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Kyani Nutrition Products | Kyani Discovery Australia

(water rushing) Life is beautiful. The intricate fabric of nature holds millions of living things in delicate balance. We are part of a complex system of life, a food chain within a thriving ecosystem. Our bodies themselves are also comprised of comlplex systems that depend on nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and provide
us with the energy we need. In recent history we’ve
altered this delicate balance and our modern diets are
not what they once were. Many remain unaware that processed and even synthetic foods make up a larger majority of our daily intake, leading to many chronic diseases: obesity, depression,
and other consequences. Good nutrition goes much further than just giving your organs and systems the elements they need to be healthy. Nutrition has a direct
impact on how you feel, your level of energy, and how well you think and sleep. It affects your mood and self-confidence. Good nutrition is at the
core of your quality of life, regardless of your diet, taking one simple step can help to ensure that your nutrition and physical well-being
are the best they can be. Kyani has developed a simple, yet extraordinary nutritional
system that has helped hundreds of thousands around the world achieve optimum health. After years of extensive research, Kyani assembled the most
remarkable superfoods and botanicals from around the world, to form the triangle of health. Three products that work
together to optimize wellness in a way that only Kyani has achieved. The triangle of health
begins with Kyani Sunrise, a powerful supplement with
water-soluble nutrients anti-oxidants, vitamins, and
minerals from the world’s most prized superfoods. The premier ingredient in Sunrise is the wild, Alaskan blueberry,
the king of fruits, which evolved over thousands of years to protect itself with
a rich, colored pigment called anthocyanin. Stored in the berry’s protective skin, this phyto-nutrient is the source of the wild Alaskan blueberry’s
antioxidant prowess. Boasting at least five times the potency of the common blueberry. Over 20 additional superfoods, like acai berry, mangosteen, alma, and ashwagandha, combine to form a wide spectrum of vitalizing nutrients. Kyani sunrise is the first
blend of vitamins and superfoods to successfully balance
the entire spectrum of these life-giving nutrients. Among many benefits, Sunrise helps to boot energy and supports brain function, cellular health, and immune
system effectiveness. The next product in
the triangle of health, is the perfect compliment to Sunrise. In order to increase the
bio-availability of the supplement, Kyani has intentionally
separated the essential, lipid-soluble nutrients
from water-soluble ones. The result is a convenient gel capsule called Kyani Sunset. Taken in the evening, Sunset
is a proprietary combination of a unique form of
vitamin E, and omega-3s, derived from wild, Alaskan salmon, and other wild fish. Sunset also contains the essential vitamin D, and beta-carotene, which is a natural source of vitamin A. Together, these nutrients
combine to provide powerful, well-documented protection for many of the body’s most vital systems. Kyani Sunset supports heart health, healthy blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation, and helps to maintain healthy cholesterol. Sunset also encourages
healthier skin and hair. The third product that completes and turbocharges the triangle of health is the Kyani Nitro Family. Powerful supplements that boost nitric-oxide production in the body, now called the molecule of life, nitric-oxide has been shown
to dilate blood vessels, leading to better circulation, more energy, reduced inflammation, better sexual health, and improved brain function. In fact, in 1998, three scientists were awarded
the Nobel Prize in physiology, or medicine, for their
research on nitric oxide. Kyani Sunrise and Sunset are powerful stand-alone supplements, but when Kyani Nitro boosts the body’s nitric oxide production, the blood vessels expand,
and circulation improves. At this point, the body’s
ability to deliver the nutrients from Sunrise and Sunset to
the cells is greatly enhanced. This benefit is what makes
the Kyani triangle of health absolutely unique in
the nutrition industry. – The great thing about
the triangle of health is that we have three
scientifically based products that combine the best that science and the world’s health
traditions have to offer. Kyani triangle of health
synergistically combines the best of science and nature. Triangle of health products are powerful, performance-based and pure. – When we put them together, they synergize in a way so
that the whole is very much greater than the sum of its parts. – Nitro products open up the superhighway that brings the vitamins,
minerals, nutrients, omega-3s, fish oil, to
all parts of your body. to all parts of your body. The triangle of health is a simple, easy to use nutritional system that has genuine, positive effects on your physical health. Improving your well-being greatly impacts your life, career, and relationships. You might accomplish
something extra at work, or spend a little more
quality time with a loved one. You may help brighten the day
of someone who needs a smile. Better health and nutrition enables you to experience more. Life is beautiful, make
the most of it with Kyani. (music fades)


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