KO Zone – Gym Remodeling Part 2 // RealWorld Tactical

KO Zone – Gym Remodeling Part 2 // RealWorld Tactical

No all right guys it is January 9 2020
happy New Year to everybody and I want to give you an update on how the gym is
coming along as well know we have our rebrand opening January 18th so we’re
about nine days away and she’s pretty hectic here real well strike their
famous collaboration with Killzone why don’t I give you guys an update so we
just had the container full of the brand new machines dropped off all the
machines actually didn’t drop them off we unloaded them me Diego Gregory and
Tony unloaded 40-plus branding machines that are boxed up yesterday took us six
hours to do that it was pretty damn hard and it fucking sucked so pretty proud of
that hard work hard labor we got it done though knocked it out so now we have the
old machines that are still in the gym without the new machines that are here
in boxes we’re starting to build them and we’re starting to little by little
transfer the old machines for the new machines
we’re actually gonna be closing down the gym three days prior to the grand
opening so we can take care of everything without no problems but we
are getting work done every day painted some more today and the mural by Ben
Zorba full-color is looking fire he also did another mural on the side of the
building which was really good he’s got two more to go on top of the big big one
that he’s doing in the parking lot so that’s coming around I want to show you
guys what the boxes looked like and all that and then what the machines are kind
of gonna look like and go from there and then hopefully we see you guys one more
time before the actual red grand opening I want you guys to see all the
differences from beginning to end so you see the differences on how the gym
totally change itself there are some things that I’m not gonna be here for
the regretted opening like the dumbbells and all that so you know obviously give
you updates on that those I think coming in February or so and then the Turk
should be here next week some of the stencil work as well so for the new
logos will be here in sweet as well so a lot of different things man it’s it’s a
lot of work you know it’s a lot of work a lot of details and it’s just constant
every single day you gotta get stuff done and be productive so follow me now
we got show you how it’s looking out here well here are here’s one of the
machines that we got this is what do almost machine is gonna look like right
here this is your back back machine back door machine
wait plated or plate loaded I should say most of not all the machines are gonna
be red and black and or black you know so this is what sometimes I this is a
bench that flat bench that we built so he built these two right here as you can
see the machines hum and these crates like this had them set straight from the
manufacturer okay these are just some of them and if you can see down that way
you’ll see all the rest of the machines down that way guys there’s a reason why
most gyms don’t go straight to the manufacturer and instead of and buy from
these from Cybex to these bigger mission for their places
because they bring these machines straight to your door built and
everything I decided to go another route I started to go the route of me building
it saving a lot of money me unloading it building it here in the gym doing to
myself harder and labor but I got same amount of machines for quarter the price
so it was just my choice you have to be smart and business sometimes and you
gotta work a little bit harder to save a lot of money it’s worth it then to pay a
lot of money and then be bigger debt okay so that was just how it
is as you can see it’s a sample still we just finished painting this wall right
here we’re doing the block two-tone right here so it’s a gray and then black
bottom the reason I did that is because in the bottom two feet usually you have
a lot of black marks from people with their shoes or things they’re hating and
all that so I rather just paint in black so you don’t see the black marks to last
a lot longer I would have fit in the whole entire wall gray and all those
marks will be back there in a month you know so it keeps the gym looking a
little bit cleaner alright guys so you guys will know one of my quotes is
everything learned nothing given work hard for what you wanted like and so I
wanted to put a graphic in the gym that represented me and what I stand for and
what this gym stands for everything in this gym that you see has been sweat
blood and tears that brought this gym to life and brought the community that we
have here so I want to continue that so I had a graph with me where it’s gonna
have the mobile so it goes over to the left side and it’s gonna stay in this
channel nothing just giving everything is going okay that’s one of the things
over here to the left that big spot right there in the great spot right
there it’s gonna have another stencil mobile and then over here to write this
wall right here this was gonna be another wheel run strength and fitness
level as well okay we’re keeping kids going up to the
second floor and we were saying that Fitness is gonna be the first fullness
for the collaboration okay some of the things that you guys probably hadn’t
