KIDS Try *NEW* FOODS 😁 Fun & Easy School Lunch Ideas

KIDS Try *NEW* FOODS 😁 Fun & Easy School Lunch Ideas

Hey guys, I’m Jennifer and welcome to The Family Fudge. Get ready for another fun week of school lunch ideas. But this time I’m putting something new into every single lunch. This is either a new recipe or a new food product that the kids have never tried before. So I’m hoping that they will like them and you guys I almost titled this video the one where I drop everything because I don’t know what my problem was… But seriously, I was dropping things all the time. So here’s a challenge for you guys. Guys while you’re watching keep track of how many times I actually drop something and then leave me a comment down below with that number and then those comments will get shoutouts in next week’s video. And now without further Ado, Let’s get on to the lunches. Hey guys, and welcome to Tuesday. Now I say Tuesday because Monday was actually Presidents Day. So there was no school and we actually spent the long weekend camping at Fort Wilderness at Disney world again, and it was such a fun time, but now we’re back to their regular schedule and that means making a fun Lunches. So for today’s lunch, I’m starting off with something and knew that the kids have never tried before these definitely caught my eye when I was shopping and I thought it’d be really fun to give them a try. Now. I know these might look like chicken nuggets, but they’re actually filled with mozzarella cheese. So it’s kind of like a mozzarella cheese stick, but in this really fun at Toy Story shape, and since you guys know, we love all things Disney, I know my kids will be excited to give these a try as well. So these things These do come fully cooked and they would probably be best served hot. But since I’m throwing these into a lunch box, I’m hoping that the kids will like them at room temperature as well. I just love these cute little shapes. We have the bunny. We have a Woody’s cowboy hat. And of course the alien those guys are so fun. It’s an if you’re curious. I did find these at a store called Publix I’m not quite sure if they’re available other places though. So you guys will have to let me know in the comments down below if you’ve ever seen these at your grocery store. And then in the back section, I’m going to add in some celery and this time I’m just keeping the celery plain I’m not adding any cream cheese or peanut butter just celery but I am going to go ahead and fill this Center section with some ranch for the kids to dip the celery in now that brings us to the sweet treat. I’m really trying not to overdo it on the Sweet Treats in every lunch. But for today’s lunch, I definitely have a special treat in mind and that’s going to be some green Jello. Now this is Definitely not something I make very often give this Jello enough time to set up. I actually made it last night. I just mixed it up and then pour it into these silicone aligners. That way I could easily just pop it into the lunch box. Oh, yes. And as you can see I’ve added three little sprinkles to the top of the Green Jello. So they kind of look like the little green aliens from Toy Story for the fruit today. I’m adding a mix of red and green grapes to the to the front center section and then In this silicone liner, I’m going to add these super cute Toy Story goldfish. So in here you’ll see that traditional fish shape, but you’re also see little Buzz and Woody shaped pieces as well. And then I’m just going to put our little Jello cup of right over here. And then lastly to finish off this lunch. I am going to give the kids a water but I thought it’d be really fun to reuse. These juice bottles with the Toy Story Toppers. So yeah these just have water in them and there you have it guys. Now you guys let me know in the comments down below if you have a favorite Toy Story character. Which one is it? Who is your favorite? My favorite Toy Story character is probably Woody. Okay. What was your favorite part? What was your least favorite part? the cheese filled nuggets nuggets. They do look like chicken nuggets, but there’s actually no chicken. Do you like they’re real. They’re probably my favorite part. My favorite part was the jello. I really likes the Goldfish. See you tomorrow. Hey guys, and welcome to Wednesday. So for today’s lunch, I have something a little bit different in mind. It’s going to be all about the color green and I’m actually going to start by making some really simple green. Muffin now this is definitely new. I’ve never made these before. I’ve found a recipe I think will work. But of course, I’ve made a few changes to the recipe so that it will hopefully fit our tastes a little bit better. So since I’m not sure if my kids will love these muffins or not. I’m just going to make a small batch of them and you guys to make these muffins quick and easy. I’m actually going to be combining all of the wet ingredients into my blender. So in here, I’m adding 3/4 of a cup of almond milk. This is just the unsub. Vanilla almond milk I get from Costco. Now. If you don’t have this you could use a regular milk as well. Next. I’m