what I say is you want to make
sure that you’re choosing more foods that are whole rather than process what
does that mean that means that you want to want foods that look like it came
from the earth right so when you eat an apple you know if it looks like off of
the tree we eat apple pie you know something had to happen for it to look
that way right so exactly it was altered so you
want to make sure that you’re eating more things that are whole and less
things that are processed there are a few other tips though that I like to
give people when it comes to avoiding salt you can one use the 520 rule when
you’re reading the label you see the little percentage sign that says data
value when something is five percent or lower that means it’s low the number is
low if you see something that’s twenty percent or higher that means high so we
see sodium you want it to be closest to five as possible and the easy rule that
you can use all the daily values what are we making here today
a great salt substitute yes so something that’s really easy for folks also is to
make your own seasoning blends instead of buying them because they usually have
a lot of salt in them so today we’re going to use occasion blend that you can
use on a lot of different things you can put it on popcorn to add a little spice
to it you can also add it to your lean protein like chicken or even to seafood
like salmon or shrimp or something I do is add it just you can add it to sweet potato fries that i bake in the oven oh yes very good so here so we have a lot of seasonings
we’re going to open up our jar to make Cajun spice use black pepper oregano
cayenne pepper garlic thyme paprika and sage and we have some garlic flakes and
may onion flakes I’m sorry and may seem like a lot but once this is made is
going to last you forever so you’re gonna grab your spoon and
we’re gonna start with paprika actually because it’s our base and you’re going
to add I would say three tablespoons into your glass jar
and then from there you’re going to add one teaspoon to the rest and honestly it
depends on how big your jar is depending on how big your jar lid you can double
this recipe triple it and then you can also taste it right okay exactly yeah
okay to do a little bit I think um you know what if you don’t know what they
taste like you can always just taste the right I’m not very familiar with a lot
of spices yeah it’s hard for me to know what to use but this I think can be
altered to anything I want to put it on right and I can add and subtract
every season as well is good it’s not malicious every seasoning blend is one
or two spices different than the next one so honestly being in the kitchen
during the winter time this is a perfect time to make spice
blends when it’s too cold to go outside have some fun what tell us like what
does it solve do to you what’s salty to you so it doesn’t put
you at risk for hypertension which we know is one of the leading causes of
death in the United States so what you want to make sure that you do is choose
some of these salt alternatives, make the right choices. Choose whole foods because it
puts you at such a huge risk not only by our kitchen but then also for a stroke or
heart attack and we all know we don’t want to go down that path. We don’t, so spice it up.


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