seen before in the woman’s bathroom we also put a graphic come with me pretty much finished the women’s
bathroom just a little couple touches here and there but we’ll describe here
to remind women that it’s nothing wrong with being strong in life and everything
you do so strong them and scare me been right to all week as bitches that I
always complained all the girls got too many muscles just to be in a lot just
because your pussy you know we read about that here we were saying your
fitness put some nice little cool stuff over here and the mirrors here boy this
big difference on used to be back in the day we just thought the partition is now
we built the entire walls up over here we have the UM we have to actually build
this right here because the glass was very expensive and I didn’t want to
spend money on something that I didn’t need to
so when I’m building a minimal partition here the canvas in the middle
prettier here this you don’t wanna come so as well what up guys what’s up what’s up today
is Monday January 13th we’re a week away from the reground opening today is my
birthday and guess what I’ve spent the entire day here at the fucking gym
working on my birthday while working on my birthday because just got to get done
you gotta do what you gotta do as you guys already see there’s a spawn
of machines already that we’ve built in the last few about three or four days or
so your machines I got some hammers machines I got some pin loader machine
they go to machine a libertarian so we still have quite a bit of to go you can
see down you know it’s dark but maybe another ten or twelve machines that we
still have left then after you get the machines you build them then we got to
put them in all the right places all right we has a turk coming in on
Wednesday the 15th it was what’s coming into the air tomorrow but we decided to
move it forward a couple days just because we have so many machines
everywhere we still have more painting to go and just want to give you guys a
quick update on this one over here in the gym so looking forward to this wee
grand opening from January 18th this Saturday and manages home everything
works out what’s going on guys we are back again
finally hard work has been done we have everything pretty much situated in the
gym how it used to be everything is pretty much ready I’m just
gonna give you a quick recap I’m so tired
it’s been three days of 13 hour days building these machines putting
everything together I’m like on that mold right now and
we’re a little bit delirious so I’m a little bit slow bear with me here so you
guys can see we got the mural by Ben kazar before color finish this mural
here he also did an outside wall out here so Ben also did this wall right
here in his own tag is on style Rafi t so you can see we change the doors now
we have new little graphics on the doors and try your wrist
both logos okay and it’s going side we have the entrance of the gym right here
straight when you come in you guys remember before this wall was in a wall
here was the door to be over there we have the graphics on the wall here now
we have fuels on here serves all kinds of smoothies fools everything like that some stair steppers and then we start
off with the pin nodegroup machines first so in the pin loaded machines
about twelve thirteen pinned older machines we got the jungle gym over
there for the lat pulldown on the rose leg extension I’ve got their Colonel’s
house we got this here the females okay it’s it’s called
the booty killer it’s by Jim Lankin from Sweden it’s a standing abductor it’s a
unique boutique thing and how many gyms have it so I wanted to have that then
we’re going to our plate loaded machines with all the paper machines or heavy
duty machines I wanted to get a rugged look black with a hint of red we have
about 30 or so plate loading machines trying to signature everything we have
so we have back here we got ISO lateral leg curl likes a lot of leg extension I
mean every year to put her legs back over here back over here back over there
those people she’s going back we have the cable crossover here I’m a big leg
guy so I like to have a lot of your c4 legs I decided to get plate loaded and
pin loaded iso lateral like press even a vertical
leg press you know the regular what everybody’s used to the press just
incline flat deep line we have shoulder press over there also barbell shoulder
press and something huge that we didn’t have before was turf or some second ear
some prowlers some sled poles okay and we also brought sore necks power rack
from my power lifters one of the best rocks if not the best rack on the market
right now okay so latitude washes what’s so
special about a sore necks right well sore necks rats are the most versatile
racks in the world they can have eight guys using the same rack at the same
exact time that’s why I want this rack it is the best ok so not only can you
squat on it but you can do a whole bunch of other stuff this particular rack
comes with the jammer arms as you can see here if your verdict
machine create this mimics the same exact thing where you’re gonna be
pushing forward okay these piece this piece right here allows you to pretty
much put this anywhere on this entire pole right here okay so you can put it
in the middle you put the bottom can do rolls with it you can do whatever do
