Marc Maron Takes All the Vitamins and Turmeric Thanks to Some Guy

Marc Maron Takes All the Vitamins and Turmeric Thanks to Some Guy

-You look good, buddy. -They do that for everybody? -They do not stand
for everybody. -Thank you very much.
Thank you very much. -You got a standing ovation.
You felt the love. -Yeah.
-You look good. -Thank you.
-You have less of a mustache. -I have no mustache.
-Yeah. -I actually — It’s the first
time in about 15 years that I have no mustache.
-Wow. -I had to — I shaved it off
for a role in a movie actually. -Ooh, who do you play
in the movie? -I play the guy
without the mustache. -Ah!
[ Laughter ] That’s good casting.
-Yeah, yeah. -Good casting.
-It said “guy without mustache.” It’s very broad, but I’m like, “I can do that.
I’ll just take it off.” -But you look good.
You taking care of yourself? -I am. I think I am.
-Yeah. -You know, I do things
to take care of myself. I don’t know — I don’t know
what I know, Jimmy. Do you? Do you ever think — [ Laughter ] No, I mean, like, have you ever
had a few hours during the day and just sat down and go like,
“What do I really know?” [ Laughter ] -I don’t —
I don’t want to do that. -Well, the weird thing
is, like — and this is all going somewhere. Like, if you make
a column of things you’re pretty sure you know,
and then you make another column of how you know those things, about 90% of that second column
is just like, “Some guy told me.”
[ Laughter ] -That is true. -Right, so the point being is
like — Look, I take vitamins. Alright? I take them.
I take them every day because I’m afraid to die
and I’m stupid. [ Laughter ] But every day
I take my vitamins. I look at them in my hand.
-Yeah. -I got vitamin B,
vitamin D, vitamin C. And I look at them.
And in my heart, Jimmy, I know these don’t do anything.
-Right. [ Laughter ] Yeah, they do nothing.
-But I’m in. I’m taking them. -Yeah.
-I’m taking them every day. And so I’m in. So if I don’t take them one
morning and I drive somewhere, I’ve actually gone back
to my house to take my stupid vitamins
because in my mind I’m like, “What’s gonna happen today
if I don’t take them? Am I gonna get
in a car accident?” And vitamin D
stops car accidents. -I did not know that.
That’s fantastic. -Yeah. But my point is,
is, like, it is kind of B.S. And you never know when
someone’s just gonna randomly dump some crap into your head. Some guy you don’t
know that well or someone you’re
just talking to them, and out of nowhere they’re gonna
say something like, “Are you taking turmeric?” Then you’re like,
“What? Turmeric?” “Yeah, you got to take
turmeric.” And you’re like, “Turmeric?” “Yeah, turmeric.”
“The spice? Are you talking about
the spice?” And he’s like,
“Yeah, you got to take that.” “Wait, the spice that you buy
once to make an Indian recipe, and you never use it again
and it stains your wooden spoon? That turmeric?” -Stains your spoon. Yeah. -And he’s like, “Yeah, you got
to be taking that.” And I’m like, “No, I don’t.”
In my mind, that’s ridiculous. I’m just tired of
all that hype around stuff. But, you know, I’m taking it,
you know, and — [ Laughter ] Well, he told me
it was for inflammation. And then I said, “What do
you mean, inflammation?” He says, “You know,
general inflammation.” I’m like, “What is that?” And he’s like,
“Well, it’s the new bad thing that causes all the other
bad things, you know?” And then I’m like,
“What happened to cholesterol?” He’s like, “Well, it turns out
that’s good for you.” [ Laughter ] But I got to be honest. Since I’ve been taking it,
I feel less inflamed. -Wow.
-I do. -You look less inflamed.
-Less inflamed in a general way. -Well, you look great. Thank you
for coming back to our show.



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    "If you make a column of things you are pretty sure you know, then you make another column of how you know those things, about 90% of that second column is just like, 'yeah, some guy told me.'"

    –Marc Maron, on the Jimmy Fallon show, 7/17/19

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