Live Link Up with Chinese Researcher Searching for COVID-19 Vaccine

now as epidemiologists try to stay ahead
of the spread of the novel coronavirus or covet 19 medical researchers around
the world have been focusing on vaccine developments some zooming in on the
spiked proteins that festoon viral surfaces how far along are we when can
we expect vaccine for Kobe 19 to be commercialized now among those in the
front lines is a researcher in China who began this race early on understandably
so as China is where a cover 19 first broke out roughly two months ago
joining us live via Skype is dr. Zhang Lin Chi professor at the School of
Medicine at Cheng hua university professor Zhang I thank you for joining
us good to be here now first of all as a Chinese researcher you must have the
most clinical data of the pathogen from both patients and recovered patients
what about this novel viruses do we know so far
over the last few weeks we we have learned a great deal about these viruses
although we’re still learning based on our understanding of the genetic
features of these viruses and the route of transmission we know the new corona
virus is a part of the bigger Colonel Aaron family which has been identified
in the wide range of human and animal species and then in particular that
causing pathogenic infection among humans including those identified in
2003 SARS viruses and one that identifying 2012 in Saudi Arabia that’s
the most viruses so together with two horses the new clever new current also
causing the pathogen infections in human and then in particular the smart seems
transmitted very efficiently although we are not very certain what what the
fundamental basis for this efficient transmission so we have to be extra
careful about these ones right so highly-trained now your primary
research interest has been the origin and spread of HIV pathogens with
the focus on the course of disease and treatment what triggered you to move
away from that and jump on to the vaccine development of covin 19 are
there similarities between the two yes I had been evolving HIV studies in
particular for vaccine development the knowledge and the technology we learned
in the field of HIV has a direct implication for other viral diseases and
that’s why that when the outbreak happened in China I have gathered my
colleagues and students try to skier up and then through this new kernel viruses
in fact the technology platform we have filled over years including vaccines for
HIV such as the recombinant form of vaccines and then the the mi base
vaccines and also the vector base vaccine strategies are all directly
applicable to this new horror virus vaccine segment so hopefully we’ll will
be able to develop faster then then the spread of this virus so professor Zhang
how far are we from this vaccine or copa90 treatment from being
commercialized given the nature of this vaccine or drug development it will take
a little while actually slower than we all wish because the nature of the
development require not just a laboratory research but also a very
thorough manufacturer preclinical and clinical studies but because of the
newer technology and perhaps a new mechanism in places we are able to
fast-track this development within much shorter fear time so hopefully we’ll be
able to get those newer candidate into human testing in about two months
so did you say in about three months feel a few months a few months okay no
until then what do we need to be most careful about in containing this novel
coronavirus epidemic based on what we have learned so far and
then given this virus has the incredible ability to transmit I think we all have
to be very careful not to get together as often as we want try to be vigilant
about your own personal hygiene and also if necessary just to be isolated
yourself at home and contained when you’re traveling into
the into the regions so all those comprehensive measures were
how to break the transmission chains so it wouldn’t be able to spread further so
be vigilance be protective and then be dedicated focus as much as you can all
right dr. Zhang Ling Qi professor at the School of Medicine at University best of
luck to you and your team in the vaccine development thank you for speaking to us
tonight thank you



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