power Kings with it or you lift it up and comes all the way up to the top we
also have board right here okay it’s for box squats or leg presses that you can
do off the jammer arms we have safety straps okay and then we have safety
poles so it’s super super versatile you have a lot of pegs so you could put
weights okay you also have banded pegs where you can put dance you have those
there where you could do Bulgarian squats for one leg up or down it has
pull-up pegs and a pull-up piece up there as well so it’s just so many
things you can do with it it’s it’s a great and phenomenal piece of equipment
some custom ball choc bowl or maneet FTS you see there calibrated plates my
powerlifter guys okay then live platform weightlifting platform for the hex bar
even if anybody runs sumo snatches power cleans some more bars slam balls you got
a felt squat right here from the dogs of Steel okay guys and then we have your
likes to the bench every year or we gotta hit thrust sissy squad by
extension and then right here another some more signature pieces okay we have
some custom elite FTS competition benches we have to them one there on
there I wanted to the whole Bullitt gym the whole goal for the gym was to be
able to do straight conditioning powerlifting and bodybuilding only one
gym have all the things you need meaning we have all the bars we have the power
bars we have attended bars you have splat bars set ssp bar we have chains we
have bands everything you need specifically okay for bodybuilding we
have pretty much every machine that you need to hit every muscle in your
freaking body okay and that was it go for that you guys want to like do a lot
of strength conditioning so we have hurdles we have bumper plates you have
kettlebells wanted a little bit of everything
I was the goal for this gym for the bottom part of the gym of course we’re
now gonna go upstairs and you see I’m a main part of it but I do a little bit
everything I’m like the jack-of-all-trades
so I I wanted a gym that I was able to do everything seems to isn’t finished
still have more to go okay still have some machines that come
overseas that I’m gonna be putting in here once I find a good way of fitting
and efficiently and then we have another whole area of shred conditioning we’re
just gonna move on 12 feet by 60 feet where it’ll be all turf as well they’ll
be able to doing more stuff over there too so a suit called Hell’s Kitchen so
we have a lot of different things coming up man this is just the beginning for
this gym I think it’s time goals it’ll get better and it keeps it’s like an
evolution no so let’s go upstairs to the second floor alright guys so this is
mural that bins are full color did okay it says calzone on there as you can see
the K there at all and the Z is blended into the hall okay and then this is a
hole there and then and then he okay the easel at the end and I like people with
talent I like art it takes skill to do what Ben does I like to showcase that
they came from France and he blessed us with his talents and he put it all over
our gym so it makes me happy to be able to people to come here and see all the
peoples art you know it’s really cool so this is our little area here so let’s talk about the second floor
second floor is pretty much that I’m a floor okay we have boxing here
kickboxing Muay Thai Jiu Jitsu capoeira and Taekwondo all right we have all
those different disciplines we have a structure scrubs a few disciplines we
have two rings here as you can see we have a cage back over here we have a
jiu-jitsu mats as well I wanted to ask so not only to have the martial arts but
they have a conditioning area for the MMA people and so that they could do
conditioning up here as well so we also have two rollers every night by some
other bikes we have another roll over there we have a free runner got about 20
bags final will be as well that’s your x5 dear we got a double in striking bag
okay this is designed obviously for speed it’s most of work coordination
eyes okay well done ones only have a single one here same exact thing
all right the other side this is guys this is a sponsored Hayabusa sponsored
training facility so you can see you I’m higher boosts all over the place we got
some a couple water bags these are really important for the boxers to take
really good you can hit them super hard but they don’t move okay we have inside
Varitek’s Valley this is the big boy we’re gonna buy a collection entire old
school shit bag what we call these the shin bag where you kick it it’s like
Rock supposed to go to the shins and then we have old bowling bowling pin
fairtex back as well where you could hold up here and do knees and so on and
so forth part and last but not least we have two
speed bags okay three bags for boxing as well so guys
that pretty much confuse our for all right guys so pretty much we’re ending
pretty much right where we started okay this is not the end actually there’s a
lot more stuff that needs to be done to this gym as the updates come happen I
will come back on YouTube and give you all the updates of the evolution of the
gym for the most part it’s pretty much done hope you guys enjoyed it the the process
and the journey and anybody that’s looking to build a gym this may change
your mind it’s a lot of work so get ready
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