adding in a quarter cup of oil. This is just some coconut oil because that’s what I have on hand next. I’m adding in one medium banana and as you can see this one is super ripe. So it should be nice and sweet next. I’m adding in 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. Then I’m going to fill the rest of this blender with some fresh spinach and I’d say this is about half a cup of spinach. So now I’m just going to blow. Blend this up until it’s completely combined and I don’t see any little pieces of spinach floating around. So now that that’s done. I’m going to set it aside and get my dry ingredients together for these muffins. I’m using 2 cups of flour 3/4 of a cup of sugar or you could also use honey next. I’m adding 3 teaspoons of baking powder half a teaspoon of baking soda 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon and finally half a teaspoon of salt now, I’m going to whisk dry ingredients together a bit then I’m I pour all of the liquid ingredients in as well and mix that all together. Now. I’m going to very carefully get these into my muffin liners. These are the silicone ones that I use all the time. I love these I use these for baking but I also use them to divide food in the lunch boxes. So now I’m just going to cook these at 375 for about 15 to 20 minutes or until they’re cooked all the way through and check it out you guys if these are a very interesting green color when I give them to my kids I probably Ali won’t call them spinach muffin so I might call them monster muffins or something fun. So now that our muffins are done. I’m going to move on to some fruit. And for this lunch, I’m going to be going with some kiwi since it is green after all my kids love keeping. It’s really packed with vitamin C. Usually like kids love kiwis long as it’s not too sour now, I really like to cut my kiwis open using a little zigzag pattern all the way around this isn’t difficult to do but you gotta be careful with your knife and not poke all the way through the key. We in this front section. I’m going to add green grapes next. I’m going to fill this Center section with some edamame. Now when I buy edamame, I normally buy it frozen then to throw it into a lunge. I just take out what I need for that day, and I’ll steam it up in the microwave. So it’s super quick and easy of course is edamame has a lot of protein in there. There’s also fiber and lots of vitamins as well. And then in this box section, I’m just going to add a few of these crunchy baked P crisps now if you’ve never had these before Or I definitely recommend you give them a try. They’re not just made with peas. They’re actually mixture of peas and brown rice. They’re seasoned with sea salt and they are actually really good. Oh, yes, and they are also dairy free. In fact, this entire lunch is both dairy-free and meat-free as well. And then for the kids drink today, I am going to throw in a little apple juice with of course a cute little green topper and there you have it guys. I am crossing my fingers that the kids love these spinach muffin. Or Monster muffins as I’m going to call them if they do end up liking them. I will make sure to put that recipe down below so that you guys can give it a try. Okay, guys, what did you think about the muffin so good so delicious. I love them. They’re the best but do you know the secret ingredient what in it you didn’t even know they were in there. You said you liked them. So you can’t change your answer just like those other muffins that we have that had like a different kind of vegetable and anyone on the yeah. So I would say this recipe was pretty good. I will leave it down below for you guys. If you want to make it yourself. Good morning guys and welcome to Thursday. So for today’s lunch, I’m actually going to start by making some little crescent or Roll-Ups. Now a lot of times if you see this recipe, you’ll find it with ham and cheese rolled up into Crescent dough. But since this week the lunches are all about trying something new I have something else in mind for today’s recipe. I’m going to start with some shredded chicken. I’m actually cooked up a bunch of of chicken earlier in the week. That way I could use it in lunches and in different recipes throughout the week. So to this shredded chicken, I’m going to go ahead and drizzle just a little bit of ranch right in here. This is the yogurt-based ranch that my kids love next. I’m adding in some bacon crumbles. Now, I love using this pre-cooked bacon I get from Costco it is so quick and easy, but if you don’t have this you could just cook your own bacon or you even use bacon bits like the kind you might put in salad and then the very last thing I’m going To add in Harris’s a handful of shredded cheddar cheese. Now. I’m going to mix this all together and this is going to be a delicious filling for our Crescent dough. So now I’m just going to add a scoop of this filling right onto the Crescent dough and I’m going to roll it up. It is just that easy. In fact, this is so easy your kids given help you make these. So once I have all of my crescents rolled up, I’m just going to pop them