Low Carb Chocolate Cupcake Recipe Protein Treats by Nutracelle

Low Carb Chocolate Cupcake Recipe Protein Treats by Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
I have two special treats for you I have my little niece Avery who’s here to help
out today can you say hi to everybody Avery is an awesome little cook so she’s going to help us make the most decadent and delicious protein cupcakes we’re making
raspberry chocolate protein cupcakes for Valentine’s Day are you excited honey
yeah do you like chocolate and do you like raspberries yeah and you like icing
oh I think we’ve got a winner on our hands so stick around you guys I’m going
to show you how easy it is to make these amazing cupcakes and they’re also in our
new recipe book and i’m going to show you there are variations on these
cupcakes so if you want you can check out nutracelle.com and we have our
cookbook for sale for you and every single recipe has a beautiful picture
what do you think are we going to make even yummier ones today yes we are okay
so Avery we’re going to start with our dry ingredients first so we’re going to
start with our cocoa we’ve got one cup of dark cocoa powder yep dump it right
in there good job and we’ll put this aside and then we need two cups of our
granular baking stevia it’s really important that you use stevia because
it’s actually good for your gut flora in addition to being of course sugar and
calorie free ok so now Avery we’re going to put in one teaspoon of baking soda
and we have one teaspoon of baking powder and you know what baking soda and
baking powder do to our recipe they um make it when you cook it they make it rise that’s right that’s exactly what it does so now we have all of our dry
ingredients together so we’re going to mix them up so they’re nice and perfect
can you do that and while you’re mixing that we have to put in our chocolate
Nutralean we’re going to put in two thirds of a cup of chocolate Nutralean so here’s one third you want to put that in you ready good girl and I’ll
get another scoop for you and mix it all in good here you go here’s one more
scoop good girl good job here we’ll just get the last little bit out good job
very good Avery so now that we have that mixed up we’re going to put this
over to the side for a minute so we’re just going to move this out of the way
and we’re going to set it right there for a minute and now we’re going to do
our wet ingredients so for our wet ingredients we’ve got okay this isn’t
water this is actually coconut oil and coconut oil is wonderful to bake with
because it’s been shown to help you lose weight it stabilizes blood sugar
and it’s medium chain triglycerides so it helps your body actually activate
more of the brown fat which is the type of fat in your body that can help you
burn more fat and help to regulate your weight here we go we’ve got one half of
a cup of melted coconut oil and now do you know what this is it is yogurt is
Greek yogurt and its unflavoured Greek yogurt plain Greek yogurt and that’s
really important when you’re at the grocery store that you don’t get the
vanilla flavor or any of the flavorings with your Greek yogurt because it often
has added sugar which we don’t want and now we need we’re going to put our milk in and we’ve
got just in the bowl just like that now we’ve got one cup of unsweetened coconut milk
you can use unsweetened almond milk or soy milk if you want or a little bit of
heavy cream and some water to equal one cup but it’s really important that you
watch that sugar content you pour that right in perfect good girl and now we’re
going to add in our eggs we’ve got four eggs you want to try cracking an egg and
crack that hit it nice and hard a little bit harder yes good job now that we have
our dry ingredients and our wet ingredients we’re going to go ahead and
mix this up in our mixer stands so Avery do you want to help me pour a little bit
in pour about half in to start there we go we need a little bit of a mess this
up okay and then just on low let it get a little bit mixed we don’t want dry
powder flying everywhere and turn that down we’re ready to put the rest in you think you
can do it aunty will give you a little bit of a hand there we go and we’ll turn this
back on ready see how it’s starting to mix up and
will let our mixer go slow for a little bit and then we’ll turn it up to medium and we also need a quarter cup of
coconut flour and your coconut flour is what’s going to make it nice and heavy
do you want to put that in good job get it all out good job ok so I’m going to pull these out one at
a time and then yep were going to put them in the cup yep just like that
and then we’re going to put it right in there and I’ll help you till there about three quarters of the way filled
up how about you hold the cupcake for me and I’ll put the scoop in that work yeah
good girl uh oh did i drip it on your finger a little bit okay and then we’ll put it
in the hole gently good job we’re going to put one raspberry in the middle and kind of
push it down but not all the way down just a little bit in the middle of each
one perfect and then we want it to kind of get it mostly covered so then when these cook there will be a little bite of raspberry in the middle of each cupcake
and raspberries are so great because they’re really high in fiber and
antioxidants and they’re really low in sugar so they’re really healthy fruit
you want another one do you like raspberries yeah we do okay so now that
we have all of these in here we’re going to put it in the oven at 350 degrees for
20 minutes now if you’re making the mini cupcakes the size that are smaller than
that you want to cook for 12 to 15 minutes but for these they’re going in
for 20 minutes okay so we’ve taken our cupcakes out of the oven and let them
cool and now i’m using our cream cheese icing and all i’ve done is taken some
fresh raspberries and I’ve literally mashed them together with a little bit
of stevia and I put them in my little flip bag decorator here so one of these
is a mix of the cream cheese icing and just straight fresh raspberries and
that’s what’s going to give us a really pretty swirl for Valentine’s Day so
Avery do you want to help me you want to help me decorate them yes please okay you ready
i’ll squeeze and you help me okay good job we do the other one now
all right oh it looks so pretty Avery okay you ready if you want to put the
raspberries on top hold one look how beautiful is that what do you think
should we did they turn out pretty good are you an excellent decorator yes you
are should we taste it which one you want to eat that one can I’ll eat this
one we’re going to make sure they taste ok right ok you oh did you make good cupcakes
yeah are they super yummy they’re super yummy and super healthy thank you for
helping me Avery I go try your cupcakes hold on mmm Avery you make the best cupcakes you are an excellent cook you want look in the camera and say bye
to everybody bye bye say cheat with a protein treat bye bye can you say cheat with a protein treat tweet with a protein treat yeah that’s pretty good tweet your protein treat ok guys make sure you subscribe we would love to hear your
comments I’d love to see how yours turns out and of course happy Valentine’s Day
everybody love you guys bye wanna blow kisses



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