Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop | K-Beauty

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop | K-Beauty

hello friends this is me Leneha Junsu.
welcome back to my channel and today we are reviewing dia Claire’s freshly
juiced vitamin drum now all of you know that this product is one of the most
talked-about product in Korean skincare industry this product has been around
for a few years now and I thought to give it a try let’s see if it does works
or it does not but before starting the video Kylie please do not forget to Like
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one more thing before we start the video guys this is a vitamin C serum now this
product includes 5% of vitamin C now why you can see is very sensitive to the
skin plus it cannot be used with algae or DHA for the Sun part if you are going
to use it in the day do not forget to apply sunscreen and if you are using any
energy iha are BHA exfoliants any chemical
exfoliants do not use this with that I was using this product at night and I
have used it for eight nights so let’s see what was the result does it work or
it didn’t work let’s find out is it really a haptic product or not let’s get
onto it now this white packaging has holographic bottle image on it the
product claims that it treats dull skin and large pores is not irritating
transforming multi solution and anti-aging it is better to use in the
evening recommended to store in cool and dry place use it within two to three
months if the color change occurs the product will not be influenced so I love
the packaging the serum is in a transparent glass bottle with
holographic labels the serum is dispensed with dropper which feels a bit
smaller it is suitable for all ages and skin types
I see the product has leaked let’s open it it has a slight citrus scent the
product claims to be a bit stinking when applied first time but I haven’t felt
anything though my face got a little red after an hour and felt little heat the
texture of the serum is like thick liquid or kind of like dry oil though
the formula is oil-free it absorbs into the skin fast the dropper is a bit short
and doesn’t end at the bottom of the bottle don’t know if it will work when
it will end so don’t know now there are different
ways of using it I used to cleanse my face and apply it after a toner or
sometimes after cleansing directly this is me using it for the very first time
as the nights passed I realized that pouring directly three to four drops for
face onto my hand without touching the dropper – my hand was more better than
pouring directly onto my face if you feel a little heat it means the serum is
working I used to feel a little heat and I do feel it till today and do not
forget your neck I used three drops more on my neck daily my face feels a little
smooth after the first application you can see I have pigmentation a lot around
my face around my mouth area and a little here and there yes do not forget
to apply your moisturizer after the serum I used longish water sleeping mask
so the next morning there was no big change but my skin felt glowing every
morning I used Kozar Excel acetic acid exfoliating cleanser because this is the
best cleanser and on the 9th morning you can see how smooth my skin looks it
definitely does what it claims the only con that I found was that it has little
shelf life it definitely works on your pores as well I you know it just made my
pigmentation so light it is an exfoliating cleanser and now my favorite
exfoliating cleanser I will rate it four by five I store mine in cupboard of my
air-conditioned room I will definitely buy again and again
PS this video is not sponsored and I bought the serum myself from VSS
style.com 423 US dollar just so much guys for watching the video I hope that
you’ll love the review before we end the video I want to announce the winner of
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signing off goodbye take care



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    Omg yaayyyy~ ♡♡♡ Thank you unnie ><

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    Nice review and tips on the serum and usage.
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    I love the video!

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    Wowww. Seems fun

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    Will it help in fading dark spots??

  • Akshita Singh

    And does the glycolic acid toning solution from ordinary also help pls do help 😊❤

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    can i use this with an AHA if i dont use them on the same day together?

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    I Av small pores in my nose… So will it heal? if I use this serum?

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    I've acne spots on my face …will it help to reduce the spots ?

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    Hey this product doesn't give any warmth on my skin is it means it's not working for me?

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