Kim Chizhevsky-Nicholls Ms Olympia х 4 winner

Kim Chizhevsky-Nicholls Ms Olympia х 4 winner

Hi guys, Nature of Bodybuilding channel with
you again. In this video, I will continue talking about
female bodybuilding.This time, I want to talk about Kim Chizhevsky. So let’s start . Kim was born in 1968 in
Charleston, Illinois in the family of two children. While attending elementary school, Kim Chizhevsky
was fond of basketball, volleyball and cheerleading. In the High School, she was a multisport star
there. In addition to participating in the sport
related activities, she ran the 100, 400, 800 relay, and mile relay, threw the shot
and discus, and did the long jump. And that wasn’t all. She was also the member of the dance squad
and participated in aerobics. In 1988 she started dating Chad Nicholls who
then became her bodybuilding coach and her husband as well. Anyway, at that time Chad was an aerobic instructor
but he directed her toward bodybuilding. By the way, Chad also worked with Nasser el
Sonbaty, Flex Wheeler, Ronnie Coleman, Chris Cormier as well as with Dallas Mccarver but
that’s the other story and if you want to know more about this topic you can watch 2
hour talk between Chad and Patrick Bet-David. So starting from the late 80s and till the
middle 90s he only worked with Kim. No matter what but after just three months
under Chad’s wing, Kim’s was able to be the second in the light heavyweight class
in the 1989 NPC Jr. Tri State. So, standing at a height of 1.73 m or 5 ft
8, her weight was 55 kg or 121 pounds. From 1989 to 1992 she took part in 12 pro
shows and got her pro card after winning the overall in 1992 IFBB North American Championships
in heavyweight division. With the exception of the 1989 NPC Jr. Tri
State and 1989 AAU Central USA, Kim got 1st placing in every bodybuilding competition
she attended. Judging by her early stats, we can see that
she had a natural propensity for bodybuilding. Kim Chizhevsky earned her pro card after winning
the overall in heavyweight division in 1992 IFBB North American Championships. And in her pro bodybuilding career she also
succeed as a result. For instance, in her pro debut in 1993 Ms
International, she was the 1st. After that she took part in her first Ms Olympia
and finished the 5th. I think that it was a real achievement for
a bodybuilder who had just gotten a pro card. In her second Ms Olympia which was 1995 Ms
Olympia, she finished the second after her idol Lenda Murray. Anyway, the next year she literally dethroned
Lenda Murray and was the first at Ms Olympia till 1999 making her 4 time Ms Olympia. By the way, Vickie Gates finished the second
that year. Moreover, Iris Kyle appeared on Ms Olympia
stage for the first time finishing the 4th. After that she retired from bodybuilding and
lost several pounds but I will talk about it a bit later. Actually, Kim Chizhevsky didn’t want to
leave the stage but she had to do it because of discrimination from the bodybuilding officials
as well as from the public. For instance, the 1st place prize-money in
1998 was $50,000, in 1999 it was slashed to $25,000. In 2000 Ms Olympia, $25,000 was divided between
two winners. By the way, Ronnie Coleman got $110,000 for
the 1st place in 1998 and the same sum in 1999. The discrimination against women definitely
existed in female bodybuilding. For that reason, 1999 was probably the worst
year for Kim because instead of concentrating on her diet and training, her thoughts were
mostly on topic whether the competing would happen or not. Not everybody could admire muscular bodies
of female bodybuilders. In addition, she was a bit tired of her bodybuilding
lifestyle, things like strict dieting, exercising and so on. Finally, she tended to come across people
who were eager to express their dislike to her muscular female body. No wonder that after experiencing that kind
of attitude towards female bodybuilding, she lost her interest in being the first at Ms
Olympia anymore. The financial aspect also influenced her decision
though. Now let’s talk a bit about her shape and
stats. So, standing at a height of 1.73 m or 5 ft
8, Kim Chizhevsky’s maximum competing weight was 73 kg or 161 lbs and her off-season weight
was 80 kg or 176 lbs. She was extremely muscular, probably one of
the most muscular winners of Ms Olympia. When I saw Kim in Muscle & Fitness magazine
or Flex magazine, I was stunned by her shredded body. Her legs seemed to me extraterrestrial. She looked scary somehow for me. Judging by her dense muscles and separations,
some people speculated that she took tons of substances non-stop. People related to bodybuilding assumed that
because of her more muscular shape than the shape of her predecessors, she brought the
downfall to the female bodybuilding. However, she opposed that assumptions by pointing
out to the time of Cory Everson and by asking to compare the winners of Ms Olympia from
before the middle 80s. Also, referring to her substances intake,
she always outlined the fact that she kept her feminine voice and beautiful skin. Finally, after her bodybuilding career she
gave birth to two children. Anyway, Kim Chizhevsky is literally the Queen
of bodybuilding as that instead of just returning to a normal life she decided to lose several
pounds to compete in several fitness related competitions, no as successfully as in bodybuilding
though. In 2001 IFBB Fitness International, she was
the 6th. In 2002 Southwest Pro Fitness, she finished
the 4th. Also, after giving birth to her first son,
Chizhevsky began competing in figure, but again with slightly visible success. In 2003 IFBB Show of Strength Pro Championship,
she was the 9th and the following year she went up to the 7th place. Many of you might think that she reduced her
weight just by getting off the substances or reducing their intake. Well, the point is that any person who somehow
involved in any sport where there are weight categories really know how to do it. In order to reduce weight it is necessary
to reduce the daily calorie intake in correlation with the amount of calories spent during a
day. In addition, any person involved in bodybuilding
knows how to command their weight. It’s like a pilot dealing with a steering
wheel, so to speak. In case of Kim, she intentionally decided
to reduce the amount of muscles. Everything was pretty simple: she cut down
on protein from 500 gr/day to 100-150 gr/day, increased her aerobic exercises and in turn
reduced weight lifting. So, her weight loss was a combination of factors. Apart from her bodybuilding career, Kim Chizhevsky
also appeared in the film called the Cell, which is 2000 science fiction horror film
starring Jennifer Lopez. Well, guys. You can see that Kim Chizhevsky’s bodybuilding
career and biography is really divers. She is 4 time winner of Ms Olympia, a participant
of several fitness related contests, a bit an actress and a mother of two children. So, let me know guys what you think about
this prominent female bodybuilder. How do you find her transformation: starting
from being a cheerleader, growing into the most muscular woman and then changing to a
beauty like model? Do you think that Kim brought the downfall
to the female bodybuilding or it had started long before her? Do you think that her achievements were mostly
due to her husband’s knowledge about bodybuilding or she had everything needed to build muscles,
i mean dedication and genetics? So, guys share your thoughts in the comment
section below and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t subscribed yet. Good luck!


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