Major Immunity Boost with Non-Verbal Hypnosis

Major Immunity Boost with Non-Verbal Hypnosis

The following techniques help activate the inner vital forces…. … and give a major boost to the immune system Working on the eyes… …and the ears. Sealing of the senses technique for inner peace The breathing pattern changes… She has entered the state of magnetic trance Bringing energy downward, to the Hara point The chest is a zone which holds emotions Gestures alone create big inner changes Get our FREE COURSE, the natural way to boost immunity Grounding is essential in psychology and to be in harmony with the element Earth Also this technique is similar to some ancient Chinese traditions These movements help anchor the subject in the present moment Working directly on a cold sore The subject might feel some slight tingling, which shows that the herpes is drying out. Combining work on the Solar Plexus with locally applied magnetism Circular motion to dissolve blockages The three centers! Additional grounding passes Balance of the brain hemispheres The original length of this immunity boosting treatment is 15 minutes Hana uses the techniques of the school of Dr. Paret Ii felt a sensation all over my head In the next days she found much of her pains going away Subscribe to our channel and bring information that I learned from my Masters a lot of information



  • María Santos Puente González

    Excelente aprendizaje gracias por compartir saludos cordiales desde Monterrey NL México

  • isabella

    Grazie Dr Paret

  • fede yo

    Hola. Soy de Argentina. Hay algún lugar en bs as Que hagan esto???

  • Fons Vanderleyden

    wowwwww… impressive and great sharing ! intensive boost ! super, Hanna end Dr Paret !

  • Igor Amaral


  • Vittorio Padoan

    Dottore, c'è un video per l'estrema timidezza, che mio figlio ha questo problema?

  • Fons Vanderleyden

    super ! ! ! pure gems ! so gratefull for sharing ! Put it in my client's session with so great experience ! Thank you Hana, thank you Dr Paret !

  • TheBagudungspeed

    12 passes

  • Souly Boss

    Est-il possible d’utiliser toutes les techniques sur une femme enceinte 🤰 ou certaines voir toutes ne sont pas recommandées ?
    Merci 🙏

  • Lawrence Fairbairn

    There are definite parallels with Chinese Qigong techniques.
    I’d love to learn these practices.
    Thank you Dr. Paret.

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