into the oven at 350 for about 10 to 12 minutes or until they’re nice and golden brown. Now, these would be delicious served hot but they’re also really good at room temperature which makes them a perfect for a lunchbox next. I’m going to move on to some fruit. For today’s lunch box. I’m keeping it. Super simple. I’m just going to fill this smaller section with some unsweetened applesauce. My kids love this stuff and it is so easy to put into a lunchbox no chopping or peeling involved and then in this back section of the lunch box. I’m going to add in both carrots and cucumbers. You guys know my kids love that combination. And today I decided to use my crinkle cutter for this so that these kind of look like french fries and since it’s are nice and long and narrow their perfect for dipping into To the ranch which is going to fit perfectly in the center section of the lunch box. And then finally to complete this lunch. I’m just going to add in some veggie straws as well my kids love these and they are such a tasty crunchy snack user made with potato tomato and spinach and I’m just going to fit as a many of these little straws in here as I can. Oh, yes, and for the kids drinks today, they’re just gonna be taking their water bottles and a little drinkable yogurt on the side. So that is everything in Tuesday’s lunch. Which is also net free by the way. So if you’re looking for a good nut free lunch idea, you could definitely give this one a try. So now I’m just going to put the other two lunches together and then after lunch the kids will let us know whether they liked it or not. My favorite thing was probably the the bacon ranch and cheese croissant thingies. And my least favorite was probably the carrots trip. I think carrot strips and Lily. Um, my least favorite was the little croissant thingy but was released favorite and my favorite is the veggie straws and Kenzie. My favorite is the bacon cheese croissant thing, but my I don’t I don’t dislike anything. I like them all the two kids liked it one kid did it? Hey guys and welcome to Friday, right? Now it is pretty cold and storming outside. So for today’s lunch, I did consider making a hot lunch but instead I decided to go with some taco pinwheels. Now you guys know I love to make wraps and pinwheels of all different kinds but this taco recipe I’ve never actually made before and it’s going to be a perfect way to use up the leftover shredded chicken that I cooked earlier in the week. So to a separate Bowl I’m going to add a little bit of room temperature cream cheese to this. I’m adding some taco seasoning and a handful of Taco blend cheese So now I’m going to take my tortilla and I’m going to spread that delicious Taco cheese mixture all over next. I’m going to add on the chicken followed by the peppers. Now, this is actually a really pretty color combination with their red and the green I almost feel like you could serve this at Christmas time as a fun party appetizer. Now you definitely could spice these up if you wanted to with things like salsa hot sauce or even jalapenos, but since this is a new recipe for my kids, I wanted to make sure it was Mild to start off with so now I just sliced up these little taco pinwheels. I’m going to add them right into the lunch box now moving on to the fruit for today’s lunch. I’m going to add in some little cutie oranges. I already went ahead and peeled them just to make it a little bit easier for the kids at lunchtime. I know that usually don’t have a lot of time to eat. So this will be perfect and I’m also going to throw in some raspberries as well. I just have a few of these left over and I want to make sure to use them all up now in this back section. I do want to go ahead and add in some Hers as well, but to change it up a little bit. I’m going to cut them a little bit differently using my mandolin slicer with my special blade. I’m just going to cut these into a little Waffle shapes kind of like a waffle french fry but definitely a healthier version and to go along with a cucumbers. Of course. I’m going to add a little bit of ranch for dipping. Okay guys now last but not least. I have one special sweet treat that I wanted to add in. This is definitely something new. We’ve never tried before. These are the caramel coconut or Goes now you guys have to let me know if you’ve tried these already. Of course, I love anything with coconut. So I think they’re going to be delicious, but I’m just going to add one of these cookies and to each lunch box just so I don’t overdo it now. I just love the way that this lunch has turned out and for the drink today. We’re just going with water this time. Let’s start with MacKenzie. My favorite part was the chicken roll ups, and I also really like the Cucumber Jackson the cookie cookie and Lily, um the cookie and a raspberry. Yeah. I tried one of those coconut caramel cookies and they are dangerously good. If you like this video give it a big Thumbs Up And subscribe. They’re Old Pros. Good job. Thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll see you in tomorrow’s video.



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